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The Battle of Jade Mountain was a battle that took place in 5,012 AS between the NightWings and IceWings at Jade Mountain Academy.


Upon claiming the NightWing throne, Darkstalker took the NightWing army to attack the IceWings. The IceWings came to Jade Mountain to demand answers to where Darkstalker and his NightWings were. The teachers and Peril said they did not know where they were, suggesting that the IceWings instead negotiate peace between them and the NightWings. Queen Snowfall and Narwhal refused. The NightWings arrived shortly thereafter, and the battle began. The battle ended after Anemone enchanted Qibli's library card to connect the minds of the NightWings and IceWings for a hundred heartbeats, then teleport them back to their respective kingdoms.

Including Narwhal, there were thirteen IceWing deaths during the battle. The number of NightWing casualties is unknown, but there were two captured deaths.[1]


  • The IceWings arrive at Jade Mountain after recovering from the IceWing plague, ready to attack the NightWings.
  • Darkstalker and his army reach Jade Mountain shortly after the IceWings. Queen Snowfall orders the IceWings to attack.
  • Anemone attempts to send a telepathic message to the NightWings to retreat. It works for a brief moment before Darkstalker tells his army that it was a trick. The NightWings obey him and continue fighting.
  • Qibli uses Anemone's weather bracelets to call a storm to end the battle. Realizing that Jade Mountain will fall, he tells Anemone to fight off the storm.
  • Starflight and Fatespeaker evacuate the school while the battle continues.
  • Anemone enchants Qibli's library card to connect the minds of the NightWings and IceWings and to teleport them back to their respective kingdoms.
  • The spell stops the fighting briefly and teleports the two tribes back to their kingdoms, ending the battle.