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"Oh, I've seen so many of these, and there's always something surprising. Never anything serious, though. Nothing to worry about."
— Burnet to Io and Swordtail before Luna's metamorphosis, The Lost Continent

Burnet is an adult female SilkWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. She is Blue's biological mother, Luna's stepmother, and Silverspot's partner. Her former partner was Admiral.


Burnet is very loving towards her partner and children, but does not seem to be an adept mother. She seems to prefer following the rules, choosing to make no attempts to save Blue from the HiveWing guards. Even then, Blue still cares deeply for his mother, remarking several times his concern for her safety, saying he misses her and Silverspot.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Burnet was mentioned to work on strengthening the silk bridges, where the SilkWings lived. It was mentioned that both Burnet and Silverspot were the former assigned partners of Admiral. However, he was supposedly "whisked away to another Hive once there were eggs," which was presumably a lie of Queen Wasp's to cover up the truth about the flamesilks. The Queen gave Burnet her partner of choice, Silverspot, although dragons who loved each other were usually separated.

Burnet was also shown when Luna was taken away by HiveWing guards. She watched as Io helped Blue escape the queen's grasp, wearily saying that it would probably be better for Blue to just turn himself in. She made no attempts to save her son when he and Io escaped the Cocoon.

The Hive Queen

Burnet is briefly mentioned by Blue when he states that he misses his moms.

The Dangerous Gift

Burnet was mentioned by Blue to be in the Hatchery with all the other SilkWings until there was more breath of evil ready for them. Snowfall recounted this event about Blue and his mothers later.



Burnet was Admiral's partner at one point and had Blue with him. Soon after, Admiral was moved to another Hive, later revealed to be Wasp Hive. They were never shown to have feelings toward each other.


It is stated by Blue that Burnet and Silverspot "loved each other more than they could ever have loved Admiral," and that their partnership worked out for the best.

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