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CallunaDaDwagon1 CallunaDaDwagon1 3 hours ago

Food OC Contest Submissions





Dragon Reference:


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ShyGirlSpirit ShyGirlSpirit 22 hours ago

Waves / Turtle MAP \\ Spoilers for TOP

Song: "Waves" by Dean Lewis

PMV=Picture Music Video

AMV=Animated Music Video

L=lip syncing

Introduction (AMV/PMV)


On the slate that Turtle wrote to Qibli on, the MAP name, and the names of all the creators, with some coral and other ocean stuff around it

Part 1 (AMV/PMV)

There is a swelling storm

And I’m caught up in the middle of it all—

Gill yelling at Turtle, Turtle looks taken aback and scared

Part 2 (AMV/PMV)

And it takes control of the person I thought I was

The boy I used to know—

Turtle’s background turns black, and he stares down guiltily

Part 3 (AMV/PMV)

But there is a light in the dark

And I feel its warmth—

Suddenly, Turtle’s silhouette turns black (outline of him is still white), his soul (in the middle of his chest) is outlined…

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711SunnyDela 711SunnyDela 1 day ago

I’ll draw your characters! (Fcfs but I will draw everyone’s!)

Just post a reference pic in the comments and I will draw them! (I will make sure to ping you when I’m done, just in case you forgot - or didn’t - follow the post.

This is what my art looks like!

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HH346 HH346 1 day ago

SkyWing Kingdom Characters

SkyWing Queen (1/1):

YouGottaGetGo|Rubicund|50|SkyWing, distant SilkWing|King|Saved a SkyWing egg from an abusive orphanage

SkyWing King (1/1): RESERVED

Challenging Princess (1/1):

Aech|Inferno|12|Sky|Blue fire, tribal|Challenging Princess|Attracts attention/love of dragonets

SkyWing Princesses (5/7): TWO RESERVED

Aech|Wildfire|4|SkyWing|Fast flying, fire, great talon combat|Young SkyWing Princess|pet/friend scavenger named Jug

Shadowwolfnaf99445 (Wolfy)|Phoenix|3|Pure SkyWing|Controllable Firescales|Princess|

Dusk of the SkyWings (current)|Dusk|7|Sky|Fire breath|Princess|Female pref

SkyWing Princes (3/7): ONE RESERVED

Bolt the lost Stormwing |Name Raptor|Age 7|Tribe Skywing|Powers Fire breath|Role Prince|Other SHIIIIIP

Slipflare|Prince Eagle|4|Skywing|n…

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711SunnyDela 711SunnyDela 1 day ago

Flip the switch on colors! (Negative mode or something) what did I create?

I’m so scared to see what monstrosity I created…

I wonder what it’ll look like…

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711SunnyDela 711SunnyDela 1 day ago

Fcfs dragon egg adopts!

Here is what the eggs are! Two of them are sibs, one has leafspeak, one is firescales, another fireproof, one has candy/unicorn like horns, ones a fan tribe I made, and one is an animus! Reserve now!









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Shadowgaming20 Shadowgaming20 1 day ago

Ghost and Blackberry


Ghost is a small little IceNightWing who's parents were murdered by an unknown entity. He lived his life as a castaway or so he thought, he has a small little pouch on his neck holding his prey his body looks just how you thought, probably... he's got IceWing features but black like a NightWing. He has to fight to survive and he has to keep warm so he doesn't die....

Blackberry is a MudNightWing who was raised by an unknown entity (no not the same entity who killed ghost's parents) he did learn to master deadly herbs which explains the pouch or deadly herbs. These herbs can do something so vial to a dragon that no dragon can comprehend.... he holds them closely as they are the only thing he has of memories of it... Blackberry look…

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711SunnyDela 711SunnyDela 1 day ago

Who should have first POV in my story series?

I can’t do polls but…

These are my story characters

A lil dragonet named Sunny. (I’m trying not to spoil I’m sorry there’s no detail!) she a Sunwing (fan tribe)

Sunrise, a fierce, rude, and mean SkyWing.

Desert, Sunrises adopted big bro (or was she adopted?!) he a sandwing


Queen Gleaming, a sparkly sandwing. Sunrise her fav minion and Desert her best guard

post who you choose for first book, or even the next!

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711SunnyDela 711SunnyDela 2 days ago

Icewing raffle! (More blue than white)

Icewing raffle! Ends in a few days! Say enter to enter and in an a few days I will spin and post the picture on your message wall if you win! I will post an un-watermarked one.

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Moonspeakerthenightwing Moonspeakerthenightwing 2 days ago

Chapters Of The Seven Tribe's Jewels

Book 1: The Ember Heart








Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


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