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"His name's Bombardier. But he's awful, so there's not much different between regular him and brain-dead him. He thinks I'm in love with him, if you've ever wondered what the most enormous arrogance looks like. I guess I'd still save him, but maybe, like, last."
Cricket to Blue about Bombardier, The Lost Continent

Bombardier is a male HiveWing dragonet who was introduced in The Lost Continent. He is currently attending Terrarium Academy.


Bombardier has jet-black scales and flecks of red along his ears, wings, and claws.[1]


Cricket describes Bombardier to be intensely arrogant, awful, smug, and immensely annoying. According to Cricket, Bombardier believes that she is in love with him, although she is not, and openly says she isn't.[2] Because of this, he constantly tries to 'let her down gently.' She describes Bombardier as the complete opposite of Blue, and that he is uninteresting.[3]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Bombardier was first seen when Queen Wasp mind-controlled the HiveWings in order to find Blue. Blue and Cricket saw him looking for them alongside Katydid, while the two dragonets hid in a trapdoor in the library. They were both scared at first, as Bombardier looked near where the trapdoor was; however, he missed it and moved on to a different part of the school. Later, Cricket calls Blue interesting, saying that this makes him different from other dragons she knows, like Professor Earthworm and Bombardier.
The Hive Queen
Bombardier briefly appears in Cricket's flashback when he, along with several other HiveWings, become put under Queen Wasp's mind control to go after an elderly dragon who shows resistance to the mind control. He later appeared in another flashback, giving Cricket tips on flying in the rain and annoying her about his assumption that she likes him. He turned her down, despite her protests that she did not even like him, frustrating her.


"You don't need to act self-confident with me, it won't make me like you more, Cricket. I keep telling you, I'm not interested in you that way."
― to Cricket (The Hive Queen, page 61)







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