"Asha got all excited about that. Don't know why; the village has a red egg every few years or so. But I didn't lose it."
—Cattail to Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy.

Cattail is the mother of Clay, Umber, Reed, Sora, Pheasant, Crane, and Marsh, as well as a sister to Asha, a former member of the Talons of Peace. She sold Clay's egg to the Talons of Peace for two or more cows, which she was quite nonchalant about in The Dragonet Prophecy. Her current fate is unknown.


Cattail is a thin, brown, female MudWing with mud-brown eyes that have yellow rings around each pupil. Her wings are pale brown and have dappled patterns of paler scales on them.



Cattail had Clay and his sibs after a breeding night in the outer region of the Mud Kingdom. Her sister, Asha, saw Clay to be the potential MudWing dragonet of the prophecy, seeing as his egg was blood-red and would hatch on the brightest night. Cattail didn't really care what happened to her eggs, like most MudWings, so she sold his egg to the Talons of Peace in exchange for at least two cows, and appeared to have no guilt or remorse towards the deal.

The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

When Clay made his way back to her in the company of Glory (who was disguised as a MudWing), Cattail was irritated at his lack of knowledge about the traditions of MudWings. She also has little to no attachment to her dragonets, which is common behavior for most MudWing mothers. She appears to have been very close with Asha, however, as she was distraught over her sister's death shortly after delivering Clay's egg. After that, Cattail left Clay and Glory, who were both very upset at the realization that Clay's mother did not care for him.

Family Tree Edit

Unnamed Siblings
Asha (Deceased)
Clay (Bigwings)
Crane (Deceased)


  • A cattail is a kind of plant that grows in swamps and wetlands. Cattail ends are hairy, making them look like a cat's tail.
  • Cattail is apparently one of the "lowest-born MudWings" according to Kestrel because she lives around the Diamond Spray Delta


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Present: Queen Moorhen
Historical: Queen Crane

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