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"You know I could easily kill you from a distance. It would barely take a thought. But you've been such a thorn in my side the last few years. Every chance she got — 'I don't really need you anymore. Perhaps Fathom will be better at this than you are. You're so expendable now that I have a replacement. What a pathetic creature you are, little brother, with your tiny teeth and oddly colored scales. Fathom is so much more presentable than you are' … So, no, I couldn't dispose of you from afar. That wouldn't be satisfying at all. I want to see your face as you die."
— Albatross to Fathom about Lagoon, Darkstalker

Albatross was an adult male SeaWing who was introduced in Darkstalker. He was the first noted SeaWing animus dragon and a member of the SeaWing royal family as Queen Lagoon's brother. He committed the Royal SeaWing Massacre, murdering most of the royal family before being killed by Fathom. Presently, Albatross is still mentioned in many history texts as a link to one of the most devastating cases of animus magic in Pyrrhian history.


Albatross was described to be nearly a neck-length taller than Lagoon,[1] with powerful,[2] long, majestic wings.[3] His scales were a blue-grey, but so pale that in places they looked almost white.[3] His strange, fierce[4] eyes were hooded[5] and such a deep, dark blue that they appeared black.[3] He was compared to a seagull during the Talons of Power ceremony, both in their coloring and shrewd expressions.[3] Albatross also had small teeth[6][7] and a long, hooked snout.[3] His siblings noted that his tail was a funny shape[6] and had a dry,[8] fish-smelling laugh.[9] During the Royal SeaWing Massacre, he looked as though he was carved from stone, with all emotions chipped away.[10]


Albatross was untouchable and busy,[9] as he is one of the most respected dragons within the SeaWing tribe. He was second in power only to Queen Lagoon,[1] and was beloved, respected, and important.[2] He appeared firm, wizened,[11] stately, intimidating,[6] jovial, kind, warm, mischievous,[9] suspicious,[3] calm, and friendly[12] before the events of the Royal SeaWing Massacre. He was proud of his animus magic and the objects he created with it,[13] but did not often seem to be excited about anything.[14] During the massacre, he was full of pure rage and hatred.[15]


Albatross was a dragonet when he cast his first animus spell, playing with an empty clamshell on the sunrise beach of the Island Palace. His older sisters, Sapphire and Lagoon began teasing him, saying that he was weirdly different from other SeaWings and that he swam like a feeble old duck. Sapphire grabbed the clamshell that he was playing with, telling him that everything would be hers when she was queen, even "stupid beach trash like this." Albatross, burning with fury, clutched the edge of the shell and told it to bite all of Sapphire's claws off. It did so, maiming her. Sapphire was driven mad by this event, and Lagoon kept her on an island in secret. Soon afterward, Albatross became the queen's animus, performing enchantments for her. These included a conch shell that pulsed with light whenever someone was lying and the growth of the Summer Palace. It is thought that he never felt remorse for maiming Sapphire, though this remains unclear.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir
Anemone made references to Albatross several times, saying that she didn't want to use her animus powers too much and go insane like him. Whirlpool mentions he grew an entire palace before going insane, referencing the SeaWings' Summer Palace. Unfortunately, after thousands of years of service to the tribe, the palace was destroyed.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Albatross is mentioned in the scroll that Moonwatcher reads to find out about dreamvisitors. The scroll describes the Royal SeaWing Massacre, and how his insanity influenced Queen Pearl to ban the use of all animus magic in the Kingdom of the Sea.
Winter Turning
Albatross was mentioned indirectly by Moon, who said she had read about a SeaWing animus who had gone crazy and almost murdered his entire family.
Escaping Peril
More information flying in soon …
Talons of Power
Albatross is mentioned various times throughout the book, as a parallel to both Turtle and Darkstalker. In the epilogue, a strange pale phantom appeared on an island where a class of young dragonets was camping overnight for a field trip. It flew around the island, appearing and disappearing, and threatened the young SeaWings by hissing and snapping. At least five dragonets claimed it glared at them with "beady black eyes." This was Albatross's "ghost," created by Darkstalker to frighten the SeaWing tribe.
Darkness of Dragons
The ghost of Albatross is confirmed to be a spell cast by Darkstalker to haunt the SeaWings. In the epilogue, Coral sends a letter that thanks Turtle for getting rid of the Albatross ghost that Darkstalker sent.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Albatross was mentioned when Jerboa recalled all the animus dragons that coexisted in Pyrrhia.


Albatross was first introduced during a Talons of Power ceremony, although he seemed obviously reluctant to take on an apprentice and skeptical that any of the eight present SeaWing dragonets possessed any magical abilities. He then proceeded to roll eight coconuts down to the dragonets' talons on the beach below using his animus power. When Indigo asked Albatross how to enchant their coconuts, he explained that you used your animus powers. After Indigo questioned him again, saying "Wouldn't it be easier to just throw it at you?" Albatross laughed, replying that an enchanted coconut would never miss, no matter what he did to dodge or try to block it. Indigo shrugged and did as she was told, but as Albatross suspected, her coconut did not move. When Fathom ordered his coconut to strike his grandfather it did, striking his grandfather's chest hard enough to knock him backward. Albatross picked up the coconut, asking who had enchanted it. Pearl indicated that it was Fathom, and Albatross smiled, stating how it was "such happy news." However, out of view of the other dragons, a seagull that had been present for the ceremony was silently strangled to death by a vine that curled out of the jungle.

A few days after the animus test, Albatross summoned Fathom for their first training session alone together, on the beach of the Island Palace. Albatross confessed that Queen Lagoon wanted him to show Fathom his most important project, and he took his apprentice to see it. After a bit of questioning from Fathom, Albatross quieted his apprentice and told him the gruesome story of how he found he was an animus, with a warning that Fathom must always be careful with his magic. Shocked, Fathom agreed and then asked his grandfather if they could practice actual magic. Albatross agreed, but as he and Fathom took to the sky, Indigo was revealed to be hiding nearby. When questioned, she retorted that she was only following Fathom to make sure he was safe. Fathom was excited to show her his powers when Albatross said that he was getting tired, and reminded Fathom that he was a wizened old dragon and that he must have heard something about respecting his elders.

Years later, Queen Lagoon threw a party to honor their SkyWing guests, Sunset and Eagle. Albatross was noticeably late to the party, but he appeared after Lagoon explained a fountain to the SkyWings, which had been enchanted by Albatross. The SkyWings panicked when they saw him, and Queen Lagoon coldly told Albatross that he would never stop atoning for Sapphire's mutilation. Albatross then enchanted a knife to slit Queen Lagoon's throat, killing her. The knife then went for Sunset and Eagle. After killing all of the SeaWings he could reach, Albatross began to hunt for Fathom. He found him and Indigo inside a pavilion overlooking the water, hiding underneath a wooden boat, and threw the boat off of them. Indigo sprang at Albatross and attacked him. Fathom, knowing he would never let Indigo die, enchanted fishing spears to kill his grandfather. Albatross tried to counter his magic, but Indigo stopped him by seizing his snout and viciously biting his ear. The spears smashed into Albatross's side, killing him.



Fathom cared deeply about his grandfather's opinion of him, and wanted to show Albatross his ability to be smart and thoughtful.[16] After Fathom was discovered to be an animus dragon, Albatross was quite jovial towards him, a stark difference from the kind but distant figure he had been for the majority of Fathom's life.[9] He saw great promise in Fathom,[11] and allowed him to design aspects of the Summer Palace.[5] During the Royal SeaWing Massacre, he referred to Fathom as having a limited imagination, and taunted him about his family's newfound mortality.[7] Fathom was eventually forced to kill Albatross after he attacked Indigo.[15]


Lagoon did not seem to care about her brother and only used him for his magic. She sees him as expendable and less presentable than the new animus, Fathom.[17] She constantly mentioned Albatross maiming Sapphire, despite Albatross flinching away from mentions of the incident, as an excuse to continue abusing his animus magic.[18]

Family Tree


Known Enchantments

Phrasing Target Intention
"The most striking was a conch shell that pulsed with light whenever someone lied." [2] A conch shell Detected lies.
"'How does it work?' Sunset asked, circling the fountain. 'Where does the water come from?' 'Oh, it's enchanted,' Lagoon said, with barely suppressed glee." [19] A dragon fountain on the Island Palace. To function normally with water.
"It's still growing into its final shape. […] Entirely grown by animus power." [20] The Summer Palace To grow and expand like a living thing.
"Albatross looked at the knife curiously, as if he'd just found a charming new pet. Over by the bar, the dragon who'd been slicing coconuts was still looking around in confusion, wondering where it had gone." [21] A chef's knife Kill whomever he ordered.
"Bite her! Bite all her claws off!" [8] An empty clamshell To bite off all of Sapphire's claws.
"Behind him, out of view of the other dragons, a vine curled slowly out of the jungle and wrapped itself around a seagull's throat. […] The bird was strangled to death without a sound." [12] A vine To strangle a seagull.
"He flicked one claw sharply, and the entire bush tore free from the dirt and hurled itself into the sea." [22] A bush To fling itself into the sea.
"Albatross flicked his tail at the trees. The seagull let out an alarmed screech as eight coconuts suddenly wrestled themselves loose and came flying down to the beach, rolling to a stop on the sand, one in front of each dragonet." [23] Several coconuts To roll up to the dragonets at the Talons of Power ceremony


"Some of you may have heard of animus magic. It is a rare kind of immense power, and a dragon is either born with it or he isn't. What we are doing today is a simple test to see if you have that power. Almost certainly you do not. […] Pick up your coconut, […] Now, […] tell your coconut to fly over here and hit me."
― to the dragonets, during the Talons of Power ceremony (Darkstalker, page 5)

"You use your power, if you have any, […] An animus dragon can enchant any object to do what he wants it to do. I can do it now without even speaking, but saying it out loud is the way to start. Simply whisper to your coconut that you want it to fly over here and hit me."
― to Indigo, during the Talons of Power ceremony (Darkstalker, page 6)

"It's a new palace, grandson, […] Entirely grown by animus power. I call it the Summer Palace — a place where royalty can escape to enjoy the warmest weather of the year. […] Here's what it will look like when it's finished."
― to Fathom, about the Summer Palace (Darkstalker, page 26)

"That's the plan, […] I check on it regularly, making adjustments and adding features. It's been growing for more than seven years, so it shouldn't be much longer."
― about the Summer Palace (Darkstalker, page 27)

"I enchanted it to grow carefully and precisely, like a tree, […] Anything faster and wilder could have damaged the ecosystem of the whole island."
― about the Summer Palace (Darkstalker, page 27)

"The first lesson about being an animus, […] is that you must always be careful. Remember this is powerful, powerful magic. It can go wrong very easily. It's so powerful that you can do almost anything, except bring a dragon back from the dead."
― to Fathom, about animus magic (Darkstalker, page 28)

"Grandson. […] Hiding like a nervous hermit crab. Interesting choice. One I should have expected, though, from such a little dragonet with such a limited imagination."
― to Fathom, during the Massacre (Darkstalker, page 93)

"You know I could easily kill you from a distance. It would barely take a thought. But you've been such a thorn in my side for the last few years. Every chance she got — 'I don't really need you anymore. Perhaps Fathom will be better at this than you are. You're so expendable now that I have a replacement. What a pathetic creature you are, little brother, with your tiny teeth and oddly colored scales. Fathom is so much more presentable than you are.' […] So, no, I couldn't dispose of you from afar. That wouldn't be satisfying at all. I want to see your face as you die."
― to Fathom (Darkstalker, page 93)

"No! Spears —"
― his final words, trying to counter Fathom's enchantment (Darkstalker, page 94)


  • Albatross's name is a reference to Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It also refers to a psychological burden that feels like a curse.[event 1]
  • Albatross is the first known animus SeaWing in ancient Pyrrhia.[24]
  • Albatross is most likely not an IceWing-SeaWing hybrid. His colors are likely natural pigmentation.[event 2]



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