"I'm a loyal subject of Queen Ruby. I'm in the camp that believes Queen Scarlet is dead, and if she isn't, I'd be happy to kill her to protect my queen's throne. I'm here because my queen told me to be, although I should be training with my battalion and guarding her palace, not eating wet fish with a bunch of spineless dragonets. And my favorite color is red."
—Carnelian speaking about herself in Moon Rising.

Carnelian was a female SkyWing soldier before being sent to school. On Queen Ruby's orders, she was sent to attend the Jade Mountain Academy in the Jade Winglet. She was clawmates with Moonwatcher and Kinkajou in Moon Rising and had been a loyal soldier to Queen Ruby. She was only attending the Academy because her queen had ordered her to, even though Carnelian believed she should be guarding the SkyWing Palace and its recently changed queen, training with her battalion or studying battle tactics and plans. She and Bigtail were accidentally killed in the Dragonflame Cactus explosion set off by Sora in an attempt to kill Icicle out of revenge for killing Crane, one of Sora’s sisters during the war.

Appearance Edit

She was described as having battle-scarred, scarlet scales[1], massive scarlet wings[2], and deep orange eyes[3], similar to Prince Cliff's.

Personality Edit

Carnelian preferred fighting over learning and talking. At school, in her thoughts, she looked down on most dragons, judging them and analyzing whether they would be a threat in battle or not. She constantly desired that Queen Ruby take her out of the school and let her go back to the SkyWing Palace to defend it from enemy dragons. She was also loyal to Queen Ruby and would do anything she said. Despite her harsh attitude, Moon saw from reading Qibli's observant mind, that Carnelian was secretly worried that Ruby and the others would think she was dumb, and all of her hopes of advancing to general would be ruined. Carnelian was a bit violent and put up a proud front, but she was secretly insecure. She did not like other dragons at all and rarely interacted with anyone. Umber was a slight exception, due to the fact that Carnelian recalled how the MudWings and the SkyWings had been allies in the War of SandWing Succession. She had died before they had gotten to know one another. She was fiercely loyal to Queen Ruby and even said she'd kill Ex-Queen Scarlet herself to protect her queen's throne. Her subconscious mind was also violent, as her dreams were described as "belligerent and blood-soaked". She was also quite grumpy, and she seemed to be very annoyed by Kinkajou’s bubbly personality, even going as far as a possible future in which she smothered Kinkajou in her sleep.


Moon RisingEdit

Carnelian was first shown having a fight with Pike, broken up by Clay, before stomping off to her cave. Moonwatcher saw Carnelian in the sleeping quarters and realized that the SkyWing would rather fight in battles than go to school with other tribes by reading Carnelian's mind. When Carnelian first met her clawmates, she refused to tell them her name. Kinkajou jokingly suggested they call her "Friendly" or "Squelch" until they discovered her real name. Carnelian grew so angry at this that she immediately left the room. Carnelian complained about how Kinkajou talked all day and Moon yammered all night, and she glared at Flame due to his past involvement with the Talons of Peace. When Peril entered the mountain, Moon looked for the calmest mind during the arrival. Moon unexpectedly found that it was Carnelian's, as the SkyWing was wondering if Peril remembered her. Later, Moon and Qibli tried to stop her unsuccessfully from going into the history cave, but Carnelian ignored them and walked in anyway.

Carnelian was in the history classroom when the dragonflame cactus went off, as well as Tamarin and Bigtail. Peril dragged Carnelian's scorched body from the fire in the history cave, trying to save her. The scorched talon prints Peril left would later lead to Peril being accused. Winter also tried to save Carnelian; however, both were unsuccessful. Clay confirmed Carnelian to be dead. Sometime later in the book, her body was taken to a cave high up on the mountain, as SkyWing tradition requires, and for Queen Ruby to come and take it back to the Sky Kingdom.

Escaping Peril Edit

Though she is no longer among the living, she did make somewhat of an appearance; Queen Ruby came to the Jade Mountain Academy to pick up Carnelian's body, which was wrapped in white silk and laid in a cavern on the highest peak of the mountain. Peril said that she had gone up there at night before, but never during the day. She thought that it looked like a place where a spirit could be released and that the wind blowing the white silk almost made it look as if Carnelian were still breathing. Peril felt remorse for her tribe-mate's death and wished that she could've done more to save her. Ruby and several of her subjects argued with Clay, Tsunami, and Princess Sunny over whether Peril was responsible for Carnelian's death; Ruby and the SkyWings were sure that she was, while the three teachers stood by the fact that she wasn't. Clay also pointed out that Peril had tried to save Carnelian, which Ruby found very difficult to believe.

Darkness of DragonsEdit

Carnelian was mentioned in Moonwatcher's thoughts about how she misses the past members of the Jade Winglet.


"I'm with igloo-face. If we're supposed to get all snuggly with each other, there shouldn't be any more secrets. Let's make her tell us everything." - To the rest of the Jade Winglet about Moonwatcher.

"You're noisy." - To Kinkajou.

"I'm a loyal subject of Queen Ruby. I'm in the camp that believes Queen Scarlet is dead, and if she isn't, I'd be happy to kill her to protect my queen's throne. I'm here because my queen told me to be, although I should be training with my battalion and guarding her palace, not eating wet fish with a bunch of spineless dragonets. And my favorite color is red."- When asked to tell Tsunami and the Jade Winglet about herself.

"I might literally die of joy." - A sarcastic comment after Kinkajou proposed they hang paintings in their sleeping cave.

"I have fought in fourteen battles! No one giggles at me! Least of all a RainWing who can't even read and knows nothing about war!" - To Kinkajou after she giggles at Carnelian.

"You're an idiot, SandWing. It's perfectly fine in there." - Her last words, to Qibli, before the explosion that kills her.

"Three moons, yes. And that's exactly what I mean. It is so annoying. One of them talks all day and the other one yammers all night."

"I'm a warrior. A loyal soldier in Ruby's army, who never did anything to deserve this... this punishment of schooling and being forced to live with Ditzy and Mumbles over there." - Thinking about school, Kinkajou and Moonwatcher respectively.


  • A carnelian is a hard, tough, variety of chalcedony quartz primarily red or orange in color that's usually found in mountainous terrain.
  • Her personality was that of the stereotypical description of a SkyWing.
  • Her favorite color was red.
  • Carnelian was shown to be opposed to Ex-Queen Scarlet and would kill Scarlet herself to protect Ruby.
  • She was one of the few dragonets who was not afraid of Peril when she showed up at the academy, instead wondering if she remembered her from the Sky Kingdom.
    • This may infer that sometime in the past Carnelian was forced into a situation where she made friends with Peril, which shows a unique acceptance to her that other dragons or SkyWings would not attempt themselves.
  • Qibli suspected that Carnelian was afraid of everyone believing she was stupid and that she might not advance to general, and that she only felt confident when fighting, which proved to be true when Moonwatcher read her mind.
  • This was confirmed when we see her often dream of battling other dragons, as seen in Moon Rising.


References Edit

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