"Chameleon. Some dragons might say that was a cruel irony, while others, for instance an entire tribe of RainWings, might laugh and laugh for days once everyone realizes that the dragon named 'Chameleon' is the only one in the rainforest who can't change his scales."
—Chameleon about his true origin to Peril.

Chameleon is a male RainWing who was banished from the Rainforest Kingdom, due to his inability to change color in his scales, which due to his snout deformity, causes them to be permanently stuck as a lime green color. His inability to sleep for more than an hour and breathe regularly contributed to the reason why the other RainWings thought he was "creepy". He is the true identity of Cirrus the IceWing, Soar the SkyWing, Shapeshifter the NightWing, and Bog the MudWing. Using Darkstalker's Scroll, Chameleon created new shapes for himself and helped Ex-Queen Scarlet in her schemes in exchange for treasure. He possesses a different shape for each dragon species.[1] Chameleon has shown to be very greedy and selfish, though not necessarily malicious, doing nefarious acts with Darkstalker's scroll for treasure. He fathered Peril as his SkyWing form, Soar, with Kestrel.

Appearance Edit

His scales are "the color of limes and jungle parakeets, a sort of nondescript yellowish-green", he is also noted to have narrow shoulders.[2] His scales cannot change colors like normal RainWing scales can. This is sometimes attributed to his inability to sleep for long periods of time, or vice versa. He is also mentioned by Bullfrog, the RainWing healer that he had a snout deformity, causing his sleeping to halt after an hour or less.

Biography Edit

Pre-Series Edit

At an unknown point in time before the series, Chameleon was banished from the Rainforest Kingdom because of his inability to change the color of his scales, which made the other RainWings 'uncomfortable'. This was because of a snout deformity that stopped him from sleeping for more than an hour. The lack of sleep made it so that he couldn't change the color of his scales, and had also affected his personality. This lead to many of the RainWings thinking he was creepy, different, and weird. Sometime after that, he found Darkstalker's Talisman and got someone to teach him to read. By reading some of what was written on the scroll, Chameleon figured out what it could do and then learned how to write. Using the scroll, Chameleon created many shapes for himself, including Soar the SkyWing. He moved into the Sky Kingdom and helped Queen Scarlet spy on the Talons of Peace as Cirrus. While he served Scarlet, he made a Pyrite mask to hide Prince Hailstorm for Scarlet. As a SkyWing, he fathered Peril and her twin with Kestrel in the breeding program, but Scarlet told him that both of his dragonets were dead, and so Chameleon didn't know that Peril was his daughter until the eighth book, Escaping Peril.

The Lost Heir Edit

For more information, see Cirrus.

Chameleon appeared in the prologue as Cirrus, with the Talons of Peace. He pinned Webs down for Nautilus' orders and then threatened to rip Webs' heart out. However, before he could kill Webs, Crocodile knocked him out and Webs escaped.

The Brightest Night Edit

In his Cirrus form, Chameleon may have been spotted by Sunny in the Talons of Peace camp.

Moon Rising Edit

As the NightWing Shapeshifter, Chameleon spoke with Ex-Queen Scarlet in the epilogue, holding Darkstalker's scroll.

Winter Turning Edit

A RainWing who couldn't sleep because of a snout deformity or change their scale color was mentioned by one of the RainWing healers when Winter was visiting Glory. He was also said to have watched other RainWings sleep. This was the description of Chameleon.

In his IceWing form of Cirrus, Chameleon appeared in the Talons of Peace camp when the dragonets were looking for a SkyWing. He seemed to be possessive of Pyrite, most likely because he was guarding her for Queen Scarlet.

Wearing his NightWing mask (Shapeshifter), Chameleon was overheard by Moonwatcher, Winter, and Qibli talking to Scarlet. He later went to the dragonets' camp to retrieve Pyrite and attacked Kinkajou, smashing her into a tree and leaving her in a coma. It is mentioned in Escaping Peril that he did this because of his grudge against the RainWings. He failed to capture Pyrite (Hailstorm) and leaves with his eyes burned and frozen by Moon and Winter, although it healed when he changed shape.

Escaping Peril Edit

As Cirrus, Chameleon stopped Peril and Prince Turtle on their adventure with the Talons of Peace. When Avalanche mentioned Kestrel in a speech she gave about how she wanted to kill Peril when she was a dragonet, Cirrus asked questions about Kestrel and found out that Peril was Kestrel's daughter.

Later Turtle saw a dragon, most likely Chameleon, diving into the forest behind him and Peril. The next morning, Turtle found talonprints that didn't belong to him or Peril beside their sleeping spot. They likely belonged to Chameleon. When Peril and Turtle flew away, Peril spotted Chameleon in his NightWing form staring at her.

As Peril perched on the sandstone formation outside of Possibility, a large SkyWing came flying towards her, but was distracted by Winter and Foeslayer's arrival. After Winter and Peril's fight, as Peril flew away from the scene, the SkyWing started flying with her. He told her his name was Soar and then revealed that he was her father. They were joined by Ex-Queen Scarlet, and the SkyWing informed Peril that he was, in fact, a RainWing named Chameleon. He offered her a gift of a strange necklace that he claimed would cancel the effects of her firescales. Peril accepted the gift, but unknown to her, it was also rigged with a loyalty enchantment to Scarlet, and it made her forget Clay.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

In Darkness of Dragons, Chameleon, disguised as a MudWing named Bog, tried to convince Qibli and Winter that the MudWings were causing the explosions in the SandWing kingdom and preparing to start a war. Later, when Winter tried to rescue the scavengers that Vulture had in the food storage, Bog caught them. Qibli then recognized Bog, and Winter and Qibli started attacking him. They blamed Chameleon for always messing with royal politics and hurting Kinkajou. Chameleon claimed that he met Vulture in Possibility and couldn't possibly say no to treasure. Chameleon stopped the fight by threatening to bite off the scavenger's head and then Qibli and Winter let him leave knowing that if they followed him, he would lead them straight to Vulture.

Later in the NightWing Kingdom, Qibli and Kinkajou met him in his NightWing form. Qibli convinced Chameleon to put on the enchanted earring, saying it was an apology gift from Peril, turning him back to a RainWing while Kinkajou stole all his remaining pieces of Darkstalker's scroll. After that, Chameleon most likely fled back to the Rainforest.

Known Forms Edit

  • Cirrus the IceWing
  • Shapeshifter the NightWing
  • Soar the SkyWing
  • Bog the MudWing

Trivia Edit

  • A chameleon is a color changing lizard that inhabits the rainforest.
  • Chameleon's name is very ironic as an actual chameleon can change the color of its scales, but Chameleon, the dragon, cannot.
  • Chameleon is the first major RainWing antagonist to appear in the series, though Ex-Queen Dazzling, Ex-Queen Fruit Bat, Ex-Queen Magnificent, and Ex-Queen Exquisite have served as minor antagonists in The Hidden Kingdom
  • He is also the first RainWing besides Glory to know how to read and spell but does not reveal who taught him how to read.
  • Whenever he changes into a different form, it "resets"; i.e. when he puts on the Soar mask, all traces of previous battles or other activities from when he was previously Soar would disappear. This would be consistent with Peril's noticing he had no scars.
  • In Escaping Peril, he said he has a form for every tribe, but the SeaWing and the SandWing forms have never appeared.
  • He is one of the seven characters whose name is ironic, the others being Quickdeath, Quickstrike, SlaughterCoconutScarlet, and Secretkeeper.
  • Tui hinted on the Scholastic forum that she may bring back Chameleon in Darkness of Dragons, which has shown to be true.
  • Kinkajou is mentioned in the last chapter of Darkness of Dragons to have been "the first RainWing in a century to learn to write". However, both Chameleon and Glory can read and write. Thus, Kinkajou would not be the first RainWing in a century to learn to write, Chameleon would. This is most likely an error in the series, or perhaps Qibli's knowledge as to what RainWings could write.
    • However, he also notices the "dark jagged scrawl of Peril's father's handwriting", thus indicating he knew what Chameleon's handwriting looked like. If anything, this is most likely either a plot hole or an error in the series.
  • He is shown to be practically obsessed with treasure.
  • He is also technically the first RainWing to join the Talons of Peace.


References Edit

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"Nobody. Bog, just Bog, a regular MudWing, me."
—Bog to Qibli and Winter in Darkness of Dragons.

Bog is a male MudWing, and one of the forms of Chameleon, who appears in Darkness of Dragons. He worked alongside the Talons of Power and Vulture as a false hostage, lying about how the MudWings were attacking the oases. Qibli thought he looked suspicious and ridiculous in all his jewelry, which Vulture gave him for spreading his "story."


Bog has mud-brown scales and wears several accessories: a gold tail band shaped to look like dragon claws clutching every inch of his tail, each claw tipped with a sapphire; silver chain mail studded with sapphires on his chest; golden silk veils wreathing his wings; giant bejeweled rings; and gold chain necklaces dangling from a ruby-encrusted headpiece that clashes with the silver, emerald, and topaz earrings in each ear. Qibli thought it was strange that he wore a tail band, because they went out of style because they made it harder for dragons to fly. He also wears a brown leather pouch neatly tucked under his wing where he keeps his pieces of Darkstalker's Talisman, the same pieces that were later used to transform Darkstalker into Peacemaker, the NightWing-RainWing hybrid. It took Qibli "a minute to find out what tribe he was from", and after seeing Bog, Winter apparently looked like "his eyes might never recover," implying that the large amount of jewelry on him didn't look very stylish.


Darkness of DragonsEdit

Bog/Chameleon first appeared as a false hostage in Vulture's lair, attempting to throw Qibli and Winter off of the recent explosions in the Scorpion Den, saying that the MudWings led by Queen Moorhen were causing the explosions, but, according to Qibli, it was easy to tell that he was lying about the whole thing.

Later, when Qibli and Winter (along with Cobra and Ostrich who were elsewhere at the time) were trying to escape Vulture's compound, they ran into him as Winter was attempting to free Vulture's scavenger prisoners. He asked what they were doing and recognized them from his time as Shapeshifter. Qibli and Winter tried to fight him, but he threatened to kill the scavenger if they didn't let him go. Winter did not continue fighting after that. Qibli and Winter then managed to get back to Cobra and Ostrich.

Bog later appeared in the Night Kingdom, and Kinkajou, who was investigating the area, started to "stealthily" follow him. Bog walked into a room and closed the door, later coming out as Chameleon's superpowered NightWing form, Shapeshifter. Kinkajou relayed this information to Qibli, who quickly realized that the two dragons were Chameleon, and most likely arrived with Vulture. Qibli and Kinkajou devised a plan to steal Chameleon's pieces of Darkstalker's Talisman. Qibli walked up and acted as a distraction, while Kinkajou grabbed Chameleon's earring, which had the pieces of talisman in it. Chameleon was quickly told off by Kinkajou and Qibli, and most likely returned to the Rainforest Kingdom. The pieces of scroll were then used to give Darkstalker a new life as Peacemaker.


  • Vulture told Bog to tell all the SandWings the story that Queen Moorhen and the MudWings were setting off the dragonflame cactus explosions in the oases in exchange for lots of treasure.
  • After escaping Queen Ruby's palace, Chameleon went to the Mud Kingdom.
  • In Escaping Peril, Chameleon commented on wanting a MudWing form to avoid persecution. This is shown to come true in Darkness of Dragons, where he assumes the form of Bog while working with Vulture.


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"Cirrus the IceWing. Remember him? Queen Scarlet's spy in the Talons of Peace. Perfect because there are so few IceWings in the Talons that they never figured out how little I knew, or that I've never been to the Ice Kingdom. I made him cold and calculating and not much of a talker."
—Chameleon to Peril about Cirrus in Escaping Peril.

Cirrus is a male IceWing, Scarlet's spy in the Talons of Peace, who was revealed to be one of the many forms of Chameleon, a RainWing that was in possession of Darkstalker's Scroll. Chameleon chose to join the Talons of Peace wearing an IceWing mask when he infiltrated them because of how few IceWings joined, therefore no one would find out he knew nothing about the Ice Kingdom. Pyrite's insistence of staying with him every moment is most likely part of the enchantment that Chameleon placed on the mask, so as to keep an eye on her or possibly to keep Prince Hailstorm's repressed IceWing instincts from kicking in. He first appears in the prologue of The Lost Heir and might briefly seen at a camp in The Brightest Night. Cirrus also appears in Winter Turning and Escaping Peril.

Appearance Edit

Cirrus has glittering silvery-white scales with pale purple under scales and hints of blue[1], silver-white wings[2], cold, snakelike eyes, and a malevolent gaze. He is quite a bit bigger than Winter and fiercely thin with unusually sharp claws even for an IceWing. He also has a voice that sounds like icicles dripping.


The Lost HeirEdit

Cirrus was part of Nautilus’ group that found Webs after the SkyWings abducted the dragonets of destiny. He demanded Webs to tell them how the SkyWings found them, and Webs explained the dragonets' plans to escape and how it was played out. Cirrus asks why they had anything to do with the SkyWings, and Webs simply said that they followed Tsunami and Clay back to the opening of the cave. Cirrus was enraged because he knew they wouldn't be able to survive Ex-Queen Scarlet's arena. When Webs suggested that the Talons attack the SkyWings, Cirrus hinted that there are only about forty members of the Talons of Peace, while there were countless SkyWings. Nautilus mentioned his backup plan and said that Webs would be a problem, in which Cirrus pinned him down, stating that Webs had failed them. He was instructed to kill Webs because of the SeaWing's lack of knowledge of the Talons of Peace's backup plan and allowing the dragonets to escape, and he also seemed to take morbid pleasure in the idea of killing the confused SeaWing, stating that he would feed Webs' heart to the fish. However, both he and Nautilus were thwarted and knocked out when Crocodile tackled them, which allowed Webs to escape the execution attempt. This hinted heavily that Crocodile wasn't working for the Talons of Peace after all, and had no problem betraying them.

The Brightest NightEdit

Sunny spotted an IceWing at the Talons of Peace's camp, which was most likely Cirrus, since there were no other known IceWings working with the Talons at that time, other than him.

Winter Turning Edit

Winter, Qibli, Kinkajou, and Moonwatcher went to the Talons of Peace in order to find a SkyWing that could help them locate the mountain Moon saw in Icicle's dream when she was visited by Scarlet. Upon their arrival, they found a dragon named Pyrite, a nervous and twitchy SkyWing who sported a nose ring, but Cirrus did not want them to take her. Winter pondered about it and thought maybe because she was an 'animus' he wanted to put the magical genetics back into the IceWing bloodline, but forgot the idea when he noted that Cirrus showed no sign of returning to the Ice Kingdom. Winter was confused because being royalty, he should have recognized Cirrus, and vice-versa (which means Cirrus should've recognized Winter), but neither did. Winter asked if Cirrus knew his parents, Narwhal and Tundra, Cirrus said he might, but he was lying, as Chameleon said he had never been to the Ice Kingdom.

Later, on the way to Winter and Hailstorm's Diamond Trial, Queen Glacier said to Winter, "We haven't had a Cirrus in many years", and says she would look into the matter, claiming that he may have been on the outside of the kingdom and therefore didn't have a rank on the IceWing wall.

Escaping Peril Edit

Cirrus first appeared early in the story, along with the other Talons of Peace, when they attacked Peril and Prince Turtle. When Peril introduced herself as the daughter of Kestrel, he said, "That can't be right. Kestrel never had any dragonets". He was questioned briefly for his knowledge about Kestrel, whom he couldn't have met since he joined the Talons after Kestrel went into hiding with the dragonets. 

He was later revealed as the IceWing form of Peril's father, Chameleon the RainWing, and working for Ex-Queen Scarlet. He never knew she was his daughter before, as he was told by Scarlet that both of Kestrel's dragonets were dead and that Kestrel had gone to join the Talons of Peace, so he was elated when he learned Peril was alive and well.  


Cirrus is shown to take an almost sadistic pleasure in killing others, appearing more than eager to kill Webs, and even explaining that he intended to rip Webs's heart out and "feed it to the fish". He is very obedient and docile towards Nautilus, and willingly follows his orders when he tells him to kill Webs. In Winter Turning, he is shown to be mildly protective of Pyrite, and most likely doesn't want to let her out of his sight for fear of being executed by Queen Scarlet as Chameleon. He is a spy for Queen Scarlet in the Talons of Peace and seems not to care who is suspicious of him. Chameleon stated that he tried to make Cirrus seem cold and calculating, like a menacing character. 


  • A cirrus cloud is a type of cloud, containing bits of ice, or being made entirely out of ice. It forms at a height around 6,500–45,000 feet (5–13 km).
  • Winter described him as acting like an aristocrat, but not possibly able to be one, or else he would have recognized Winter.
  • Cirrus is the first IceWing described with purple scales. This may be a result of Chameleon's enchantment.
  • Soar mentions Cirrus as his 'friend with the Talons of Peace,' when explaining to Peril how he found out about her.


References Edit

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  2. Escaping Peril, page 63


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"Wait. No, no, no. Not SORE. SOAR, S-O-A-R, like flying high over the kingdom. Oh, good grief. Have other dragons been thinking my name is Sore all these years?"
—Chameleon, using the form of Soar.

Soar is a "mask", taking the form of a male SkyWing, and one of the four known forms that Chameleon can become. When Scarlet caught him shapeshifting, she gave him the choice to either tell her how he did it or work for her in exchange for treasure. He chose the second option, afraid that if he revealed the scroll he used, she would take it from him. He is the "father" of Peril, and his former mate was Kestrel. Since Chameleon was in the form of Soar when he had Peril with Kestrel, Peril is fully SkyWing, and not any part RainWing. This makes Peril half an artificial SkyWing.

Appearance Edit

Soar is described as big[1] with amber eyes[2], warm orange scales[2], rippling muscles, and huge powerful orange wings[3]. He doesn't bear any scars, which is observed by Peril to be unusual for a dragon under Scarlet's reign (his forms, when switched, lose their injuries, and therefore he has no scars). He is said to be strong-looking and has a deeper, stronger voice than Chameleon. He has long horns with golden markings. He is adorned with gold rings on three of his claws, a black necklace with gold spikes studded on, and a snake-like armband with rubies where the snake's eyes would be. He also has a black metal sheath fitted across his chest with a padlock, which was revealed to hold Darkstalker's Scroll scraps in them to shapeshift.

Biography Edit

Escaping PerilEdit

Chameleon's SkyWing shape first appeared in Escaping Peril. When Peril waited out by Possibility while Turtle and the rest of his group checked on the injured Kinkajou. Peril saw Soar flying to her from a distance, but he abruptly fled when he saw Winter and Foeslayer arrived. After the fight with Winter, Peril ran away and ran into Soar. Soar confirmed to her that she was his daughter, and then lead Peril to Ex-Queen Scarlet. Scarlet then ripped off his necklace holding the piece of Darkstalker's Scroll inside and he transformed back into his normal RainWing self.

After Peril was brainwashed into obeying Scarlet, Chameleon used his Soar shape again so the three of them could get into Queen Ruby's Palace without any confusion. Soar, Scarlet and Peril waited in the throne room for Ruby to arrive, and spent the night there. After she came, Scarlet imprisoned her and ordered her son, Prince Cliff, on the highest tower in the palace with Soar and Peril guarding them. There, Soar and Peril have an emotional conversation about themselves, and Soar let her in on the secret about the scroll. After Cliff escaped, Peril and Soar flew after him. Soar witnesses the whole scene where Ruby escaped the prison, Peril takes off her necklace and was no longer brainwashed, and Ruby challenging Scarlet to the throne of the SkyWings.

Chameleon stayed in his SkyWing shape for the entire Royal Challenge. He confessed to Peril after being threatened that Ruby was enchanted to be a weaker, least stronger SkyWing daughter than she originally was, and she couldn't win the fight. This fact saved Ruby's life and killed Queen Scarlet. After Scarlet's death, Soar gave up his scroll to Ruby and was imprisoned. He then transformed into Shapeshifter and stole it back.

Relationships Edit

Peril Edit

Though Peril is his daughter, it is unknown if Soar actually holds any fatherly affection for her. Though Soar offered to take away Peril's firescales, he appeared to have only done this on Scarlet's orders, and betrayed her by hiding a mind-affecting spell within the firescales spell. However, when he ran away, he asked Peril to come with him. In Darkness of Dragons, while in his Shapeshifter form, he was furious with her for stealing his scroll but decides to accept an earring from Qibli, who claims it is a making-up present from Peril.

Ex-Queen Scarlet Edit

Soar, as Chameleon (and various other forms), worked as Ex-Queen Scarlet's minion. He doesn't particularly like her, only the fact that she pays him well.

Kestrel Edit

Kestrel was Soar's mate, and together, they had one egg that contained twin dragonets, one of which was later killed by Kestrel. He claimed he was not around when Kestrel tried to escape with their dragonets, and had thought that Peril was dead. It is implied that Soar used his position under Scarlet to arrange for Kestrel to be his mate without her knowing.

Family Tree Edit


Quotes Edit

"I doubt Scarlet would find this useful, but among other things, it appears that I can father dragonets with firescales." - To Peril, revealing that he is her father..

"See? I can change my entire self. Now I'm a full SkyWing." - To Peril, showing her his tribe-changing abilities.

"It's a long story. But the short answer is - for being myself." - Explaining to Peril about why he was kicked out of the RainWing tribe.

"Well, to be fair, that's what she wanted, but that's also what you wanted, isn't it? So does that really count as a betrayal? I mean, now everyone's happy. So... yay, me?" - When Peril accused him of betrayal when he brought her to Ex-Queen Scarlet.


  • Soar typically means to rise or glide high into the sky.

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References Edit

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"And then I followed you. In my NightWing form. That one's my favorite. I call myself Shapeshifter - isn't that a perfect NightWing name?"
—Chameleon as Soar to Peril about Shapeshifter in Escaping Peril

Shapeshifter is the male NightWing "mask"/enchantment created by Chameleon first appearing in the Moon Rising epilogue. This form has scales strong enough to withstand frostbreath, as well as firescales, and the strength of ten dragons. He is said to be Chameleon's favorite form, probably because of his power and super strength. During this cameo, Chameleon under the disguise of Shapeshifter, was in possession of Darkstalker's Scroll, an animus-touched scroll. It was implied that he was working for- or at the very least provide some form of aid to- Ex-Queen Scarlet, before her premature death in Escaping Peril. Though his motives aren't immediately apparent, over the course of the second arc it is gradually revealed that he was performing enchantments for the former SkyWing queen for exuberant sums of treasure and the safety of his morphologic abilities. It is later revealed that he isn't a true NightWing, but one of the forms of Chameleon.


Moon RisingEdit

He was first seen in the epilogue, annoying Scarlet by tapping a scroll, most likely Darkstalker's Talisman on stone, which caused her to yell at him.

Winter TurningEdit

During the prologue, the "Pyrite-mask" was put on Prince Hailstorm, Winter's brother. The necklace was put on by a dragon who had previously been wearing it. This dragon may have been Shapeshifter (most likely) or one of the other masks.

When Moonwatcher, Winter, and Qibli were spying on them, Scarlet was heard yelling at him. He then flew off to grab Pyrite for her. The companion went to the group, and immediately attacked Kinkajou, throwing her into a tree, and injuring her badly. Moon attacked him in retaliation, breathing fire on his face. Then, Winter used his frostbreath, as well. Between Moon's fire and Winter's frost breath, he was blinded. During the fight, Winter noticed that he was wearing "a mess of dark jewelry", which felt like iron boxes on chains. This was because of Darkstalker's scroll.

Later, after Mayfly, a MudWing doctor in Possibility, examined Kinkajou, she asked what "really" happened. Moon told her that the RainWing had been thrown into a tree by a dragon, to which Mayfly muttered, "With superdragon strength?" This showed he may have extraordinary power, perhaps wished upon himself by Darkstalker's talisman, which he possessed.

Escaping Peril Edit

Peril noticed a large NightWing while she was traveling with Prince Turtle and later spotted his talonprints near where they were standing, noticing that he had been watching her sleep. She found out later that he was actually Chameleon, the dragon the RainWing healers mentioned couldn't sleep (for more than an hour at a time) or change color, as well as being Peril's father. Chameleon could also become Soar the SkyWing and Cirrus the IceWing. He was forced to give up the scroll at the end of the book to Peril and her friends while using his Shapeshifter morph.


"Oh, this? Don't you worry. This is nothing." - To Queen Scarlet about Darkstalker's talisman.

"My talents have been proven helpful to you."

"That scroll is mine! I'll find you! I'll take it back! You'll be sorry! It's mine, it's mine, it's mine!" - Yelling at Peril and the Jade Winglet as they fly off with Darkstalker's talisman.

Trivia Edit

  • Shapeshifter's name suits him since it's Chameleon in disguise. Peril comments on this, calling it "a bit on the nose".
  • He is noted for being the dragon appearing in the epilogue of Moon Rising, along with Ex-Queen Scarlet.
  • Shapeshifter is the one of the four revealed masks that Chameleon owns, the others being Soar the SkyWing, Cirrus the IceWing, and Bog the MudWing.
  • Mayfly does not initially believe the Jade Winglet about him attacking Kinkajou, as Shapeshifter has supernatural strength. The only other dragons who have this strength were NightWings given enchantments by Darkstalker.

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