BeetleWings, along with the LeafWings, were the first settlers of Pantala. They were eventually bred out of existence after the arrival of Clearsight, effectively splitting them into the HiveWings and SilkWings around 4,500 AS. They first appeared in The Lost Continent (unnamed) and were formerly mentioned in The Poison Jungle.


BeetleWings were described to have four wings like butterflies, beetles, or dragonflies. It is possible that they had antennae, since Cricket mentioned that HiveWings possessed antennae at one point. All known BeetleWings had bright colors, similar to SilkWings. Only two pure blooded BeetleWings have been mentioned in the series so far: Sunstreak and a small purple BeetleWing dragonet Clearsight saw in a vision. When hatched, BeetleWings grow up without wings for a few years, then get them later (much like SilkWings).


Like their HiveWing descendants, some BeetleWings had insect-like powers. They were rumored to have antennae and an ability to shoot venom from their fangs like RainWings. When Tsunami arrived in the Poison Jungle, she heard about these powers and connected them back to the RainWing tribe on Pyrrhia. In Sequoia's retelling of the Legend of the Hive, it was mentioned that they used their flamesilk to burn bees out of the sky.


Though there were only five named BeetleWing individuals (four of them were hybrids), all of them were named after various butterfly species.

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  • BeetleWings are the first and only known tribe confirmed to be extinct.
  • They, along with LeafWings, were the first dragons to inhabit Pantala as both tribes were originally from Pyrrhia.
  • The SilkWings and HiveWings are the descendants of the BeetleWings.
  • BeetleWings are the only tribe not to have a Joy Ang ref (although that ref may come soon or in the future).

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