The Champion's Shield is one of the famous traditions of the SkyWings, where the Arena Champion of the currently ruling SkyWing queen may fight for the life of any condemned prisoner. The Queen chooses their opponent and if the current Arena Champion wins, the Queen must spare the condemned prisoner's life. If the champion loses, the Queen can execute the prisoner. The only Arena Champion that we know of is Peril.

Although this is unconfirmed, it is thought that Osprey was the one to inform Peril about the shield, but he was unfortunately killed for this by being dropped from a tall height, and, due being flightless because of his paralyzed tail, couldn't stop himself and broke many bones. He quickly died of his wounds. Peril invoked the Champion's Shield when her mother, Kestrel, was sentenced to death by Queen Scarlet. Scarlet chose to pit Peril against Clay, a dragon with immunity to her fire, whom Peril had grown close to. Therefore, Peril could not burn him by touch with her firescales as she could with all the dragons she had faced and killed before. However, before Clay and Peril truly hurt each other, Glory intervened with her venom, spitting it and, as a result, permanently deforming Queen Scarlet's face. Chaos erupted giving the dragonets enough time to escape from the SkyWing prison.


Present: Queen RubyEx-Queen Scarlet
Historical: Queen Carmine


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Historical: Sunset

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Champion's Shield