"This one that I'm eating?"
—Bigtail to Anemone in the Prey Center, Moon Rising

Bigtail was a male NightWing dragonet who attended Jade Mountain Academy in the Gold Winglet. He was killed along with Carnelian by the dragonflame cactus explosion that took place in the History Cave inside Jade Mountain.


Bigtail had black scales.[1]


Bigtail was strong-willed, refusing to do as Pike asked, and was shown to be somewhat selfish, wanting to keep a fish for himself rather than sharing it with Anemone. His apparent selfishness regarding food may have stemmed from the lack of food on the NightWing Island.

Qibli described him as being "fairly unfriendly" in Moon Rising.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

While eating in the prey center, Anemone requested the fish that Bigtail was eating, claiming that it was her favorite type of fish. Bigtail refused to give it to her, resulting in an argument with Pike, one of Anemone's SeaWing followers and secret guard. Pike stated that Anemone was the SeaWing princess, but Clay split the two up, saying that whoever got the food from the prey center first could have it, but they would review the rules if that didn't work. Tsunami then told Anemone to come hunting with her, which she reluctantly agreed to. As a result, Bigtail kept the rest of the fish to himself.

Later, Bigtail was killed in the History Cave by the explosion set off by Sora's dragonflame cactus bomb. Bigtail and Carnelian died when the dragonflame cactus exploded.

Darkness of Dragons

Qibli thought of Bigtail while remembering Pike's clawmates. Later, he also noted that a dragonflame cactus killed Bigtail when he found one in Cobra's bag.


"But … I'm eating this one."
― to Pike after the SeaWing told him to give his fish to Anemone (Moon Rising, page 110)



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