"Well, as you can see, I am currently assisting another customer. I'm afraid you will have to wait."
—Chafer to Blue and Luna, The Lost Continent

Chafer is an adult male HiveWing who appears in The Lost Continent. He is the owner of The Sugar Dream. His voice was described as being both oily and tense at the same time.


He is a red HiveWing[1] with a long tail. His usual expression is described as haughty and disapproving.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

He appears when Luna and Blue enter his shop while he is serving Lady Scarab. He was evidently annoyed with SilkWings being in his shop, and tried to pressure them into leaving. When two more HiveWings entered The Sugar Dream, he agreed to help them first, continuing to avoid serving the two SilkWings.

After the two HiveWings left, Chafer tried again to get the SilkWings to get out of his store. This time, however, Lady Scarab interfered, producing an awful smell, referred to by Luna as "super stink powers". This was used to force Chafer to serve Blue and Luna. Chafer was horrified and quickly served them.


"Who's your mistress? Is she new to this hive? She should know that shopping for luxury items is not a task traditionally entrusted to servants."
— Chafer, to Luna and Blue (The Lost Continent, page 20)

"My lady, I quite insist. We do not serve second class dragons before royalty in this establishment."
— Chafer, to Lady Scarab (The Lost Continent, page 25)

"My Lady! Please don't! I'll have to close my shop for the rest of the day! This isn't necessary!"
— Chafer, to Lady Scarab (about her smell) (The Lost Continent, page 25)


  • He is shown to be a firm believer in the Hive hierarchy, but is "willing to test" Lady Scarab's place in it, probably because Scarab does not get along well with her niece.



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