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"Beemish Snudoo, Bumpbump snableday, beemish Snudoo, Bumpbump snableday…"
— Bumblebee about Sundew, The Poison Jungle

Bumblebee is a female HiveWing dragonet who was introduced in The Hive Queen. Since her egg was only injected once with the breath of evil, she is most likely immune to the othermind's mind control. She currently resides within Sanctuary.


Bumblebee has black scales that are striped with wide, fuzzy swathes of bright yellow[1] and yellow-and-black-striped wings.[2] She has patches of black scales circling her yellow-gold eyes, making her look like a tragic panda. She has a rather round face,[3] as well as a very loud, high-pitched voice.[4] She is roughly the size of a large mango.[5] She has big, black-rimmed eyes in a warm golden face, as well as thin, shimmering wings.[6]


Being a young dragonet, Bumblebee is squirmy,[7] very demanding, and loves to eat. She is extremely talkative and very loud, often babbling to herself or others even when they are shown irritated of her hyperactivity. She proves herself to be a good listener when she and Sundew get trapped in a large sundew plant, following the instructions to escape from being eaten. The small HiveWing is noted to be very smart and a fast learner, and frequently finds more and more ways to communicate with grown dragons.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen
Bumblebee's egg was first introduced when Cricket crept into the Jewel Hive Nest. Her egg had been marked ORPHANAGE, and had only one of Queen Wasp's poisonous stinger marks on its shell. Cricket rescued Bumblebee from the Nest because she pitied the egg and hoped that she, like Cricket herself, would be immune from Wasp's mind control. After leaving the Nest, Cricket took Bumblebee's egg to one of Sundew's hideouts, where Bumblebee hatched shortly after their arrival. After feeding her a fish, Cricket tucked the sleeping hatchling into a scarf sling around her chest. Bumblebee was present around Cricket's chest as Blue, Cricket, Sundew, and Swordtail destroyed most of Queen Wasp's breath of evil supply.
The Poison Jungle
After Sundew and Cricket started arguing, Bumblebee cried out to Sundew, and she realized that the dragonet was trying to say her name. When Sundew spoke to Blue and the others about the horrors of the Poison Jungle, she said that the loud and flappy ones always get eaten first, implying that there could be danger ahead for Bumblebee.

A little later, Bumblebee suddenly piped up, jabbing Cricket in the chin. She turned her head towards Sundew and reached hopefully towards the LeafWing, saying something similar to 'eat now please.' As Cricket explained what she believed Bumblebee said, the dragonet repeated herself, attempting to wiggle out of her sling.

During the mission to find Hawthorn, Bumblebee yanked at Sundew's horns and caused them both to run into an actual giant sundew plant. This was due to an enormous tsetse fly in front of Sundew.

Bumblebee was present when Sundew, Cricket, Willow, Mandrake, and Nettle reached the Den of Vipers. The dragonet was asleep in her sling, but Sundew looked at her and wondered if they should not have taken her with them.

When Cricket, Sundew, and the others returned to the SapWing village with the antidote, Cricket left Bumblebee with Tsunami. Bumblebee responded with lots of yelling, but Cricket insisted that Bumblebee needed to stay safe.

When Cricket and Sundew returned to the throne room to get Bumblebee, she ran to Sundew and bumped against her talons, reaching to be picked up. Sundew lifted her and called her "little bug." When the dragons heard crashing overhead, Bumblebee squeaked because Sundew had tightened her arms around her. The dragonet squirmed out of Sundew's grasp and climbed into Cricket's back.

Bumblebee was with Cricket, Sundew, Willow, Hazel and many other LeafWings and SilkWings when they crossed the ocean toward the Distant Kingdoms.
The Dangerous Gift
When Snowfall meets the new dragons, a dragonet comes and attacks her, who she fends off with her weapons. The dragonet goes back crying to Cricket. The dragonet is Bumblebee. Bumblebee is later seen in Sanctuary trying to catch a butterfly while Cricket, Qibli, Winter, and Lynx were searching for Pumpkin. After Qibli suggested that a secret stealth team should go to Pantala to defeat the othermind, Bumblebee wanted to be a part of the team, jumping off a boulder and landing in the grass. While Wren and the dragons further discussed about going to Pantala, Bumblebee was seen playing with Daffodil as she tossed the dragonet into the air and catching her, as well as letting Bumblebee sit on her shoulders and play with her hair.



Bumblebee has a positive relationship with Blue. When Bumblebee hatched, Blue was extremely excited to raise her. He is almost like an adoptive father towards Bumblebee and is shown carrying and holding Bumblebee in a scarf sling tied around his chest.


Bumblebee adores Cricket, as Cricket is almost like an adoptive mother towards her. Cricket is also the dragon who saved her egg from Queen Wasp's mind control by taking her from her Nest. She carried Bumblebee all the way to Wasp Hive in a scarf sling tied around her chest while they destroyed Queen Wasp's supply of mind-controlling plants. Cricket acts motherly towards her, praising her when she correctly followed Sundew's directions, calling her a "good listener", "such a smart dragon," and talking to her like a mother would to her child. Cricket also once stated that Bumblebee did not have to be mean and scary, unlike the other mind-controlled HiveWings. When she sought comfort after being chided by Snowfall, she buried her face into Cricket's shoulder.[6]


Bumblebee is in friendly terms with Daffodil, as she let Daffodil play with her.


Bumblebee has a special fondness of Sundew and looks up to her greatly, which started as the result of Sundew giving her food. After Sundew gave a dried mango to the newborn dragonet to keep her still, she was mentioned to "give Sundew a worshipful look."[8] Bumblebee calls Sundew "Snudoo." In The Poison Jungle, Sundew begins to show affection towards Bumblebee, willingly holding her and giving her food. When Sundew was in the SapWing village, Sundew was wondering if anyone had fed Bumblebee.


Bumblebee seems to think that Swordtail is funny. When he told her to be quiet, she fell over giggling. More of this relationship is seen in The Poison Jungle. When she said "Snabble poof," she was likely referring to Swordtail disappearing in the Venus dragon-trap.


Bumblebee appears to dislike Tsunami, as evidenced by her not wanting to stay with her in The Poison Jungle.


"Snabble poof!"
― reacting to Swordtail being eaten by a dragon-trap (The Poison Jungle, page 14)

"RAWR? Bammo slammo eeeeeeenow?"
― to Sundew about food (The Poison Jungle, page 25)

― Bumblebee complaining about eating (The Poison Jungle, page 30)

"Hubblesnubbleooble. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesnorf."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 48)

"Meh meh meh meh meh."
― Bumblebee mocking Nettle after she complains about not being in charge (The Poison Jungle, page 157)

"Beemish Snudoo, Bumpbump snableday, beemish Snudoo, Bumpbump snableday…"
― Singing and climbing on Sundew while trapped by a sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 182)

"Ha HA! Beebuf! I sabladay! Me mish! Yim yim yim!"
― Her bragging about knowing the color blue and listening to Sundew, and saving the day (The Poison Jungle, page 186)

― Bumblebee yelling at Tsunami when being forced to stay with her (The Poison Jungle, page 244)

"Pribbishimmy. BuTEETH! ARROARAWR!"
― to Cricket after Snowfall scares her (The Dangerous Gift, page 67)

― murmuring about Snowfall making her army appear (The Dangerous Gift, page 73)







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