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"I'm sorry. I've been waiting for someone to come. But I won't leave the eggs — I won't — they'll be safe, I promise."
— Abalone to Gill, Talons of Power

Abalone was an adult male SeaWing who was introduced in Talons of Power. He was both a guard of the Royal Hatchery and a soldier before his death, Snapper having been his deputy chief. He was executed by Queen Coral due to failing to protect her eggs.


Abalone had silvery-blue scales.[1]


Abalone seemed to be a very alert and loyal soldier, as Gill stated that he never slumped on his job.[1] He was willing to be put his life at risk to guard the royal SeaWing eggs and stubbornly refused to find a healer. He did not give up on keeping the eggs safe until his tumor had burst, showing that he was also very extremely determined and focused.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

King Gill found Abalone extremely sick with a mysterious growth on his neck while trying to guard the royal eggs, so he sent young Turtle to find Snapper. Gill planned to get Abalone to the healers whilst someone else guarded the eggs since he knew that to leave the eggs alone would mean their certain death. After a long time, Turtle — who had used his secret animus magic to find Snapper, who had left the palace without permission — did not return and Abalone's condition grew worse as the growth got much bigger. Gill finally gave up on waiting for Turtle and ran to fetch the healers himself. When he returned, he found Abalone unconscious because the growth on his neck had burst. The two female eggs had been crushed, and Gill roared until his throat gave out. When he talked with Coral, she replied she had already sent word to have Abalone and Snapper both executed.



Abalone was described as a close friend to Gill. Due to their friendship, Gill was desperate to save Abalone and find a healer for him. When Abalone was unconscious, Gill was outraged and pleaded Coral not to execute his friend.[1]


"I've been waiting for someone to come. But I won't leave the eggs […] they'll be safe, I promise."
― Abalone to Gill (Talons of Power, prologue)

"It wasn't Abalone's fault. […] Doesn't matter. I sent word to have him and Snapper both executed."
― Gill and Coral about Abalone (Talons of Power, prologue)



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