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Camellia is a female scavenger who was mentioned in Dragonslayer. She is Wren's older sister, and it is likely that she still lives in Talisman.


Camellia was described as bigger than Wren, likely because she is older.


Wren stated Camellia is sweet towards others. It seems Camellia acts one way towards adults and another way towards others, though this is unconfirmed. While Wren was waiting to be eaten, she was thinking about how the dragons would've liked Camellia better than her, then she thought, "She'd be so oily and sugary the dragons could choke on her."

Camellia is also seemingly spoiled, and does not feel remorse, as when Wren was taken to be eaten, she did not stop the dragonmancers or feel pity for Wren. This is also implied when Wren thinks that Camellia would play with Wren's dolls and stay inside while her sister was being eaten by a dragon.




Camellia is mentioned in the first and second chapter by Leaf and Wren. Both of the siblings seem not to prefer her over the others. She was shown to have lots of toys (especially dolls). She also took Wren's toys after the siblings were told that Wren had been eaten by a dragon.

Wren thinks about Camellia after escaping being sacrificed to the dragons, and angrily asked why they didn't choose her to be sacrificed instead. Wren then realized that Camellia always listened to the dragonmancers with wide eyes and pretended to be interested in what they say, whereas she (Wren) was "never polite and rarely good".

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