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"What happened to you? Who did this?"
— Avalanche to Flame when she saw his scarred face, The Brightest Night

Avalanche is an adult female SkyWing who was introduced in The Brightest Night. She is a member of the Talons of Peace, and she is currently located north of the Rainforest Kingdom.


Avalanche is larger than Pyrite, with red scales and a bad-tempered expression.[1]


Upon meeting Kinkajou, Moonwatcher, Qibli, and Winter, Avalanche glared at them in a way that made Winter's spine prickle.[1]

It appears that Avalanche has a strong love for Flame, as shown in The Brightest Night. When Flame was handed over to Morrowseer for the prophecy without Avalanche's knowledge or consent, she was so angry she "nearly killed Nautilus." She had him sent him to Jade Mountain Academy so the Talons of Peace would not try to drag him into another, showing her love for him. Based on her hostility towards Qibli in Winter Turning, she also has a strong dislike for SandWings, which may be because her son's facial scar was caused by being scratched by Viper's tail barb, a dislike shared by Flame.

Avalanche appears to both hate and fear Peril, as she was cautious about trying to attack her, as well as trying to prove that the "monster" inside of Peril still exists. It is likely that she resents Peril because of this fear.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir
Webs thinks about the spies in the SkyWing palace during the prologue. Avalanche is one of those spies.
The Brightest Night
When Sunny, Tsunami, and Ochre arrived at the Talons of Peace camp, they were greeted by Nautilus, Avalanche, Riptide, a SandWing possibly with a relation to Viper, presumed to be her uncle or something similar, and an IceWing (Cirrus).

They asked for the whereabouts of the false dragonets, and Sunny and Tsunami replied that Fatespeaker was fine and that Viper died. This caused mixed reactions from the group, mostly displeasure and annoyance. Then, Flame suddenly appeared in the sky and dove for his mother when she called his name. He buried his head in her neck, wrapped his wings around her, and sobbed, as Avalanche stormed about what happened to his face. Sunny curiously observed that Flame could be someone else, someone happier, with dragons who cared about him nearby, like his mother.

Riptide explained to Tsunami that Avalanche was furious about the fact that Morrowseer took Flame and the other false dragonets to the Night Kingdom while she was spying at the SkyWing palace. She nearly killed Nautilus in her rage, though she or someone else refrained her from doing so.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
When Flame's thoughts were read by Moonwatcher, he mentioned that a dragon referred to as "she" was forcing him to go to the Jade Mountain Academy. Presumably, the "she" he was talking about was Avalanche, his own mother, and Flame was bitter toward her for sending him there. He seemed to believe she did not want to see his scarred face and resented her decision. Flame also seemed very self-conscious about his scar, and he tried to hide it behind anger and hate, especially towards NightWings and SandWings for sending him to the NightWing island and scarring his face.
Winter Turning
She appeared briefly as the Jade Winglet dragonets were looking for a mountain in the Sky Kingdom. She said she did not recognize the mountain the Jade Winglet showed her and glared at Qibli, probably because he was a SandWing. Avalanche seems to despise SandWings because of what Viper did to her son's face.
Escaping Peril
Avalanche appeared when she, Cirrus, Nautilus, and some of the other Talons of Peace assaulted Peril and Turtle, thinking that the former was Scarlet. When Avalanche realized who she was, she told the others to stay back, saying that she 'may be worse' than Scarlet, and asked her if she was in league with Scarlet. She revealed that she was one of the guards sent after Kestrel when she tried to escape with Peril. This lead to a lot of bitter squabbling between her and Peril. Then Turtle revealed that they were going to find Scarlet and kill her, and they let them go. Avalanche's words of hate traced through Peril's mind at the very end of Part One in that book, and Avalanche has not been mentioned since then.



Avalanche has a strong love for Flame, her son, as shown by her reaction to him being sent over to Morrowseer and when he returned to her.

It is revealed that Avalanche joined the Talons of Peace in order to save Flame from being drafted in the SkyWing army.

Family Tree



"That looks like Flame, […] But it can't be. What's wrong with his face?"
― upon seeing Flame with his snout scar (The Brightest Night, page 227)

"What happened to you? Who did this?"
― to Flame when she sees his scarred face (The Brightest Night, page 228)

"Why should I help you?"
― to Winter (Winter Turning, page 145)

"I've not only heard of you, little monster, […] I was one of the guards sent after your mother when she tried to escape with you."
― to Peril (Escaping Peril, page 62-63)

"My biggest regret, […] is that we didn't kill you then. I don't care that Kestrel got away. But if I'd known Scarlet would keep you alive —"
― to Peril (Escaping Peril, page 63)



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