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"I wasn't going to kill my own son. Whatever you think of my soul, it's not so far gone that I would actually do that. I know I should, though. One more spell, and I'll probably be there, won't I? I mean, what are you going to do to stop me? Our magic is equal, you and I. Our souls are equally doomed."
— Arctic to Darkstalker, Darkstalker

Arctic was an adult male IceWing prince and was one of the three main protagonists in Runaway. He was an animus dragon, and after fleeing the Ice Kingdom to settle in the lost city of night, a banished member of the IceWing royal family. He was Foeslayer's partner, the father of Darkstalker and Whiteout, and served as an advisor in Vigilance's court. Later he was killed by Darkstalker's animus magic.


Arctic had silvery,[1] polished[2] white scales as pale as the moons[3] that contained hints of pale blue.[2] His piercing blue eyes, like fragments of ice,[4] were the color of a cloudless sky.[2] His scales looked scuffed,[2] and he had a thunderous, glacier-cracking voice,[5] as well as a cracking, bitter laugh that sounded like icicles snapping off of a roof.[6] He wore a light blue diamond earring in his left ear, and a silver narwhal earring in his right.[7] His long tongue was blue and forked.[8]


While he lived in the Ice Kingdom, Arctic felt trapped by the rules of IceWing society.[9] He enjoyed the thrill of being a dragon who was not tied to rules and wanted to be seen as that dragon.[9] He radiated cold, congealing[4] resentment and cold anger, with rotten patches[10] around the edges.[11] Allknowing described him to be "seething with darkness."[12] His voice was spitting,[13] loud, splintery, and jagged.[14] He was vengeful,[15] grim,[16] lost,[17] scornful,[18] angry,[19] bitter,[20] cold, and menacing.[2] His thoughts were dark, grumbling,[21] and venomous.[22]

However, he was patient,[4] and seemed genuinely concerned for Clearsight after she suffered from a harsh series of visions.[17] He was genuinely afraid of going mad from use of his animus magic,[23] as he was worried that he might become evil and hurt Foeslayer.[21] According to Darkstalker's soul reader, Arctic's soul was severely damaged, but he was not completely evil.[24] Clearsight could see that he had nearly no happy futures.


After the events of Runaway, Queen Diamond refused to accept that Prince Arctic ran away due to his love for Foeslayer. Hence, she lied to the tribe about how Foeslayer wanted animus power for her tribe and kidnapped Arctic. Since Prince Arctic abandoned the IceWings, there were no more IceWing animus dragons to be bred, and the whole tribe was furious at the NightWings for seemingly stealing their last animus. There was also no way to take Arctic back after his son, Darkstalker, killed him. The misunderstanding caused hatred between the two tribes until Glory became queen of the NightWings and forged a peace treaty with Queen Glacier. However, after Darkstalker reappeared and became part-king of the NightWings, the old hatred sparked up until Darkstalker was transformed into Peacemaker. Glory made another peace treaty with Queen Snowfall.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
When Moonwatcher telepathically asked Darkstalker who taught him to step out of his visions, he answered that his father did. When Moon later went to the Jade Mountain Academy library to read about dreamvisitors, she came across the story of Darkstalker, which read that he had killed his father with "an aspect of animus power that no one had ever seen before." Later, when Moonwatcher pointed out that she had never plotted to steal any thrones or killed her father, Darkstalker replied that he saved his tribe from his father, and that he thought she would kill her father if she had had his father, and that Arctic was a lot worse than he is.
Winter Turning
Arctic was mentioned by both Winter and Foeslayer. At the NightWing island, Winter explained to his friends the reason the IceWings hated NightWings and the legend of Darkstalker; his tribe believed that Foeslayer stole Arctic and became his partner to bring animus magic to the NightWing tribe, and Darkstalker killed Arctic so he could not bring it back to the IceWings. But at the end of the book, Foeslayer revealed that this was a lie; she and Arctic had fallen in love, and he went with her willingly.
Escaping Peril
It was revealed that Darkstalker had enchanted Arctic to obey his every command, then instructed him to disembowel himself instead of murdering the IceWing himself as most believed. Moonwatcher discovered this after reading the enchantment on the scroll, then asking Darkstalker if he made Arctic kill himself, to which he replied yes and began making excuses.
Talons of Power
He is mentioned several times throughout the book, with many dragons asking Darkstalker if it was true that he murdered his own father. At one point, Darkstalker even said that even Arctic knew he deserved what he got.
Darkness of Dragons
Arctic was mentioned when Darkstalker said to Qibli that he could have enchanted Arctic to be a better father to him and Whiteout.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Snowfall thought about other animus dragons and their gifts before they lost Arctic. Later, Lynx stated that IceWings did not have an animus dragon since Arctic. During a conversation, Snowfall mentioned Arctic as Diamond's son who ran off with a NightWing. Tundra objected and claimed that Arctic was kidnapped by a NightWing. During one of Snowfall's visions, Jerboa mentioned that there were five animus dragons coexisting — the one in the Ice Kingdom was Prince Arctic.


In the prologue, Arctic was shown in his room at a diplomat's palace, receiving a message from a noble IceWing he could not remember the name of. He had been studying animus gifts of the past, trying to come up with his own unique gift. After a brief and tense conversation, he remembered that her name was Snowflake and that they were engaged. He was not enthusiastic about this as he thought she was a boring and shallow dragon. They made their way to the balcony while having what was described to be an incredibly boring conversation. On the balcony, they see a NightWing admiring the sunset while trying to keep herself warm. Arctic asked Snowflake to leave, then began a conversation with Foeslayer, the NightWing. He mentioned that he and Snowflake were engaged, but forgot who she was, which Foeslayer used to tease him. The two talked and flirted for a while. Arctic, fully aware that he was breaking almost every IceWing law but already hopelessly in love, enchanted a diamond earring to keep Foeslayer warm. He explained the situation, and Foeslayer is flabbergasted that he would break such an important law for her. The events of Runaway happen directly after this prologue.

Arctic is shown years later arguing with Foeslayer about their eggs. Darkstalker "sees" his soul rotting away. After finding his father suspicious, he read his mind and, in his future, saw blood and death.

Years later, Arctic is shown discovering Darkstalker's animus powers when Clearsight and Darkstalker are at his house playing with Darkstalker's scroll. There, Clearsight has visions about Arctic and unwillingly tells him this prophecy:

"Beware your two queens; beware your own power.

Your claws will betray you in your final hour."

This prophecy turns out to be true, as it is his own talons that disembowel himself. He seems to be more worried about animus powers after Clearsight speaks this prophecy.

Arctic is also mentioned several times later in brief scenes with Darkstalker. During the last part of the book, he tries to go to the Ice Kingdom with his daughter, Whiteout, whom he had enchanted to follow him and to speak normally. Enraged by this, Darkstalker enchanted Arctic to obey his every command.

Darkstalker then brought Arctic back to the Night Kingdom and gathered a crowd, commanding Arctic to tell the NightWings what he had planned to do. Arctic revealed that he would have offered Whiteout's talons in marriage to a royal IceWing to continue the animus bloodline in the tribe. Additionally, he would have given the IceWings a way into the Night Kingdom in exchange for Foeslayer's release. His last words were that he 'should have strangled Darkstalker the moment he hatched.' Upon hearing this, Darkstalker commanded him to cut out his own tongue and then to disembowel himself by cutting open his stomach and spilling out his guts, quickly leading to his inevitable death.


In the beginning of the book, Arctic sees Foeslayer and her mother, Prudence, arguing over the earring Arctic had gifted Foeslayer. Arctic tries to prevent Foeslayer from being punished. Later, Diamond finds Arctic in his room and asks why he was up so late. Arctic lied, stating that he was worried about his gifting ceremony when he had really just been about to go to a secret meeting with Foeslayer. Diamond states that a true IceWing would not be worried and reminds him of what she wanted him to make. Arctic has a memory of two nights before when he was at a secret meeting with Foeslayer. She had laughed about Diamond's idea of a "gift of vision," stating that it would be much better if it were something that told you what was going to happen whenever you ask, but that he should not make that, as Diamond would likely do terrible things with it.

In the present, Arctic said he wanted to talk to Diamond about some more potential ideas in the morning. Diamond placed two guards inside Arctic's room to make sure he slept; ergo, he could not meet with Foeslayer. One night later, Foeslayer had been pacing, frustrated with Arctic for not meeting her, when Arctic used his magic to "freeze" Foeslayer's mother, phased through a wall, and told Foeslayer that they should run away together, then enchanted Foeslayer's earring to be protected from Diamond's enchantments. Foeslayer insisted that they could not abandon her tribe and mother to be stuck with the IceWings. Arctic reluctantly agreed to go to the Night Kingdom.

Unfreezing Prudence, they made their way out of the Ice Kingdom. As they leave, six IceWing guards come after them, one being someone Arctic knew. The guards shot arrows at Foeslayer, and Arctic enchanted the guards' spears to stop them, not realizing that they would kill them. When Snowflake tries to kill Arctic after witnessing him kill the guards, Foeslayer breathes fire at her, Arctic caught it with his magic and threw it at Snowflake, badly burning her wings, resulting in Snowfox shrieking agonizingly about how she was going to kill every last NightWing for what they did to Snowflake. When Foeslayer asked Arctic if his soul felt fine, he responded that it was none of her concern. When Foeslayer stated that it was, Arctic growled at her.



Arctic resented Darkstalker.[4] He often rudely asked his son if any part of him resembled an IceWing,[25] and was furious upon Darkstalker's hatching that the dragonet did not resemble him.[3] Arctic never looked Darkstalker in the eye, and often glared at him.[20] Darkstalker believed that Arctic was the most dangerous dragon within the lost city of night,[26] and when Clearsight observed Arctic and Darkstalker interacting, she noted that there were many giant, furious, unspoken thoughts and feelings that were not verbally expressed between them.[27] Darkstalker was dangerous, quiet,[23] angry, and crueler than necessary towards his father,[28] and the only slight liking he had towards Arctic was due to his love for Foeslayer.[29] He was suspicious of[7] and bothered by Darkstalker's mind-reading abilities, and was jealous of his son's knowledge of Foeslayer's thoughts.[22] They often tried to avoid one another as much as possible,[30] and Darkstalker was aware of multiple futures where Arctic attempted to kill him.[31] Despite his seething hatred towards Darkstalker,[32] Arctic refused to kill his own son.[6]


Diamond constantly yelled at and reminded her son about his duties as an IceWing prince. She was judgmental and regulating towards him, but despite her attempts to control his life, he eventually fled the Ice Kingdom in order to live with Foeslayer.[9] Diamond claimed to love Arctic, but was quick to remind him about her disapproval towards his choices.[33] In a letter she sent to Arctic, she said he could return to the Ice Kingdom and be forgiven for his actions if he killed his dragonets.[33]


When Arctic first met Foeslayer, he found his wings responding in a way that matched her own. Foeslayer laughed and grinned with him, and he found himself unable to stop smiling at her. Arctic noted that she was the beginning and the end of his universe. He thought that perhaps nothing would ever be boring or frustrating again so long as they were together, and he would do anything to spend a few more minutes with her. He broke his animus vow for Foeslayer, and longed for her to view him as a dragon who did not care much for rules. He brushed his wing with her own, and promised her that his soul was hers, if she wanted it.[9]

In later stages of their relationship, Arctic threatened Foeslayer after she made a joke towards him,[11] and Darkstalker sensed that his mother was in danger.[34] There was fury, bitterness,[35] suspicion, hatred, and emanating outrage from both partners.[36] They often argued[35] and squabbled[37] loudly,[38] and Foeslayer was irritated with Arctic for staying within their home and complaining constantly.[39] Although Arctic believed Foeslayer only loved him for his animus magic, in truth, she disliked his magic and wished he had not been an animus. In fact, she stated she loved him more than anything.[40]

However, he still loves her; when Darkstalker hatched, he sensed a small, warm ember of love for Foeslayer hidden under layers of ice.[3] He could not bear to keep secrets from her,[29] and worried about her safety.[21] In one of Clearsight's visions, he was crying over a painting of Foeslayer by Whiteout.[27] They were still physically affectionate with one another in the later stages of their relationship.[41]


Although they were arranged to be married, Arctic found Snowflake quite unmemorable, and was worried that she might not have a personality besides repressed fury. He tried to make conversation with her about his animus gifting day, but this ultimately resulted in them becoming mutually irritated. They were both unexcited about their marriage.[9] Arctic was the reason that Snowflake lost her ability to fly permanently.[42]


Whiteout was Arctic's daughter, and, according to Darkstalker, he often acted as though she was his only dragonet.[39] He openly preferred her over Darkstalker, most likely because her IceWing genetics were more visible. Although Arctic seems to spend time with Whiteout by taking her on outings and buying her special fish, Darkstalker thinks that Arctic does not really care about her feelings.[43] Later in the book, Arctic shows disapproval of her feelings for Thoughtful, most likely because he was a NightWing.[44] Arctic also shows little consideration for who his daughter actually is as a dragon, using animus magic to alter Whiteout's personality — making her hate her brother, want to marry an IceWing, and live in the Ice Kingdom even if she would be miserable there.[45] He also used his magic to change the way Whiteout spoke so she would sound "normal," revealing a desire for his daughter to be exactly how he wants her to be: a "perfect" dragonet in contrast to Darkstalker.[46]

Family Tree


Known Enchantments

  • A diamond earring of his own that he enchanted to keep Foeslayer warm, safe from harm, and immune to animus spells.[9]
  • A dagger he enchanted so that whenever he would point it in the direction of a dragon, it would freeze them whenever the user says "freeze." To unfreeze them, the user must say, "unfreeze."[47]
  • An armband that Arctic enchanted to allow the user to walk through walls and turn invisible when turned clockwise, and then turn the user visible once more when it is turned counterclockwise. If another dragon is touched while the armband makes the user invisible, the dragon being touched will also become invisible.[48]
  • Arctic, during his and Foeslayer's escape from the Ice Kingdom, enchanted several spears to stop the guards from catching them. However, he did not specify how the spears would stop the guards, and the guards were unfortunately and accidentally killed.[49]
  • An earring enchanted to keep animus spells from affecting him.[7]
  • A necklace enchanted to make Whiteout speak "normally," hate Darkstalker, want to marry an IceWing, and follow him to the Ice Kingdom.[50]
  • When Foeslayer and Arctic were escaping, and Snowflake and Snowfox were trying to pursue them, Foeslayer breathed a fireball to slow them down, but Arctic enchanted it to directly attack Snowflake.[51]


"Imagine disobeying an order — any order. Where would I even start?"
― Arctic's thoughts (Darkstalker, prologue)

"Ooo, how about an animus-touched object that can make any dragon interesting. Skies above, now that would be useful."
― Arctic's thoughts (Darkstalker, prologue)

"This is a bad idea. The very worst. Neither of our tribes would forgive us. Mother will never allow it. All the more reason. I won't let the queen crush my entire life between her claws. It's my life, my magic, and my heart."
― Arctic's thoughts about his meeting with Foeslayer, (Darkstalker, prologue)

"She's not doing me an honor. You know what she wants. She wants my power. The gift I should have given the IceWings — she wants it for your tribe."
― to Foeslayer about Vigilance (Darkstalker, page 47)

"You love my power. That's all you ever loved. You wanted my magic and you got it. That's why you came to the Ice Kingdom in the first place, isn't it? It wasn't ever about me. You didn't ever love me. You came to steal my power."
― to Foeslayer (Darkstalker, page 245)

"Because you're an arrogant fool. Because you flaunt your magic and don't care who you offend. Because you insulted his mother, or cheated off his test, or read his mind when he told you not to. I can think of a million possible reasons, but what does it matter? He's dead now, isn't he?"
― to Darkstalker about Quickdeath's reason for attempting to assassinate him (Darkstalker, page 299-300)

"I wasn't going to kill my own son. Whatever you think of my soul, it's not so far gone that I would actually do that. I know I should, though. One more spell, and I'll probably be there, won't I? I mean, what are you going to do to stop me? Our magic is equal, you and I. Our souls are equally doomed."
― to Darkstalker (Darkstalker, page 320)

"I was taking my daughter to Queen Diamond. I was going to offer her talons in marriage to whomever Diamond chose, so she could hatch some heirs for the throne who might have animus blood. I was going to live in an ice palace again, sleeping at night like a normal dragon. I was going to find out if Foeslayer is still alive. I was going to offer the IceWings a detailed map of the Night Kingdom and a way to get inside to destroy you all, in exchange for her life."
― to an audience of gathered NightWings (Darkstalker, page 331)

"I do wish I'd been a better father. If I were, I would have strangled you the moment you hatched."
― to Darkstalker (Darkstalker, page 333)


  • Even though Arctic had no NightWing powers, he unintentionally taught Darkstalker how to use them.[52]
  • Darkstalker brought hawks home to eat because they reminded Arctic of the Ice Kingdom.[20]
  • Whenever Arctic and Foeslayer attended parties in the lost city of night together, they would intentionally complement one another's jewelry because it gave the illusion of matching and fitting perfectly together.[41]
  • Tui has confirmed that Arctic had siblings. However, none of them were animi.[event 1]



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