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Blaze's fortress was located near the border of the Kingdom of Sand and the Ice Kingdom.


The entire fortress was very closely guarded, and there was almost no other point of entry besides the front door.[1] Despite its location, it was quite warm inside, with a fireplace in every room that made the heat "almost stifling."[2] Glory recalls seeing smoke rising from it.[3] Inside the fortress, tapestries of desert symbols and scenery, such as suns or lizards, decorate the walls.[4] The tapestries were put up for Blaze and the few SandWings in the fortress because it reminded them of the Kingdom of Sand.[5]

Notable Features

Blaze's room

In Blaze's room, a large mirror and sand was covering the floor. In the middle of the room, giant wine-red pillows and camel-hair carpets were piled in a loose nest against a red backdrop. Blaze spent a lot of her time there, usually trying to look her best for her few visitors.[6]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

Jambu and Glory went to Blaze's fortress disguised as IceWings in order to find Mangrove.

The Dark Secret

Blaze's meeting with Glacier took place right outside the fortress, and Blaze asked Glacier several times throughout the meeting if she could go back inside, complaining about the cold.


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