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The Book of Clearsight is a book written by Clearsight first appearing in The Lost Continent. It was located in the Temple of Clearsight under the guard of the Librarian until it was stolen by Cricket, Sundew, and Blue.


In the Temple of Clearsight, the Book of Clearsight was mounted on a tree-shaped stand and locked inside of a wooden case. The case is shaped like a book, with dragons designed across it.[1] The key around the Librarian's neck is the only way to open the lock.

The book itself is described as very small, having a dark blue cover and worn pages. Blue thought it smelled like pine forests[2] and looked like an old book someone sewed together a little crookedly.[3] Its back cover is thicker than its front cover, and the end pages are sewn down around the edges with gold thread, or (possibly) non-burning flamesilk, in perfect stitches.[4]

The binding by the end of the book contained the map showing Clearsight's route between each of the islands in between Pyrrhia and Pantala.[5]

In most places across the Hives, the book is described as big with a gold cover, which is a lie.[6]



The Book of Clearsight was filled with about nine hundred years of visions. It was a way for Clearsight's descendants to know the future, telling them about all the dangers and disasters that could happen in a thousand years, from a huge increase in shark populations nearby to damaging hurricanes. Toward the end of the book, the predictions slowed down, with lots of question marks, while the last few pages were blank. The final prediction in the Book of Clearsight was over a thousand years before the events of The Lost Continent, telling her children to protect the trees, as she predicted something bad might happen to them soon.

About two thousand years later, Queen Wasp used the book to support her throning as Queen of the HiveWings and SilkWings and to justify many of her decisions, though it was later revealed that none of the visions went far enough to even begin to be within her lifetime.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

When Belladonna, Hemlock, and Sundew captured Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail in one of Wasp's greenhouses, Belladonna asked Blue why they were in the greenhouse. He admitted that they were looking for Luna, and she was captured due to being a flamesilk. Belladonna stated that she knew where the flamesilks were being kept, but that in exchange for their help, Blue had to steal the Book of Clearsight for them.

After Blue, Cricket, and Sundew arrived at the Temple of Clearsight, Sundew unsuccessfully tried to get to the book. The Librarian appeared, stating that she was expecting them. Outraged by the fact that Sundew was a LeafWing and that Cricket could not be mind-controlled, the Librarian ripped off her veil to reveal that she was controlled by Wasp.

Sundew cannoned into the Librarian and the two fought. While they were fighting, the key to the book's case came off of the Librarian's neck. Blue used it to unlock the case and retrieve the Book of Clearsight.

Sundew pinned the Librarian down and was about to kill her when Cricket told her to stop. Cricket stated that it was not the Librarian that was fighting, but Queen Wasp. Sundew then instructed Cricket to release two bullet ants onto the Librarian. When the Librarian tried to knock one off of her, it bit her, forcing Wasp to leave the Librarian's body from the excruciating pain. The Librarian was grateful they had made Wasp leave her body, and decided to help them steal the book, stating that it was time someone else knew about the book's secrets.

While escaping the other mind-controlled HiveWings, Blue and his friends were intercepted by Wasp, who once again took control over the Librarian and slashed through the rope carrying Blue. Blue told Cricket to escape, tossing the Book to her before he fell toward the HiveWings.

After Cricket, Sundew, and Swordtail rescued Blue and Luna from the flamesilk factory, they hid in a cave, where they read the Book of Clearsight. They then discovered a letter written from Clearsight to her descendants, and found out that the last prediction she had was dated over a thousand years ago. They realized that Wasp lied about the Book by stating that Clearsight had wanted Queen Wasp to rule the tribes.

The Hive Queen

Sundew entered the cave and started to take off her pouches, tossing them to Cricket. She felt the Book of Clearsight in one of the pouches, and set it down on the floor carefully.

Later, Blue, Cricket, Swordtail, and Sundew decided to make paper copies of the book and put them around Jewel Hive. Cadelle later asked for the book.

The Poison Jungle

When Sundew showed the book to Cobra Lily, Cobra Lily stated that Belladonna said it was useless. Cricket objected, saying that it told them the truth about Wasp.

After studying the book for directions to Pyrrhia, Hazel noticed how the rear cover of the book was slightly thicker than the front. She sliced the binding of the book open, revealing a map that showed the islands Clearsight used to travel to Pantala. The remaining LeafWings and some of the SilkWings decided to follow this map to Pyrrhia. Turtle made a copy of the map to give to Io, who hid it for the other SilkWings to follow and escape the othermind.

Words from The Lost Continent

Dear grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren, and all the many great-grandchildren to come,
How funny it feels to know you so well when there are so many of you I'm never going to meet. I see you all the time, especially when I'm just on the edge of falling asleep. The future is so clear, suddenly, now that I won't be able to change anything. My time is almost up, and yours is just beginning.
I won't be able to control anything after this. I won't be able to use my visions to protect you, to keep you all safe.
But then, one thing I've learned over my long, strange, lovely life is that I never could actually control the future as much as I thought I could.
I should have learned that lesson with my first love, back home in Pyrrhia. But I kept trying anyway. And I did manage to keep you all alive. I battled for the future that much, and I won.
But the futures will always win in the end, because it continues on forever, to where I cannot go.
So this is my last battle. The last thing I can do to try and keep my claws on the balance of the future — to keep you safe as long as I can.
In this book are my visions of what is yet to come. Some of it seems small, but I have included everything, even if I can't tell you why it's important. I leave you this in the hope that it will make life better for both our tribes. I hope you will use it to protect the dragons around you, especially the ones who are the most threatened, regardless of who they are and how you think you feel about them.
There are some hard times ahead, as there always are, everywhere and for everyone. I'm sorry I won't be here to help you rebuild after the earthquake. I hope I've written down enough advice to help you through the famine.
But most of what I see is joy. Your futures are full of joy. What a miracle it is to be a dragon, alive right now and part of this wonderful world. Do you never stop to think about that? About what an odd and lucky thing it is to be this soul inside this body. To live in a world with so many marvels in it. I am so grateful to have known and loved you all.
All the hurricanes and earthquakes and fires and storms cannot break you, if you remember a few things.
We are here to live with our whole hearts.
Lean into your kindness and empathy in the face of evil — but do not let evil win.
You are the only dragon who can decide who you want to be. Don't let yourself get stuck on someone else's path. Search for what's true, and think for yourself.
Over a hundred years ago, I thought my life was finished and there was nothing left to live for. I was so, so wrong. Keep going. The list of things to live for is limitless and it is possible to be happy again.
And — this is going to sound ridiculous coming from me — don't worry about the future so much. Or else you might miss out on the extraordinary present.
Be happy, dragonets of the future. You can change the world with your joy and your hope.
All my love, Clearsight


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