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"It won't work. It's already too late for me. Ever since Whirlpool died, I see him all the time — in my dreams, in the faces of strange dragons, everywhere. I keep seeing those eels going after him. I see all the dragons I've hurt. Now Moon's there, too, and I hate what I did to her but I also feel proud of it. Isn't that twisted? Whatever soul I had, it's long gone."
— Anemone to Turtle, Talons of Power

Anemone is a female SeaWing dragonet who was introduced in The Lost Heir. The second-oldest living daughter of Queen Coral, Anemone was enchanted by Turtle during the Talons of Power ceremony to be given animus powers, thus making her an artificial animus dragon. She is currently attending Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Silver Winglet, and has romantic feelings for Tamarin.


Anemone has pale blue[3] and white-pink scales, like the inside of seashells,[4] with hints of pink along with her wings, ears, and horns, resembling the dolphins that live within the Kingdom of the Sea.[3] She has pale,[5] pink-tinted[6] wings with the Royal SeaWing wing pattern underneath them,[7] and large blue eyes.[3][8] She wears a bracelet of pale pink pearls, enchanted to keep her soul healthy, around one of her wrists,[9] and she has a clear, high voice.[10] She is small, and from afar appears an odd[11] whitish-pinkish-blue-gray.[12]


Anemone is snotty, delicate, regal,[13] huffy,[14] haughty,[15] bossy,[16] fierce,[17] and enjoys disobeying orders.[12] She allowed her sleeping cave at Jade Mountain Academy to become quite a mess, and is comfortable with casually scattering her wealth around,[18] as she is not yet used to living without servants.[19] She often used her animus magic on frivolous things,[20] but after Darkstalker's manipulation, she became distrustful of other dragons attempting to help her. She has always been a sort of a brat towards everyone,[21] and was demanding towards Qibli when he borrowed her enchanted weather gauntlets.[8] She looks at others as though examining them through a jeweler's glass, studying all of their flaws, and she is confident about her appearance.[22] She becomes embarrassed when she does not act bravely.[23]

However, after enchanting a bracelet to protect her soul from animus magic, her feelings of superiority and invincibility seemed to disappear as well. Ever since putting it on, she has been acting younger and lighter, giggling and teasing her friends, and taking her winglet swimming in the mountain lakes each day. Darkstalker's soul reader revealed that Anemone's soul contains a high level of good, and she later donated half of her treasure to help build Sanctuary.[24]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir
When Tsunami first arrived in the Kingdom of the Sea, she took her sister's name as an enemy instead of Anemone. After her friends were locked away into one of Coral's caves, Tsunami expressed that she wanted to talk to her mother alone. Coral refused, as she had to keep Anemone at her side by "watching her every minute," as Anemone irritably stated.

Anemone using animus magic

Later, when their mother was asleep, Anemone explained her harness and why she had to wear it. She also told Tsunami that she would probably have to marry Whirlpool, a member of Coral's council. Tsunami was surprised to hear that Anemone wanted to talk to her, since they were both candidates for the throne and would likely become rivals some point in the future.

Tsunami also later saw Anemone practicing her animus magic with Whirlpool, as Blister and Coral intended to use her to help their side win the war.

Anemone killing Whirlpool

They referred to Anemone as their "secret weapon," but it is spectated later that Whirlpool may have instructed Anemone to "practice" with her animus magic to make her go insane and kill her mother. Later in the book, Anemone used her power to reveal the mysterious SeaWing assassin who had tried to kill Tsunami. It turned out to be Whirlpool, and she accidentally pushed him into Coral's electric eel pool, where he was electrocuted.
The Hidden Kingdom
When Glory first discovers the NightWing tunnels and that they were created with animus magic, she thinks back to Anemone in the Kingdom of the Sea, and the danger of being an animus dragon.
The Dark Secret
Starflight witnesses Anemone attacking Gill in Tsunami's dream.
The Brightest Night
Tsunami mentioned that she wanted to dreamvisit Anemone and some other SeaWings.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Anemone had convinced her mother to allow her to attend Jade Mountain Academy as part of the Silver Winglet. Moonwatcher first saw Anemone arriving at the Academy with Turtle, Tsunami, Coral, and Auklet. When Moon looks at Turtle, she receives a vision of the SeaWing prince pinning Anemone to the sand as she writhed in pain. Later, Anemone appeared in the prey center, asking a NightWing named Bigtail for a large fish that he had grabbed. Clay intervened and explained that whoever grabbed the food first gets to eat it, much to Anemone's disapproval. Sighing, she stormed out of the prey center with Ostrich, who was casting woeful hungry looks at the fish behind them. After the tragic explosion of the history cave, Anemone thought angrily that she could have easily solved the mystery if Tsunami had not been so worried about her power.
Winter Turning
In the epilogue, Anemone, Pike, Turtle, and a few other SeaWing dragonets are swimming in one of the underground lakes of Jade Mountain. She is doing flips and diving in the water, enjoying being free of her harness. She thinks of how, if Coral ever came to Jade Mountain to take Anemone home, she would have to be under her mother's watch again. With a fierce certainty, Anemone thinks, "But I won't. I won't. I might be the most powerful dragon in the world, and if she didn't learn that from what I did to Whirlpool, I can teach her some other way." Followed by, "The spell on Auklet's harness should keep her away from me, though."
Escaping Peril
In the epilogue, she was worried about the earthquake that Darkstalker had caused when he was released. When Starflight asked her what was wrong, she replied in barely a whisper that "it felt like someone slithering over my grave."
Talons of Power
While Tamarin was staying on the dry stone, Anemone and Pike were swimming in one of Jade Mountain's underground lakes. Turtle, however, dove into the cave from the open roof above, urgently pleading for Anemone to go into hiding, as Darkstalker had escaped his underground prison with unknown intentions. Instead of growing fearful, she jumped in excitement, eager to meet another animus dragon.

When Darkstalker was being "attacked" by two young NightWing students, Anemone swooped above all of them, demonstrating her power by showing off two beaten copper bracelets that controlled the weather; the sky flashed with unusual flickers of lightning and was full of grey clouds that were heavy with rain. When Tsunami tried to fly up to her sister, Anemone summoned a gust of wind that spiralled Tsunami away from her and held her in place. Darkstalker then invited Anemone to land beside him and talk; they walk into the main entrance cave while the clouds finally release their rain behind them. Later, Darkstalker enchanted a silver necklace that was meant to save her soul from the menacing effects of animus magic.

Throughout the book, Anemone kept close to Darkstalker. She saw him as a sort of mentor, looking to him for guidance. Darkstalker took this very lightheartedly, taking advantage of her actions and advising her that she should run all her spells by him before she cast them, so he could help her find the best possible enchantment for each spell. She usually sat beside Darkstalker with her chin high, often being an errand runner or helper to Darkstalker.

When Moonwatcher has a vision of Sunny's father, Stonemover, dead, she, Darkstalker, Turtle, Anemone, and Mindreader quickly go to Stonemover's cave. When they arrive, Stonemover is in a pitiful condition — blood is seeping from his neck, and he is stiller than usual. When Darkstalker frustratedly states that he would chase down the killer himself if the tunnels were larger, Anemone immediately volunteers. She grabs a prey bone on the floor and enchants it to lead her to Stonemover's killer. The dragonet brought in was Flame, prodded forward by the same prey bone. After Stonemover begs Darkstalker to take off the healing spell he gave him, Darkstalker sighed and returned his scales to their normal, petrified state. He then turns to Flame, enchanting his library card to turn into a chain that bolted him to the floor as punishment.

When Darkstalker brings up the concept of going to the Rainforest Kingdom to meet his lost tribe, Anemone, along with a few other students from Jade Mountain, agreed to travel with him, including Turtle. There, Anemone irritatedly agreed to Turtle's request for animus magic. When she heard that it was so to wake Kinkajou from her coma, Anemone immediately started teasing Turtle of his relationship with Kinkajou. At the healer's pavilion, Anemone added a love spell along with the waking spell, enchanting the RainWing so that she would love Turtle as much as he loves her, much to Turtle's dismay.

Anemone was constantly shown by Darkstalker's side throughout his journey through the Rainforest Kingdom and the lost city of night, often ignoring Turtle's advice on her soul.

She also quickly grew jealous of Darkstalker's focus on Moonwatcher, wanting the attention to herself instead. In the lost city of night, Anemone asked Darkstalker where she got to stay. He replied that she gets to stay in Fathom's room, which had dried and rotted over the years, while Moon gets to stay anywhere she wants. Anemone then forcefully tried distracting Darkstalker in order to make Moon clean Fathom's room, though Darkstalker intervened to accuse her that she is no different from her ancestor after all. Anemone was dismayed, deciding to fly back home in attempt to murder her mother, as Darkstalker had ordered.

Turtle follows her, and she goes to the Island Palace. There, Turtle has a flashback where it is revealed that he made her an animus to hide his identity. Back in reality, Anemone is searching for something that Whirlpool left for her, which turns out to be a dagger. She darkly suggests using it to kill off any threats, such as Coral, Auklet, Tsunami, Moon, and Kinkajou. Turtle attacks her, as she seems as if she had lost her soul. Moon's vision of Turtle pinning down Anemone therefore comes true — an animus battle ensues, both using their powers to overcome the other. Finally, Turtle enchants seaweed to bind Anemone's mouth, preventing her from casting any more spells. They have a conversation where Turtle tells Anemone that he made her an animus, and Anemone says that she feels herself becoming evil. However, Darkstalker, with the help of the spell that tells him the location where animus power is being used, casts a spell that brings every animus dragon in all the tribes to his throne room. There, Darkstalker suggests using her and Stonemover to test his theories about animus magic, and he mentions that not too many more spells will turn Anemone completely evil. Then, when Kinkajou is summoned and Darkstalker's attention is on her, Turtle gives Anemone his hiding stick and tells her to fly away as fast as she can. Turtle throws his stick at her, and Anemone catches it, jumping out the window.
Darkness of Dragons
Qibli and Winter, after leaving Thorn's palace, discover Anemone resting by an oasis while flying over the desert. Winter is wary of her, as the last time they saw her she was with Darkstalker. Qibli decides to talk to her anyway, as she is alone. When Qibli approaches her, he quickly realizes that she cannot speak. He sees that she is holding Turtle's stick, and he accuses her of stealing it. She denies stealing the stick by scowling at him, and he asks her why she can't talk. He then discovers a spell put on her by Darkstalker. After she puts on the enchanted earring, she says that she wants to go back to the NightWing Kingdom to kill Darkstalker. At the kingdom, she and Kinkajou start fighting about who gets to kill Darkstalker. At the battle of the NightWings and IceWings, she enchants a piece of moss to make the NightWings think Darkstalker is telling them to retreat. She later enchants Qibli's library card to make all the NightWings and IceWings hear each other's thoughts and be teleported to the center of their kingdom. During this, she also removes the love spell she put on Kinkajou. In the epilogue, it is revealed that Anemone has romantic feelings for the blind RainWing student, Tamarin, often leaving flowers and gifts, and offering to read her scrolls. It is also revealed that she cast a soul spell on herself, with help from Qibli, to relieve the feelings of superiority and selfishness that went along with having animus power, as well as protecting her soul.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen
In the prologue, Anemone was mentioned by Turtle, him saying that she was working on a spell for Tamarin to restore her sight. She had spoken to Turtle that the spell did not work, and she had not known why. She and Turtle had started comparing notes, as Turtle was working on the same spell for Starflight.
The Poison Jungle
Jerboa III mentions that animus magic is not working for her or any other of the animus dragons, which includes Anemone.
The Dangerous Gift
Anemone was indirectly mentioned by Tsunami when she was telling Sundew that they had four animus dragons. She also briefly appeared in Snowfall's vision as Jerboa III, when Jerboa III was brought into Darkstalker's throne room. Jerboa III had seen two other SeaWings there: Anemone and Turtle.



Years prior, Queen Coral had kept guard over Anemone's egg for an entire year, never allowing Orca's statue to destroy her egg. Attached by an elastic harness at all times, Anemone loves her mother, but despises her overbearing parenting. Queen Coral is overprotective of her, fearing that she would be killed before she had a chance to challenge her for the throne. Anemone, in The Lost Heir, seemingly hated her mother. She complained about how she was on a harness at all times, about how she had to go through her lessons with Whirlpool, and other troubles that she did not enjoy. In Moon Rising, both Anemone and Tsunami were annoyed when Coral wanted to see everything inside of the school and sent Pike as a bodyguard to guarantee Anemone's safety. She is nervous to go against her mother's wishes.[12]


Darkstalker acted as a mentor to Anemone,[25] and she looked up to him as being wonderful and all-knowing.[15] He encouraged her to use her magic but tried restricting her only to use them with his permission. Due to her naturally rebellious personality and hatred of Moonwatcher, he eventually sent her off to the Kingdom of the Sea.[26] Later on, once she and the other animus dragons of Pyrrhia were summoned to Darkstalker, he affirmed his view of her as a tool by suggesting he run tests on her and Stonemover to learn more about animus limits, even suggesting driving her insane.[27] Darkstalker secretly hated SeaWings, specifically Anemone's family, because of their ancestry linking them to Fathom.[17] When speaking of Darkstalker during the Battle of Jade Mountain, her eyes had a dangerous gleam.[23]


Kinkajou dislikes the thought of accepting help from Anemone,[28] and she is often angry with her. Anemone is quite annoyed by Kinkajou.[29]


Coral appointed him as Anemone's bodyguard, a fact she does not know. However, she is not surprised that he does whatever she says, instead thinking that everyone should act that way towards a princess. She also gets quite exasperated with his overprotectiveness, often telling him to keep quiet or leave her alone. She even snuck out when he was asleep, not caring about how much that would worry him. Anemone is teasing towards him.[24]


Anemone has a crush on Tamarin. She casually shows up everywhere Tamarin is, offering to read her scrolls and leaving her small gifts of flowers or unusual fruit.[30]


Tsunami is Anemone's older sister, though Tsunami was suspicious of her at first. However, later on, they became good friends, and grew to love each other as sisters. Anemone trusts Tsunami a lot, as in The Lost Heir, she wanted Tsunami to save her from her animus magic and wanted her to help control her power.


Before the Talons of Power ceremony, Turtle had only ever seen his sister from a distance. During the ceremony, he enchanted Anemone to become an animus to draw attention to her and away from his own animus abilities so he could keep his secret hidden and to fulfill the biggest hopes of his mother.[31] He ended up regretting this greatly afterward. Upon going to the Academy, they did begin to spend more time together, but she still treated him like another subject to order around. She finally started paying attention to him when he started following her and Darkstalker around, but the attention was not positive. After their duel on the beach and Turtle hiding her from Darkstalker, he seems to regard her more as his younger sister, who he should protect, and she seems to respect him as an older brother. She once referred to him as a doofus,[32] but he is reassuring and kind towards her,[33] and she is willing to listen to and react upon how he feels.[34]


Whirlpool held training sessions with her to practical usage of her animus abilities as well as teaching her the SeaWing language, Aquatic. However, she put little effort into them and tried to act as if she was failing, at Tsunami's suggestion, to stall them until the time that Blister would use her as a secret weapon to win the war.

Queen Coral seemed to think Whirlpool would make a good king for one of her daughters, but Anemone hated the idea of marrying him, and Tsunami was not very fond of it either.

Anemone used her powers to discover who had tried to kill Tsunami and, upon finding it to be Whirlpool, she accidentally knocked him senseless with a spear into the moat with electric eels. The eels electrocuted Whirlpool and killed him. In Moon Rising, she was shown feeling guilty about it. However, in Talons of Power, she said she felt proud of killing him, despite her knowing that it was twisted in her heart. She said that she still has flashbacks of his death and the electric eels.

Family Tree

MorayFinCeruleanTurtleOctopus28 Dragons
3 DragonsOrcaTsunamiAnemoneAuklet

Known Enchantments

Phrasing Target Intention
"Phrasing unknown." [31] A coconut To float in the air and come to her talons.
"Phrasing unknown." [35] A pearl necklace To crawl over to a wall.
"Phrasing unknown." [36] A narwhal spear To pierce through a flat piece of metal armor.
"Phrasing unknown." [37] A pearl necklace To move off of a ledge in order to distract Whirlpool.
"Phrasing unknown." [38] Orca's statue To reveal who enchanted it.
"Spear, find the dragon who attacked Tsunami in the entrance tunnel and bring him or her to us." [39] A narwhal spear To bring the dragon who had attacked Tsunami to the prison.
"Phrasing unknown." [40] A pearl necklace To explode.
"Phrasing unknown." [41] Auklet's harness To keep Coral away from her.
"Phrasing unknown." [42] Two copper armbands To control the weather.
"Lead me to Stonemover's killer." [43] A prey bone To find Stonemover's killer.
"I enchant this rock to heal Kinkajou of all her injuries so she can wake up, as happy and healthy as she's ever been." [44] A piece of skyfire To heal Kinkajou's injuries.
"I also enchant this rock to make Kinkajou love Turtle just as much as he loves her." [45] A piece of skyfire To make Kinkajou love Turtle.
"Turn into a bucket of water and a mop." [46] Some pebbles To turn into a bucket of water and a mop.
"Now go hit that dragon really hard until she starts using you to clean this place — and don't let her stop until I say it's done." [46] A bucket of water and a mop To hit Moonwatcher until she starts using them to clean Anemone's room.
"Turn into opals and sapphires, and go distract Darkstalker so he doesn't come looking for her." [47] Some pebbles To turn into jewels and to distract Darkstalker so he does not come looking for Moon.
"Knock my brother off me!" [48] A huge rock To knock Turtle off of her.
"All the crabs on this beach! […] Attack Turtle! Do it now!" [48] Some crabs To attack Turtle.
"Phrasing unknown." [49] Some seashells To attack Turtle.
"Swallow him up!" [49] The sand To collapse beneath Turtle and bury him.
"Phrasing unknown." [50] A piece of stone wall To crush Turtle.
"Phrasing unknown." [51] Some moss To trick the NightWings in the Battle of Jade Mountain to think that Darkstalker telepathically ordered them to retreat.
"I enchant this object to connect the minds of all the dragons in the battle overhead for the space of a hundred dragon heartbeats, so that they feel what every other dragon is feeling as completely as they feel their own emotions, and know exactly whose feelings they're experiencing. When that time is up, they will return to normal, and at that moment I enchant this object to instantly transport all the IceWings to the main palace of the Ice Kingdom and all the NightWings to the Great Diamond in the Night Kingdom, safe and unharmed." [34] Qibli's library card To connect the minds of every dragon in the battle of Jade Mountain for a hundred heartbeats, and when that time is up, to teleport back to their respective kingdoms unharmed.
"I also enchant this object to take the love spell off Kinkajou, so she can feel whatever incredibly special feelings she wants to feel about absolutely anyone and stops annoying me about it." [34] Qibli's library card To remove the love spell on Kinkajou.
"Phrasing unknown." [24] A bracelet of pink pearls To protect her soul from the use of animus magic, as well as any feelings of invincibility and superiority.


"Maybe you can make her less crazy, […] Or maybe she'll set me free now that she has you. Maybe you could talk to her. I need to get out of this harness. Tsunami, you have no idea how awful my life has been."
― to Tsunami, about Coral (The Lost Heir, page 102)

"She cares about me way too much, […] I never get to do anything except whatever she's doing. At least you have friends. I never even see any other dragonets."
― to Tsunami, about Coral (The Lost Heir, page 103)

"She challenged Mother for the throne when she was only seven years old, […] Everyone says it was horrible. She nearly won, but Mother killed her in the end. […] It's weird. Mother worships her and misses her, but lots of dragons still hate Orca for nearly killing their queen. Don't ever mention her name around Moray."
― to Tsunami, about Orca (The Lost Heir, page 106)

"I had a nightmare, […] and then something woke me. Didn't you feel it? […] Something that shook the earth, […] It felt, […] like something slithering over my grave."
― to Starflight (Escaping Peril, page 287-288)

"Finally. Someone who understands me."
― to Darkstalker (Talons of Power, page 42)

"Darkstalker's stories are great, but I'm kind of not so interested in ancient NightWing history. Blah blah eighty million years ago they had a cool library YAWN. I was like, so what were the SeaWings up to back then? and he was all, 'getting massacred.' So THAT was cheerful."
― to Turtle about the Royal SeaWing Massacre (Talons of Power, page 153)

"All right, take me to your sleeping beauty."
― to Turtle about Kinkajou (Talons of Power, page 156)

"We figured out that he'd been trying to kill Tsunami. And he realized how powerful I was and he was going to tell Mother and Blister. […] So I took care of him."
― to Turtle, about Whirlpool (Talons of Power, page 262)

"Whirlpool wanted to be king pretty badly, […] I think he was trying to shape me into a darker dragon by making me cast all those 'practice' spells. He wanted me to go evil and try for the throne. He told me he'd hidden a perfect weapon here, ready for whenever I needed it — for whenever I wanted to challenge Mother. […] I think it'll work fine on little sisters, too, don't you? And big ones, for that matter."
― to Turtle, about Whirlpool (Talons of Power, page 262-263)

"I won't make Orca's mistakes. I'll enchant this thing right now to be a perfect killing machine. It'll never miss. It'll go straight for Mother's throat first. Then Auklet, Tsunami, you … […] Moon. Maybe Kinkajou, too. Why not? He did say anyone who gets in my way."
― to Turtle (Talons of Power, page 263)

"You? You're nobody! I'm the SeaWing animus!"
― to Turtle (Talons of Power, page 264)

"No! […] It's my power! You can't just take it; you can't just say it's yours! You did not create me!"
― to Turtle, after he confirms that he enchanted her to have animus powers (Talons of Power, page 264)

"You didn't make me and you can't stop me! I can still kill her! […] I can kill her with my bare claws! I can kill her with anything! I can make daggers out of seashells; I can poison the drops of water around her snout! I can enchant her pearls to choke her or her stupid narwhal horn to stab her in the heart!"
― to Turtle (Talons of Power, page 264-265)

"It won't work. It's already too late for me. […] Ever since Whirlpool died, I see him all the time — in my dreams, in the faces of strange dragons, everywhere. I keep seeing those eels going after him. I see all the dragons I've hurt. Now Moon's there, too, and I hate what I did to her but I also feel proud of it. Isn't that twisted? Whatever soul I had, it's long gone, so protecting it wouldn't be much use."
― to Turtle (Talons of Power, page 272)

"But then what would I be? […] Animus dragons are rare and special. I like knowing that I'm powerful. I want to be that powerful. Who would give away their own magic like that? I'm just … scared of it, too."
― to Turtle (Talons of Power, page 273)

"I think he's smart. […] He knew right away not to trust you. He knew there was something seriously wrong with you. You think everything you do is right. You think you're so perfect that you don't even care about the dragons around you. You're the only one who gets to decide what happens to everyone else."
― to Darkstalker, about Turtle (Talons of Power, page 278)

"Let's go kill that evil son of a slug!"
― about Darkstalker (Darkness of Dragons, page 206)

"She's FIIIIIIIINE, everyone is SO OBSESSED with her for NO REASON."
― about Moonwatcher (Darkness of Dragons, page 212)


  • On the cover of Talons of Power, Anemone is missing the royal SeaWing patterns on her wings.[52]
  • The reason why Queen Coral forbids the consumption of dolphins is said to be because she thinks they might be somewhat related to dragons;[53] however, it is wondered by Tsunami if it is actually because Anemone has the same coloring as the dolphins.[3]
  • Anemone is not leucitic. She is one of the lighter shades of SeaWing pigmentations.[event 1]



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