Aquatic is the secret language used by SeaWings to communicate in the Deep Palace (or anywhere underwater) where they can't communicate clearly without going to the surface to talk. Instead of spoken words, Aquatic uses a series of talon gestures and the flashing of the bioluminescent stripes along the dragon's body. Because only SeaWings possess these stripes, Aquatic is not spoken by dragons from any other tribe because they cannot physically speak it due to lack of bioluminescent stripes. Tsunami is a rare case of a SeaWing who does not understand Aquatic very well at all, courtesy of being raised in a cave by the Talons of Peace. Webs didn't teach Tsunami Aquatic, possibly because he didn't think she would escape with the other dragonets. Riptide and Anemone taught her some Aquatic when she came to the Sea Kingdom. Riptide taught her how to say "squid-brain", and he said that she should say it next time she saw Whirlpool.

In Talons of Power, a story was also mentioned of a dragonet who had been raised by orcas and didn't know Aquatic. 

Known SignsEdit

  • Making a circle with index claw - "Not right now, we'll finish this later".
  • An undescribed claw gesture - "Inform the Queen".
  • Three flashes on the tail - "Squid-brain".
  • Snout stripes - questions (who, what, where, when, why, or how).
  • Stripes along the dragon's side and talon gestures - "I will protect".
  • Some tiny stripes on the snout - "Hello".
  • Spreading webbed claws - "I don't know".
  • Pointing - "All right?"
  • A stripe on wings (speculated royal pattern only) - "Silence".
  • Stripes on the sides of the body flashed twice fast - "Shut Up!"
  • Scales flashing along part of wings -"Why are you acting like an indecisive jellyfish right now?"
  • Scales under wing - "He said to meet him at the sunset beach of the Island Palace[1]".
  • Scales under wings - "I'm sorry"
  • An unknown Aquatic phrase made by Tsunami - "Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally love three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your snout was a herring so I could eat it and also your wings sound like sharks snoring."


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