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"This one is Palm. I knew her in the wingery. Besides, look at her earrings. Those came from the prince, no doubt about it. I hear she's been wearing them all around the palace."
— Agave to Torch about Prickle, Darkness of Dragons

Agave is an adult female SandWing who was introduced in Darkness of Dragons. She resided in the SandWing stronghold before the events of the War of SandWing Succession, but her current location and occupation are unknown.


Agave is full grown, with large shoulders and long claws.[1]


Agave seems to be quite loyal, as she defended Palm from imprisonment despite direct orders from Queen Oasis. She also appeared to be clever, as she was easily able to trick Torch into arresting Prickle.[1]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

In the prologue, Agave, along with Torch, found Palm in Prickle's hut. Due to Prickle wearing Palm's earrings, Agave had an excuse to arrest Prickle instead of Palm. Agave had recognized Palm due to the scar on her wing but didn't say anything. Palm and Agave were friends in the wingery, as Palm had comforted her, given her snacks, and played "Dragons and Vipers" with her, which may have been why Agave pretended to not know the difference between Palm and Prickle.



Blaze stated that Agave had stolen her crown and hidden it in the sandstorm, according to Camel who, in turn, heard the rumor from Parch, her best friend.



Agave and Prickle are old friends. When Agave was frightened in the SandWing wingery, Palm shared her snacks and convinced Agave to play dragons and vipers until she became calm.[1]


"Yeah, you were right, Torch, […] Good thinking. All right, you prince-loving traitor, time to come with us."
― to Torch (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)

"Nice try."
― to Prickle (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)

"This one is Palm, […] I knew her in the wingery. Besides, look at her earrings. Those came from the prince, no doubt about it. I hear she's been wearing them all around the palace."
― identifying Prickle, wearing Palm's earring (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)

"As for you, […] you might be accused of helping her. I'd suggest you run."
― to Palm (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)


  • Agave knew Blaze as a dragonet, and presumably enjoyed playing tricks on her, hence the sandstorm incident, where Six-Claws had to go rescue the Princess.
  • As a dragonet, Agave used to play a game called Dragons and Vipers to calm herself down.[1]
  • Parch was Agave's best friend when she was a dragonet.[2]



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