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Cicada Hive is one of the nine Hives of Pantala. It was the former home of Blue, Burnet, Luna, Cricket, and Silverspot, as well as many other SilkWings and HiveWings. It is ruled by Lady Cicada and also houses her aunt Lady Scarab. Cicada Hive is located in between Hornet Hive and Mantis Hive.


It seems to be best known for its Mosaic Garden. The Hive is described by Cricket as "regimented and orderly."[1] It contains hallways and a market with various displays.[2]

Notable Features

The Mosaic Garden

The Mosaic Garden is what Cicada Hive is known for. It is a giant garden filled with orderly flowers and hedges, located on gently sloping hills and grass, and crisscrossed with a seemingly random path that leads to the center. It is glimmering in droplets of amber and gold, cobalt and jade, obsidian and pearl.[3] The garden contains different Mosaics depicting famous scenes. A notable mosaic is the Salvation Wall, a mosaic depicting the end of the Tree Wars with Queen Wasp standing over a pile of dead LeafWings and lifting the Book of Clearsight, done in gold tiles, into the sky.[4]


The Cicada Hive marketplace includes numerous cafes, shops, stores, and more, as well as many posters of Queen Wasp. The marketplace also has candy stores like The Sugar Dream and Droplets. The Sugar Dream typically serves the HiveWing population of Cicada Hive. Droplets appears to be cheaper and less fancy, making it more commonly visited by SilkWings; this hints that its candy may be inferior or of a lesser quality to The Sugar Dream. The Sugar Dream is owned by a HiveWing named Chafer.

Known products at The Sugar Dream

  • Honey Drops
  • Sugar Insects (including sugar wasps)
  • Nectar Vials
  • Sugar Cubes
  • Apricot Taffy
  • Honey Sticks
  • Chocolate Stars with Orange Peel
  • Pale Pink and Lavender Candies
  • Sugar-Spun Artwork

Misbehaver's Way

Misbehaver's Way is the prison of Cicada Hive. It is described as having pathways made of sharp, cobbled stone[5]. HiveWings inject offenders with a special nerve toxin that causes a dragon's muscles to stiffen, freezing them in place.[6] Prisoners can see, think, and feel while in this state, but may not move. They are placed on stone pedestals, accompanied by a tablet explaining their crime in dramatic detail. The pedestals have quotes about law and order from famous HiveWings, and a few from Clearsight herself.[5]

The only named prisoner of Misbehaver's Way is Swordtail, who was freed by the use of a green stimulant, usually used to make plants grow faster. This caused excessive energy, unclear thinking, and a green tint to his eyes and silk.

Terrarium Academy

Terrarium Academy is a HiveWing school run by Principal Lubber. It is based around agriculture and plants and is meant to train HiveWing farmers.[7] Students each possess a tank, most of which contain one type of plant in neat, orderly rows. The school also possessed chemicals, with purposes including killing weeds, accelerating plant growth, and healing plants from poison.

The academy also offers art classes, mostly based around painting plants. Dragons may be barred from art class if their art is "too messy."[8] The only known attendees of the academy are Bombardier, Katydid (formerly), and Cricket, while the only known staff are Principal Lubber and Professor Earthworm.

Silkworm Hall

Silkworm Hall is the school for the SilkWings who live in Cicada Hive. It teaches young SilkWings basic knowledge, silk studies, and the history of the Tree Wars. It also teaches obedience to Queen Wasp and the HiveWings.[9]

Like all other SilkWing schools, attending students must wear a metal wristband with the school's name on it.[10] The metal wristbands likely all have toxins used to paralyze runaway or fugitive SilkWings, though the only wristband that has been observed to have the toxins belonged to Blue. Silkworm Hall takes field trips twice a year to Misbehaver's Way to scare their students into obedience.[11]

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is where SilkWings living in Cicada Hive undergo their Metamorphosis. Visitors can sit in the balconies to encourage friends and family who are going through this process of metamorphosis. When a SilkWing emerges from their cocoon, they are expected to create their first silk tapestry and donate it to the Cocoon as an offering of thanks, where they are used as decoration.[12]

Lady Cicada Art Gallery

The Lady Cicada art gallery is a section in Cicada Hive that is dedicated to its ruler, Lady Cicada. The art gallery is full of paintings, sculptures, and other artwork of the Hive ruler.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Cicada Hive served as the setting during the first half of the book. Blue and Luna spent their time throughout the Hive before the latter's Metamorphosis. Upon being hunted, Blue became a fugitive and hid due to possibly being a flamesilk (which is confirmed at the end of the book). He met Cricket at her school and they plotted to rescue Swordtail from Misbehaver's Way, and then fled from the Hive soon after.


  • Scarab owns Cicada Hive's only telescope.[13]


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