"This one that I'm eating?"
—Bigtail to Anemone in the Prey Center in Moon Rising.

Bigtail was a young male NightWing dragonet who attended Jade Mountain Academy in the Gold Winglet. He was killed along with Carnelian by the dragonflame cactus explosion that took place in the History Cave inside Jade Mountain. This explosion was set off by Sora, a MudWing dragonet, who intended to kill Icicle instead of him and Carnelian.

History Edit

The Dark Secret Edit

Bigtail was most likely one of the dragonets that were with Starflight when he woke up in the dormitory, although he wasn't mentioned by name. He probably appeared as the NightWings accepted Queen Glory's rule as well, though never stated.

Moon Rising Edit

While eating in the prey center, Anemone requested the fish that Bigtail was eating, claiming that it was her favorite type of fish. Bigtail refused to give it to her, resulting in an argument with Pike, one of Anemone's SeaWing followers. Pike started on how Anemone was the SeaWing princess, but Clay split the two up and Tsunami told Anemone to come hunting with her, which she reluctantly agreed to. In result, Bigtail kept the rest of the fish.

Later, Bigtail was killed in the History Cave by the explosion. Because of the argument in the prey center, some dragons suspected that Pike caused the explosion, but actually, Sora set it off, meaning to kill Icicle for killing her sister. Bigtail died of his burns when the Dragonflame cactus exploded, along with Carnelian, the SkyWing in the Jade Winglet. Tamarin, the RainWing from the Gold Winglet, was also in the history cave at the time of the explosion, but she survived by tipping a scroll rack on herself as protection.

Trivia Edit

  • Bigtail is mainly known for arguing with Anemone over his fish in Moon Rising.
  • Moon mentioned that Bigtail's parents disliked her mother, and tried to keep out of her way.
  • Qibli described him as being "fairly unfriendly" in Moon Rising.
  • Bigtail is one of the three NightWing dragonet students who grew up on the NightWing Island.
  • It is hinted from his argument with Anemone that he has a strong personality.
  • He probably had a big tail, hence his name.



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