"Obviously Clearsight's gift is a little different from everyone else's. I'm sure we'll all learn so much from listening to her tell us about it. But for now, I suggest we get back to our curriculum."
—Allknowing, Darkstalker

Allknowing was an adult female NightWing living in the time of Darkstalker. She served as Vigilance's personal seer as well as a teacher for the other dragonet seers at the NightWing School.


Allknowing was described to be large,[1] with a long neck and sharp-edged bones.[2] She was described to be "looming" by Clearsight.[1]


Allknowing developed a grudge against Clearsight for having far stronger future-seeing powers than she had, and for taking her place as the queen's top seer. Clearsight also repeatedly noted that she was scared by Allknowing or thought Allknowing looked or sounded scary.




Clearsight met Allknowing on her first day of school, in the Tower of Knowledge. Allknowing appeared to detest Clearsight from their first meeting, given her age and her ability to search the future. To combat Allknowing's challenge, Clearsight makes three predictions, prompting Allknowing to quote her own prophecy: "Dragon of chaos, tangling the webs, too many eyes and too many threads." She concluded that her new student's name was Clearsight, much to the awe of her students, Jewel-eyes, Vision, and Morrowwatcher.

Allknowing reappeared later in Queen Vigilance's court, "glittering with poise and diamonds." Clearsight warned Queen Vigilance that the IceWings were planning an invasion by sea on North Beach. Queen Vigilance, surprised by the simplicity of this prediction, asked Allknowing if she knew of this future. Allknowing replied that she did have such a vision, one about waves of ice dragons and a midnight menace. Queen Vigilance impolitely complimented Allknowing on the poetic nature of her prophecies, proceeding to make Clearsight her new personal seer.

She was later seen when Clearsight had been summoned to Queen Vigilance's court. Queen Vigilance re-appointed Allknowing as her seer, as she gave her a prophecy of Darkstalker killing the queen and ruling the NightWings. Clearsight had failed to foresee this potential future due to a spell from Darkstalker.


Allknowing has a signature style of prophecy, written in mediocre poetry devoid of rhythm. She writes these prophecies based on her visions. Other, unspecified prophecies by Allknowing are referenced in Darkstalker.



"From far to the north, a prince will arrive, seething with darkness and sparkling with ice. In his blood runs a gift for the whole NightWing tribe, But it comes with a terrible price." Arctic of the IceWings will come to the Night Kingdom, bringing the gift of animus magic, but cause war. Clearsight also interprets 'a terrible price' as meaning the price of Arctic's soul, or the price for the dragons who love him. Allknowing interprets the terrible price as the war.
"Hatched of ice and hatched of night. Cursed with moons all shining bright. Longs for power not his own. Comes to steal your very throne." As the son of Arctic the IceWing and Foeslayer the NightWing, Darkstalker will be thrice-moonborn and want to become ruler of his Kingdom even though he is not a NightWing prince, and will attempt to murder his own queen to become the king of the NightWings.
"Dragon of chaos, tangling the webs, Too many eyes and too many threads." Clearsight has a very strong fortune-telling power that she tries to harness to guide Pyrrhia to the safest path. This ultimately caused the fall of the old NightWing Kingdom, and also caused the rise of Darkstalker.
"Waves of ice dragons and a midnight menace." Waves of IceWings will come to attack the NightWings, and the rise of Darkstalker, or possibly when the IceWings attack the kingdom.


"Ha! […] How old are you ― three? Your powers have barely begun to evolve yet, even if they are real. Whatever lucky guess brought you here, you should go away again until you are truly ready. Talk to me when you've had a few more visions than oh no, my mommy is going to yell at me for splattering rabbit bits all over the floor."
― to Clearsight, mocking her visions. (Darkstalker, page 82)

"Well, […] Obviously Clearsight's gift is a little different from everyone else's. I'm sure we'll learn so much from listening to her tell us about it. But for now, I suggest we get back to our curriculum."
― about Clearsight's powers (Darkstalker, page 84)

"Any theories what this was about? […] Clearsight, you seem tremendously amused by something."
― about one of her own visions (Darkstalker, page 85)

"That — that — […] The nature of visions — specific details are not — that's not how it works."
― to Queen Vigilance regarding one of Clearsight's visions. (Darkstalker, page 220)

"You claim to be a seer? How do you know? What have you seen? We don't tolerate play-acting in here."
― to Clearsight (Darkstalker, page 81)


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