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"No confirmed reports. Only rumors. I don't bring every silly rumor back to our commander."
— Byblis about Belladonna, The Poison Jungle

Byblis is an adult female LeafWing who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. She is one of Belladonna's lieutenants and most loyal followers.


Byblis is one of Belladonna's most loyal followers.[1] She is very factual, always following rules and only wanting to share information that was based on evidence — Sundew thought it must feel like "rubbing nettles on her palms to her." She liked "everything to fit into squares," and needed rules, making sure they were followed.[1] According to Sundew, she "never set foot outside the barrier unless she was on a specific mission, and then she came right back."[1] Sequoia has described her as quite clever.[2]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Byblis appeared alongside Belladonna in the PoisonWing village, reluctantly sharing the rumor that some other dragons had arrived at the SapWing village. These dragons were Tsunami, Turtle, and Io. Sundew recalled Byblis being in her earliest memories, watching over her.

The day afterward, she, Belladonna, and Wolfsbane arrived at the SapWing village to bring back Sundew, and were told the Legend of the Hive by Sequoia about the othermind. She was then picked by Sequoia to go on the front-lines.


"Those are the first SilkWings I've ever seen. We haven't run into any strange dragons in our territory."
― responding to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 58)

"No confirmed reports. Only rumors. I don't bring every silly rumor back to our commander."
― about reports of strange dragons in the Jungle (The Poison Jungle, page 59)

"We call them SapWings. By order of the commander."
― about the pacifist LeafWings (The Poison Jungle, page 60)


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