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"No prophecy decides what happens to me. I'm not letting a bunch of words or baby dragons decide when I die or what I bow to. We can have peace when my sisters are dead and I am queen of the SandWings."
— Burn to Hvitur, The Dragonet Prophecy

Burn was an adult female SandWing who was introduced in The Dragonet Prophecy. Among Blaze and Blister, Burn was the most brutal rival princess during the War of SandWing Succession and was widely feared in Pyrrhia. While she resided in the Kingdom of Sand, she mounted severed dragon heads on the walls of the SandWing stronghold and murdered her brothers Scald and Singe. She was killed by the venom of a dragonbite viper in The Brightest Night.


Burn had pale yellow[1] and pale golden scales that radiated heat like a desert horizon[2] that were covered with jagged scars, one of which was a particularly vicious[1] burn[3] along the majority of the flank under her left wing.[1]

Her obsidian-black eyes[2] had no white in them at all; they were orbs of pure, menacing black[3] and similar to those of Blaze and Blister.[4] She was massive[1] and of enormous size, much bigger than Scarlet[3] and both of her sisters,[5] with long[2] talons twice the size of Clay's. She did not wear any accessories, but her claws and teeth were stained from all of the blood she had shed.[3] She had heavy footsteps.[6]


Burn was described as one of the most dangerous dragons in Pyrrhia.[5][7] Burn hated hybrids,[8] and was often fixed with a ferocious glare.[9] She did not care much for her prisoners during the War of SandWing Succession, and they sometimes would go days without food.[10] She was monstrous,[11] impatient,[12] strong,[13] scary,[14] creepy,[15] cruel,[16] dangerous, crazy, and controlling.[17] She was described as the biggest, scariest,[18] and meanest of the rival sisters.[5] She was violent and preferred fighting over watching dragons fight.[19] Starflight stated that if Burn won she would probably keep the war going for fun.[20] She was also mentioned to cut the legs off jackrabbits just to see what they would do.[21] Six-Claws mentioned that one thing Burn loved more than mutilating animals was war; when she heard that Blister was negotiating alliances with the SeaWings and MudWings, Burn was gleefully and horribly delighted, as "two sisters out there lurking and scheming was just annoying — but armies lurking out to attack her, […] that meant violence and mayhem and fun."[21] She was greedily obsessed with Six-Claws' odd talons, and ignored the discomfort and sickness he felt each time she would examine them and remind him that once he died, his soldiers were to cut off his arms and bring them to her.[22] She expected unquestioning obedience from her soldiers, and was willing to harshly punish anyone who displeased her.[23]


Burn was the eldest, strongest, and largest of the three daughters of Queen Oasis. She got along fine with her mother, Oasis, who mentioned that if she gave Burn an odd-looking or deformed thing or creature, she would disappear into her room for days to study it. It seemed that Burn was Queen Oasis's favourite daughter, considering how well they got along.

After Queen Oasis was supposedly murdered by three treasure-seeking scavengers, Burn became embroiled in conflict for the throne of the SandWings with her two younger sisters, Blaze and Blister. She also had three brothers — the only living one being Smolder — whom she was shown to abuse. She had killed her other two brothers, Prince Scald and Prince Singe, for unknown reasons, most likely because of disobedience or doing something without Burn's permission. The princes were described to have been killed for "annoying" her.

Shortly after Queen Oasis's death, Burn took over the palace. She either drove Blaze and Blister out, or Blister and Blaze escaped before she got to them. Burn was allied with the SkyWings and MudWings, two very powerful fighting tribes, and appeared to be winning the war.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Burn was the SandWing who murdered Hvitur, one of the guardians of the dragonets, and the SkyWing egg the night before the brightest night, the day on which the dragonets of destiny would hatch.

Burn shoving Scarlet into the venom so she would not get hit by it.

She travelled all the way from her stronghold after Queen Scarlet captured the dragonets of destiny. She intended to watch Scarlet dispose of the dragonets in her gladiatorial arena and take Sunny back with her for her collection of oddities, but the dragonets escaped when Glory attempted to spray venom on Burn. Burn, using Queen Scarlet as a shield, shot into the sky. She later sent out search parties after the dragonets, who managed to avoid them.
The Lost Heir
Burn was mentioned briefly when Anemone, Tsunami, and Whirlpool were discussing the things that Anemone could do with her animus magic, such as enchant a spear to kill Burn and win the war for Blister.
The Hidden Kingdom
After the escape of the dragonets, Burn took Queen Scarlet prisoner to "keep her safe," and because she was "in no condition to battle Ruby for the throne." With Scarlet being imprisoned, Ruby became the functioning queen of the SkyWings. Burn considers Ruby to be an unsatisfactory ruler because she refuses to join any battle on Burn's side until she has "restored order to the Sky Kingdom" and "established the stability of her own throne." Burn is put forward as a possible kidnapper of RainWings, but Glory shoots down that idea, saying that Burn does not like pretty things, but rather "horribly weird things."
The Dark Secret
In the epilogue, Burn is shown in her stronghold, discussing the dragonets of destiny with Smolder. She and Smolder decide to kill all five of the dragonets. She refers to Scarlet as her guest rather than her prisoner.
The Brightest Night
Burn appeared at her stronghold when the dragonets of destiny were choosing the SandWing queen. Blister mentioned the gift she gave her, and Burn ordered Smolder to bring it to her. Worried, Sunny told Burn to be careful, and Burn mocked Blister, pulling out one of the dragonbite vipers that was inside the box. Burn took a few steps toward Blister, planning to have it bite her, but a second viper lunged out of the box, biting Burn's ankle and killing her. Smolder commented that he never thought he would outlive Burn.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Burn was first mentioned by an unknown SandWing student at Jade Mountain Academy saying that "Burn would have been a strong queen" but was ultimately glad Thorn was queen instead. She was mentioned again by Qibli while talking to Onyx saying "I'm amazed you were able to avoid Burn's soldiers for so long."
Winter Turning
More information flying in soon …
Escaping Peril
Burn is seen in the prologue seated next to Queen Scarlet as she first reveals Peril to her children and other SkyWings of importance. Scarlet tells them how Burn killed an IceWing (Hvitur) from the Talons of Peace that was trying to steal a SkyWing egg, and that they must destroy all the SkyWing eggs hatching on the Brightest Night. Burn is anxious to kill the rest of the eggs, but Scarlet makes a show of it, having Peril burn the eggs.

Burn is later mentioned when Peril tells Scarlet that Ruby refused to do what Burn told her to do and pulled back all the fronts of the war since destroying the Summer Palace.

Burn is mentioned again, briefly, when Peril thinks that Scarlet had been kept from killing dragons by fear upon hearing what had happened to her and Blister.
Talons of Power
While talking to Fierceteeth and Strongwings after Darkstalker caught them trying to kill Glory, she briefly mentions Burn while conversing with them, stating how their kidnapping of Sunny and plan to turn her in along with the other dragonets of destiny over to Burn to have them killed will not be easily forgiven.
Darkness of Dragons
Burn was briefly mentioned by Palm as one of the three dragons who may have let Queen Oasis know about her and Smolder.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
After Glacier asks her daughters to promise that they will not have their kingdom fight in a war similar to the War of SandWing Succession for the IceWing throne, Snowfall thought how Mink knew little about the War of SandWing Succession and would not be able to name Burn and her sisters since she was only two years old.


Burn was seen by a few scavengers flying over the grate, and they theorized someone else was visiting. She was seen by Leaf leaving with Queen Scarlet to deal with the music, along with a few guards. Later, Leaf sees Queen Scarlet unconscious beneath her throne. Burn enters the room with a few guards, has them pick her up, and they all flew out again. Leaf interprets this as a SandWing attack on the SkyWings.


Burn was briefly mentioned when Fierceteeth told Saguaro that she was probably a soldier of Burn.
Burn was briefly mentioned by Morrowseer who was telling Deathbringer his next mission.
Burn and Blister lured their sister, Blaze, into a sandstorm. After Six-Claws rescued her, he went into training for the army. After the death of Queen Oasis, Six-Claws served as a general in Burn's army, under the condition that she received his unusual talons after his death. She told him that when he dies, his army is to cut off his talons and give them to her for her to collect. She was later seen arguing with Six-Claws about attacking the MudWings instead of finding Blaze. During the ensuing argument, she crippled Dune, so he was unable to fly again. This was one of the events that placed doubt in Six-Claws, causing him to leave the army with Dune and Kindle.



Burn was fully willing to murder her younger sister in order to eliminate a possible heir to the SandWing throne.[24]


Burn and Blister, while living together under the rule of Queen Oasis, generally avoided one another as much as possible.[25]


Oasis and Burn had a good relationship, stated by Oasis to be "odd but reasonable." Oasis could easily distract Burn by giving her something strange, and Burn would go into her room for days to study it. At the stronghold during the Brightest Night, Thorn comments that she was impressed at Burn's poetic tombstone for Queen Oasis. It is suggested that, rather, she mourned for Oasis, who thought that she and Burn "actually got along, in a way."[26] When her mother died, she was enraged.[27]


Six-Claws served under Burn for twelve years during the war and was a trusted general. The two got along reasonably well until Six-Claws argued against her orders, which strained their relationship. Burn seemed to be more sparing towards Six-Claws than other odd dragons and did not kill him right away. Instead, she wanted his talons hung up after his death, which never happened.


Smolder was the only brother that Burn allowed to live. However, she tended to feel uncomfortable around Smolder because he has a similar appearance to Blister. It was implied many times that Burn seemed to threaten Smolder with death so he would obey her orders at all times, as Smolder fears for his life whenever something goes wrong.

Family Tree

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"I don't care. No prophecy decides what happens to me. I'm not letting a bunch of words or baby dragons decide when I die or what I bow to. We can have peace when my sisters are dead and I am queen of the SandWings."
― to Hvitur (The Dragonet Prophecy, prologue)

"So, IceWing. Is this egg a part of your pathetic prophecy?"
― to Hvitur, about the SkyWing egg (The Dragonet Prophecy, prologue)

"The world doesn't need a prophecy. It needs me as Queen of the SandWings."
― to Scarlet (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 196)

"The supposed new queen of the SkyWings is a bore and a nuisance. She wants to 'restore order in the Sky Kingdom' and 'establish the stability of her own throne' before engaging in any more battles at my side. She's even more difficult than her annoying mother, and she follows orders very poorly, if at all. We haven't had a satisfying battle in weeks. I'm considering getting rid of her."
― to Smolder, about Queen Ruby (The Dark Secret, epilogue)

"It is. I really need to kill something. It's been too long since I last ripped out a dragon's throat."
― to Smolder (The Dark Secret, epilogue)

"No, no. Queen Scarlet is our guest. For now. I may change my mind once I decide how useful she can be. No, I have another victim in mind. Five of them, in fact."
― to Smolder (The Dark Secret, epilogue)

"Everyone will finally shut up about the wonderful 'dragonets of destiny' when I have their heads mounted on spikes on my walls. Mark my words. Soon we'll put an end to this prophecy nonsense once and for all."
― to Smolder (The Dark Secret, epilogue)

"First, I kill my sisters. Then I kill all of you, and I`ll stuff you and spend the next hundred years telling your dead faces about peaceful solutions."
― to the dragonets of destiny (The Brightest Night, page 273)

"Of course it is, especially if it is from my clever little sister. Sending me a present, thinking I'll open it without any suspicion. As if I didn't recognize the hiss of a dragonbite viper when I hear it."
― to Sunny (The Brightest Night, page 274)

"Don't disappoint me by being deaf and slow as well. The MudWings. We're attacking them. As soon as possible. My spies tell me there's been a rift between the SeaWings and the MudWings. Blister's alliance is falling apart. This is the time to attack! If we strike now, we can intimidate the MudWings into joining our side. Then we'll be unstoppable."
― to Six-Claws (Deserter)

"Much better. You're lucky you're such a useful general, or I would just take those fascinating talons for my tower and be done with these boring arguments. Oh, and Six-Claws. The next time you feel like questioning my orders, remember that your friend has another wing ... and a tail ... and three working legs, all of which could meet with even more horrible accidents. Understood?"
― to Six-Claws (Deserter)


  • Burn was the oldest and the biggest out of her siblings.
  • Burn was not interested in having dragonets.[28]
  • Smolder stated that Burn "has some pretty strong opinions about tribe purity and not contaminating SandWing blood with cross-tribe breeding."[29]
  • Burn has scars all over her body. However, in the graphic novels, she has none.
  • Despite being constantly described with black eyes throughout the books[3] she was depicted with brown eyes in the graphic novels.[30]
  • Burn was envious of Scarlet's possession of Glory, and would have liked to experiment with the RainWing, perhaps peeling off her scales.[event 1]



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