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The Chrysalis is a secretive underground movement of SilkWings who were planning to overthrow Queen Wasp and the HiveWings' control.


The Chrysalis is exclusively made up of SilkWings. There is a Chrysalis group in each Hive, although according to Swordtail, there may not be one in Wasp Hive.[1] The average number of members per Hive is around thirty to forty,[citation needed] although Bloodworm Hive's group has more members while Jewel Hive only has around five to seven members. The Chrysalis identify themselves to other members using the phrase "The seeds will grow again."[2]


Cicada Hive Chrysalis

  • Luna (associated)
  • Io (associated)
  • Swordtail (associated)
  • Two unknown SilkWings

Jewel Hive Chrysalis

Bloodworm Hive Chrysalis

Yellowjacket Hive Chrysalis

  • Four unknown SilkWings



The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

The Chrysalis was first mentioned by Io during Blue's escape from the metamorphosis chamber of Cicada Hive. When he asked why he had not heard about them, she pointed out that his sympathy for HiveWings was hard to follow up by talking about a movement to take them down.

When Cricket rescued Blue from the pursuing HiveWings, he asked if she was with the Chrysalis. Later, in the library, Cricket asked Blue what the Chrysalis was, prompting Blue to think about how HiveWings probably were not supposed to know about it; Cricket followed her question by asking if it was a SilkWing secret.

Blue pondered if Swordtail was referring to the Chrysalis when he stated he knew dragons who would be interested in the antidote to the HiveWing's paralysis toxin and wondered if they would set all of the SilkWing prisoners free if they knew how.

Swordtail mentions that there are dragons he could reach out to for help rescuing Luna from the flamesilk factory, and Cricket guesses he is referring to the Chrysalis. Swordtail asks how she knew about them, and Blue interjects, stating she only knows as much as he does, which is almost nothing. Blue soon told Swordtail that he could stay and contact the Chrysalis if he wanted.

Later, Blue wondered whether the Chrysalis extended across Hives and if any of the SilkWings he was watching were in it.

When thinking about why he could not go back to being obedient, Blue pointed out that he knew about the Chrysalis. Blue stated to Luna that he hoped Io found the Chrysalis, then asked her if she knew anything about them. Luna responded that she knew a little bit, including that Swordtail and Io had met them recently, and that she'd hoped to join them once she had her wings.

The Hive Queen

In the prologue, Moonwatcher overheard Luna's thoughts about how Moon would be able to predict Wasp's next move so the Chrysalis could stop her.

Later, when Cricket suggests shutting down Wasp's mind-control, Swordtail claimed that he thought the Chrysalis had a committee working on that topic, bringing Sundew to ask what the Chrysalis is. Swordtail pondered on telling her, pointing out that Io told Blue then he told Cricket about the Chrysalis, and Cricket remembers when Blue asked if she was with them and she had wondered who they were. Swordtail ultimately decided to tell Sundew what the Chrysalis is, to which she skeptically responded that she doubted SilkWings were capable of fighting back. Swordtail explained that he and Luna had just joined them recently and have not gotten a mission, having just been told to wait for further instructions after Luna — their main contact dragon, being the one to find them — got her wings. Sundew then said that once Blue comes out of his cocoon, they would find the Chrysalis.

After Blue finished his metamorphosis he, Cricket, Sundew, and Swordtail decided to try to find the Jewel Hive Chrysalis. They found a message hidden at the base of the Salvation Statue reading Midnight. Library. 5.

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The Poison Jungle

In the prologue, Grayling, a part of the Bloodworm Hive Chrysalis, meets with Bryony, one of the LeafWings sent to burn down Bloodworm Hive. Grayling says that if they had one more day, all the SilkWings from Bloodworm Hive and the SilkWings in the webs connecting the hives will be saved, but Hemlock insists that they did not have a day, that they were going to burn it down right now. Bryony wondered what might have happened if they burned the hive without talking and getting to know the Chrysalis, that Grayling might have been dead if they did not.

When Sundew says that all the SilkWings, except Io, are lost, Io shows up with six more SilkWings, one of being Cinnabar. When Tsunami asks what would seven more SilkWings do, Io says that there are about two hundred more at the mouth of the Gullet River, saying that she only made it to Yellowjacket Hive, Wasp Hive, and Jewel Hive. Io insists that she wants to be left on Pantala so that she can save the other SilkWings.

The Dangerous Gift

Lappet is mentioned to be part of the Chrysalis.

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  • The Bloodworm Hive Chrysalis has a large number of members due to Bloodworm's cruelty to SilkWings.[3]
  • There are at least two hundred Chrysalis members.[4]