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Bandit is a male human who was formerly owned as a pet by Winter the IceWing. He was set free in Winter Turning by Winter because he could not survive in the Ice Kingdom, as he would likely freeze to death.


Bandit appeared to feel depressed and lonely, as well as terrified of dragons.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Bandit seemed to be utterly terrified of all dragons, except possibly Moonwatcher, as she saved him from being eaten. Bandit was nearly captured and killed by students in the prey center when he escaped from his cage, Qibli having opened it to get a better look at him. He was also hungry enough to allow Kinkajou to feed him a blueberry, but Moon later convinced Winter to feed him cooked meat. Bandit appears to be lonely, likely a result of his separation from other humans. Moonwatcher could not thoroughly read what he thought since he is not a dragon, but she can understand his raw emotions (a phenomenon also observed by Listener in Darkstalker). Winter is seen setting Bandit free at the end of Moon Rising, as he was planning to return to the Ice Kingdom and Bandit would not survive there. At first, Bandit seemed not to want to leave, perhaps because a giant menacing dragon was standing near the exit or because it was raining, but after a bit of yelling from his owner, Winter, he scurried off into the forest.

Winter Turning

At the beginning of the book, Winter is trying to make Bandit leave because there would be no way that Bandit would survive in the Ice Kingdom. However, Bandit refuses to move. Winter ends up having to scare the human away by rattling the cage and growling.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Bandit was mentioned when Snowfall asked about Winter's other scavenger. Winter stated that he released him and there was something wrong with him.





Indestructible City

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