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"Shut up!"
— Cardinal, Escaping Peril

(This is the page for Cardinal, the SkyWing. You may be looking for the human Cardinal instead.)

Cardinal is a male SkyWing dragonet who was introduced in Escaping Peril. He currently resides in the SkyWing Wingery.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Escaping Peril

When Peril, Scarlet, and Soar visited the Wingery to capture Cliff, he and the other dragonets were discussing how Scarlet's disfigured face looked, and it was mentioned that her face supposedly looked even grosser than when Cardinal drooled in his sleep. He then promptly told the others to shut up.


Present: RubyScarlet
Historical: Carmine


Present: CliffHawkTourmalineVermilion
Historical: Sunset

Jade Mountain


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