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"Name's Cardinal. […] But don't get too attached."
— Cardinal to Leaf, Dragonslayer

(This is the page for the human, Cardinal. You may be looking for the SkyWing named Cardinal instead.)

Cardinal was an adult male human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He died fighting dragons in the SkyWing arena.


Cardinal was large and had a beard.[1]


Cardinal was shown to be very pessimistic, believing that there was no way out of the arena and that they were trapped there forever.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Cardinal, along with Rowan, Cranberry, and Arbutus, was a scavenger who fought Tsunami and Starflight in the SkyWing Arena. He was one of the scavengers who died, along with Arbutus.



Cardinal appeared when Rowan, Leaf, Cranberry, and Grove arrived in the mountain dragon palace prison. He told them that he had been there for five days and that he had survived the arena. When Leaf asked him how, Cardinal said that he had played dead until he was dragged out of the arena. He then added that the strategy was not necessarily a good one because his friend had also attempted it and had been trampled. Cardinal was among the scavengers chosen for the arena on Queen Scarlet's hatching day, and he was killed there.


"Doesn't matter anyway, […] They took your swords. You might get one back if you're chosen for the arena, but you still don't stand a chance."
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 219)

"Ha! No, by lying down and playing dead until they dragged me out again, […] Not a great trick, though. The other guy who tried it got trampled in the action and wound up actually dead."
― about how he survived the arena (Dragonslayer, page 220)

"Name's Cardinal, […] But don't get too attached."
― introducing himself (Dragonslayer, page 220)

"Lots of folks wander without villages after theirs were burned, […] And the dragons can go a lot farther afield than your town — I met one person in here who lived in a village far down the coast. And then, of course, there are the idiots who show up here trying to steal treasure."
― about how people ended up in the arena (Dragonslayer, page 221)


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