Bigwings are the eldest, usually the largest, and occasionally the strongest dragonet in a MudWing group of eggs. They are the first to hatch, and they help their younger siblings hatch by cracking open their siblings' eggshells from
the outside. When grown, they become the leader of the sibling group called a troop, and are basically the ones who are responsible for everything they do like chores, leading in battle, etc. One of their most important responsibilities is the well being of their sibs (siblings).

If a group of siblings loses its bigwings or several other members of its group, the clutch will form a new group with another MudWing clutch, also known as unsib. They look out for their clutch at all times, even though they are not officially blood-related, they need to do what is best for their group.

Known BigwingsEdit

Clay was originally the bigwings of his clutch, however, because of his absence as a Dragonet of Destiny, Reed, the second oldest, took his place.

Queen Moorhen is the bigwings of her sibling group, and she has at least four siblings. In The Brightest Night, it is revealed that she has three brothers and one sister. 

Queen Crane was possibly the bigwings of her sibling group.

Crocodile may have been the bigwings of her former troop, due to her physical description.

Trivia Edit

  • When Clay was hatched, his bigwings instincts told him to help the other eggs to hatch but was mistaken by the dragonets' guardians as attacking them. He thinks he is a monster for the majority of The Dragonet Prophecy before discovering he was actually trying to help them hatch.
  • Bigwings can be used as a singular and plural noun.
  • A MudWing queen, the Bigwings, has never been killed by her siblings, due to a sib's extreme loyalty toward their bigwings.

Present: Queen Moorhen
Historical: Queen Crane

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