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The term brightest night refers to a celestial phenomenon occurring roughly once every century when all three moons are simultaneously full.


Brightest nights occur when all three moons are full on the same night.

At the time of Darkstalker, NightWings thought dragonets who hatched on the brightest night would have animus powers,[1] but it was later concluded the third moon would only enhance their foresight and mind-reading.[2]


  • Two brightest nights have occurred in the series — one around 3,007 AS (Darkstalker's hatching night)[2] and one in 5,005 AS (the hatching of the dragonets of destiny).[3]
  • A false brightest night occurred in 5,011 AS[4] when a comet passed through the sky, acting as a false fourth moon and causing earthquakes.[5]



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