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"Trying to keep secrets won't do any good at this point. I only see two ways for this to end: with you all helping us, or dead. In the former case, it'll be much easier if we know your names. Or we could skip to the latter case right now."
— Belladonna to Blue, Swordtail, and Cricket, The Lost Continent

Belladonna is an adult female LeafWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. She is the commander of the PoisonWings and is under the control of the othermind. She is the mother of Sundew, partner of Hemlock, and has leafspeak.


Belladonna has dark green scales[1] of a lighter shade than Sundew's[2] that are dotted with patches of brown. She has sharp green eyes[3] and strange pale burn scars splattered across her talons and her forearms.[2] She is much taller than Sundew and has an air of authority about her. She wears several small pouches that are woven from long grass or fashioned from leaves.[2]


Belladonna is commanding, fierce, confident, stubborn, and aggressive. Although she is a mother, she does not act very maternal, possibly because the only reason she and Hemlock hatched Sundew was to have more leafspeak dragons, along with having stronger leafspeak in the tribe. Belladonna is sometimes shown to be surprisingly understanding, but in a veiled, vague way, as shown when Blue did not want to use his flamesilk to burn down any more Hives, she gave an almost pitying face.[4] She is proud and impatient and will act upon many things, even when Sequoia forbids her to. She would do almost anything to get revenge. Belladonna is a very fearsome dragon, often choosing more deadly beetles and insects to put in her leaf-pouches. She is sometimes controlling of Sundew, going so far as taking her friends prisoner, whom she does not even care about. She also has a tendency to exaggerate, especially when it comes to grand plans against Queen Wasp.[5]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
While planning out how to invade Wasp Hive, Blue and his friends get captured by three LeafWings: Sundew, Hemlock, and Belladonna. Belladonna forces Blue to tell her who they are, and what they are doing here. After Blue confesses, Belladonna introduces herself and her family to him. When Blue tells them that he and Swordtail are fugitives, although Cricket is somewhat innocent, Belladonna becomes intrigued and begins to trace out a plan. Blue also tells them that they were there to rescue Luna, his stolen flamesilk sister, which makes all three LeafWings come up with a plan. Belladonna tells Blue that they know where the flamesilk factory is and will rescue Luna if Blue and Cricket will help them steal the Book of Clearsight. Cricket refuses, and Belladonna rushes over and seizes her jaw, growling at her that she has no right to refuse after everything her tribe has done to the LeafWings. Then Belladonna, Hemlock, and Sundew pretend to rush off into the foliage, leaving Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail to decide whether or not to take their offer, although secretly hide in the nearby trees and eavesdrop on their conversation. Eventually, the decision is made, and Blue, Cricket, and Sundew head off to steal the Book. Later, Sundew mentions that her parents are still mad at her for revealing the secret LeafWing tunnels, although it was already decided that the LeafWings could not use them.
The Hive Queen
Belladonna and Hemlock are frequently mentioned to be working with their LeafWing tribe on a secret LeafWing attack plan, which turns out to be the Burning of Bloodworm Hive. Sundew took a piece of Blue's flamesilk to give her parents for the Burning of Bloodworm Hive.
The Poison Jungle
Belladonna appears after Sundew arrives at the PoisonWing village, furious for bringing Cricket and Bumblebee, the "enemies," in. She then starts arguing with Sundew as she explains everything she has done while she was gone. After Sundew has left to secretly see Willow, she was summoned by Queen Sequoia to fight against Queen Wasp's forces. Belladonna was furious, arguing with both Sundew and the Queen. She forces Sundew to take Mandrake and Nettle with her to the Eye of the jungle.
The Dangerous Gift
Belladonna was briefly mentioned by Swordtail when he remembered how the breath of evil infected the LeafWings. She was mentioned again when Bryony and Hemlock discussed what was happening as they hid with all the SilkWings from Bloodworm Hive near the abyss.



While their relationship was just to create another leafspeak dragonet, Belladonna seems to be close to Hemlock and trusts him, as he is seen accompanying Belladonna during their mission.


Belladonna is frustrated at Sequoia's refusal to attack the Hives but collaborates with her to defend the remaining LeafWings. Sequoia describes her as 'exhausting and annoying to work with' because of her rebellious nature.


Despite being Sundew's mother, Belladonna is not very motherly or openly concerned about her. Instead, Belladonna sees Sundew as just another leafspeak user in the tribe and an opportunity to strengthen the LeafWings. Nevertheless, she wants her daughter to make her proud by successfully carrying out plans, showing her gratitude.

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"Trying to keep secrets won't do any good at this point, […] I only see two ways for this to end: with you all helping us, or dead. In the former case, it'll be much easier if we know your names. Or we could skip to the latter case right now."
― to Blue when the LeafWings capture him, Swordtail, and Cricket (The Lost Continent, page 172)

"if you want help finding your sister, all you have to do … is steal the Book of Clearsight for us."
― to Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail (The Lost Continent, page 176)

"Sundew, […] Save that for later. Corpses lying around will notify the queen we're here, which would make our mission harder. Remember?"
― to Sundew about killing Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail (The Lost Continent, page 173)

"All we want is to level the wind currents, […] Do you really think it's fair that the HiveWings have had this secret knowledge for so long? That they've abused it to dominate and destroy other tribes? Do you think that's what your precious Clearsight intended? […] Queen Wasp has already read the whole thing, […] She probably even has a copy somewhere, unless she's an idiot. We just want to read it, too. Then we'll all know the same things; we'll have the same advance information. The LeafWings won't have anything more than what the HiveWings have had for generations. Equality. That's what we're looking for."
― to Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail about stealing the Book of Clearsight (The Lost Continent, page 179-180)

"Make us proud, […] Do not fail. Remember this is what you were hatched to do. Remember how evil they are. Let your rage carry you."
― to Sundew before she leaves with Hemlock (The Lost Continent, page 190)

"You can't imagine we'd let a weapon like yours fall into our talons and not use it, […] Try to think of what we're doing as 'freeing your tribe' rather than 'killing the other one.' Does that help?"
― to Blue about flamesilk (The Poison Jungle, page 55)

"My daughter could escape and kill you all any time she wanted to, […] The only reason she hasn't yet is she's trying to infuriate me."
― to Swordtail, Blue, and Cricket (The Poison Jungle, page 129)

"I'm sure she tried, […] Probably doesn't work on a superior species like LeafWings."
― about the breath of evil and Queen Wasp controlling LeafWings (The Poison Jungle, page 148)

"Just a moment, […] I'm not letting my daughter stroll off on a suicide mission with only these two … these two strangers alongside her. […] I insist they take two of my dragons with them."
― about Sundew, Cricket, and Willow going to the Eye of the jungle (The Poison Jungle, page 153)





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