Blaze's Fortress was located near the border of the Kingdom of Sand and the Ice Kingdom. The entire fortress was very closely guarded, and there was almost no other point of entry besides the front door. Despite being in a cold climate, it was quite warm inside, and Glory recalls seeing smoke rising from it. Inside the fortress, tapestries of desert symbols like suns or lizards decorate the walls. The tapestries were put up for Blaze and the few SandWings in the fortress because it reminded them of home when they were all in the cold Ice Kingdom.

In Blaze's room, there was a large mirror and lots of sand on the ground. Blaze was lying on a carpet, and her barbed tail was curled up on a red velvet pillow. Blaze spent a lot of her time there, usually trying to look her best for her few visitors.

In The Hidden Kingdom, Jambu and Glory went to Blaze's Fortress disguised as IceWings. Jambu commented on the tapestries, to which the SandWing showing the way to Blaze replied that the IceWings didn't like the tapestries.

Since Blaze has moved to the SandWing Palace after the events of The Brightest Night, her fortress has most likely been abandoned.


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Historical: Queen Scorpion



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