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The BeetleWings were a tribe that founded Pantala along with the LeafWings. They were eventually bred out of existence and became extinct due to the arrival of Clearsight, and officially split into the HiveWings and SilkWings around 4500 AS. They were first mentioned in The Poison Jungle.


They were said to look similar to SilkWings, having four wings (like a HiveWing also) and antennae. It is presumed that they also had some of a HiveWing’s features, considering that they were identifiable as the tribe's ancestors[1]. In The Lost Continent, Clearsight noted that BeetleWings had four wings that resembled the wings of dragonflies, beetles (hence the name BeetleWings), or butterflies.


Like their HiveWing descendants, some BeetleWings had insect-like powers. They possibly had antennae, because, in The Lost Continent, Cricket said the HiveWings used to have them (antennae). Their ability to shoot venom from their fangs is mentioned in particular, as well as flamesilk[2]. When Princess Tsunami arrived in the Poison Jungle, she heard about these powers, and seemingly connected them to the RainWing tribe back on Pyrrhia.


Though there were only five named BeetleWing individuals (four of them being hybrids), all of them were named after species of butterfly.

Known BeetleWingsEdit


  • BeetleWings are currently the first and only known tribe that is confirmed extinct.
  • They, along with LeafWings, were originally native to Pyrrhia.
  • SilkWings and HiveWings are the descendants of BeetleWings.
  • BeetleWings may be related to RainWings, as they could supposedly shoot venom from their fangs, as well as coming from the Distant Kingdoms.
  • BeetleWings are the first and only actual tribe with three syllables in their name.



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