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"What, me? Shouldn't we have a vote?"
— On becoming Valor's new lord, Dragonslayer

Brook is an adult female human who appeared in Dragonslayer. She is the mother of Forest, the previous commander of the Wingwatchers, and the current lord of Valor.


Ivy noted that Brook was enthusiastic about her job as a Wingwatcher, as she was one of the few who had stayed on longer than her twenties. She also notes that Brook loved recruiting new Wingwatchers more than anything else in the world.[1]




Brook was said to already be at the Wingwatcher welcome ceremony when Ivy and her friends arrived. Brook was said to be one of the few Wingwatchers to stay on for longer than her twenties, and that she was in her forties, and won every strength competition the village ever had, and "loved recruiting new Wingwatchers more than anything else in the world." She then welcomed Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet, calling them her babies, and that they were her favorite recruits. She asked Ivy if there was any word from Stone. When Ivy shook her head, Brook said that he'd never quite recovered from what happened in the desert. Later, Foxglove said that Brook had wanted Ivy as a Wingwatcher as soon as she'd seen Ivy's first drawing in her portfolio. Foxglove later also said that Brook had lost a lot of people when the village burned, resulting in Ivy realizing that Brook was old enough to have known Heath before he was the Dragonslayer. Brook was one of the Wingwatchers arrested by Heath's soldiers for plotting against him. She became the new lord of Valor after Ivy exposes Heath.

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"We generally avoid poking them, sir."
― to Heath, about dragons (Dragonslayer, page 143)

"My babies! […] So ready to learn! You're my favorites!"
― to Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet, the new Wingwatcher recruits (Dragonslayer, page 137)

"You are my favorite son, […] These three are my favorite recruits."
― to her son, Forest, to make him feel less left out (even though he's her only son) (Dragonslayer, page 137)

"What, me? Shouldn't we have a vote?"
― on becoming Valor's new lord (Dragonslayer, page 477)


  • Brook won every strength competition in Valor.[1]


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