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"I'm sure what my daughter is trying to say is thank you for saving her life."
— Char to Six-Claws about Blaze, Deserter

Char was an adult male SandWing who was introduced in Deserter. He served as the SandWing king alongside his wife Oasis. He was killed by a mysterious illness that swept the SandWing stronghold sometime before Oasis' death.


Six-Claws described Char as tall and burly.[1]


Char appeared to be kind and grateful during his life, as shown when he offered Six-Claws and Dune the chance to be in the army. He was also loving of his family members, having concern for Blaze when she was outside the palace.




When Six-Claws saved Blaze from the sandstorm, Char scolded his daughter for venturing outside of the palace. Blister asked him if they should point out the culprit who lured Blaze into the desert, and Dune piped up in Six-Claws' defense. Upon noticing Six-Claws' claws, Blaze jumped away in fear and rudely criticized his talons, which resulted in another scolding from Char. Char, pleased by Six-Claws' deed, invited both Six-Claws and Dune to join the army as loyal soldiers of the queen.

Char is later said to have died of a mysterious sickness that swept through the palace, the same one that killed Six-Claws' father, Quicksand, sometime before Oasis was murdered by humans.



Char appeared to love his daughter, having worried over her life when she snuck out of the stronghold. He also scolded her for her harsh criticism towards Six-Claws.


As Oasis's husband, he presumably had a mutual relationship with her. Despite this, he was occasionally kicked out of the stronghold whenever she was angry.

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"Your mother is overseeing the sandstorm lockdown, […] So you can tell me what exactly you were doing so far outside the palace."
― to Blaze (Deserter)

"I'm sure what my daughter is trying to say, […] is thank you for saving her life."
― to Six-Claws, after Blaze insults his talons (Deserter)

"I have a better idea, […] Brave and strong and a swift flier for your age — how would you like to join the army, Six-Claws? We could use a soldier like you. You could make your way up to captain pretty fast, maybe general one day."
― to Six-Claws, about his reward for saving Blaze (Deserter)

"Oh, yes? […] Would you like to join the army as well, dragonet?"
― to Dune (Deserter)

"Hmmm. You're a bit young, but we can put you in basic training for now. I'll have you two assigned to the same battalion."
― to Dune and Six-Claws (Deserter)



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