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The Claws of the Clouds Mountains are a mountain range stretching across Pyrrhia from the north coast to the south coast. It serves as the main territory of the Sky Kingdom, having the SkyWing palace. Most SkyWings are thought to live in the high mountains.

Notable Features

Agate Mountain

Agate Mountain was the tallest mountain in Clearsight and Darkstalker's time, but an earthquake eventually shifted the peaks so that it was shorter than Jade Mountain. Darkstalker was buried under this mountain as well. It was a rocky black mountain.

Jade Mountain

As depicted on the map, Jade Mountain, noted to be the tallest mountain in Pyrrhia, is located in the southern portion of the mountain range. Jade Mountain is also home to the Jade Mountain Academy, built by the dragonets of destiny after the conclusion of the War of SandWing Succession. The Dragon of Jade Mountain, Stonemover, also resided there in an upper cave. It has two peaks, that, at the right angle, looked like "a pair of snake fangs lunging out of the earth."


Sanctuary is built along a cold[1] stream trickling downhill from a lake[2] in the foothills of the Claws of the Clouds Mountains, beside a very small, cold lake.[3] Each home looks completely different from the next, and Sanctuary's architecture includes a mound of clay with a hole in the roof, a rough cabin made of logs and leaves, and two structures by the lake that are half-submerged in water.[2] It is surrounded by bushes[4] and trees[5] that smell like damp leaves and pine needles.[6] There is a huge boulder half-covered in poison ivy within the forest,[7] and a smooth, cold,[8] tall, flat boulder in the shade of the trees.[9] The air smells like scavengers, pine trees, and distant snow.[10] It is full of scuttling noises.[11]

Halfway up one of the surrounding mountain peaks, there is a pebbly cave. Sanctuary is punctuated by sounds of incessant chatter,[12] leaves rustling,[13] and wind whipping around the snowcaps of the mountains. However, the cave is very quiet.[14]

Not far from the lake's edge, in an area cleared of trees, there is an odd corner:[15] a space surrounded by a very tall fence, which is composed of tree trunks lashed together.[16] Inside, there is a dragon-made pool of water and a pile of leaves and pine needles with a small leaf canopy covering it.[17]

The Dragonets of Destiny's Cave

The cave that the dragonets of destiny were raised in is located under a mountain within the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. Since SkyWings preferred to live on the mountain peaks, it was very unlikely that any SkyWing would stumble across the tunnel to the cave.[18] The cave is located in a ravine,[19] and there is a boulder blocking the door that can be moved aside using a key around Dune's neck[20] or a sturdy wooden lever hidden underneath the boulder.[21]

It was mentioned that, if it was not for Glory's ability to change color, the dragonets would have never known how many colors existed beyond the boulders.[22] Mazes of stalagmites[23] and hanging stalactites are all over the cavern.[24] One particular stalagmite had holes over its bulbous shape, where a dragon can sit on it.[25] The cave is entirely bare rock and stone,[18] with no mud.[26] Torches hung around the walls in the area.[27]

The dragonets have dinner and lunch in the great central cave. Fires flickered around the edges of the dome, and echoing space yawned overhead, dripping with stalactites. The cave dome is big enough for six full-grown dragons to fit across with their wings extended. The hall leads to two small sleeping caves, where the dragonets sleep in.[24] Twisting stone tunnels lead from the central cave to four different places: one to the battle area, one to the guardians' cave, one to the study room, and one to the outside world, where the boulder blocks the exit. Starflight's sleeping cave had scrolls over the floor.[28]

The study cave had a small "sky" hole in the roof, barely big enough for a dragon head to fit through,[29] which was partly hidden by a thicket of branches outside of the hole.[30] A map of Pyrrhia hung on the wall between the torches.[18]

The battle cave is surrounded by stalagmites, with a staircase leading to the central cave. A dragon dummy stood beside the wall, where a drawing of a dragon depicted all the weaknesses of a dragon body.[31]

There is a small, freezing-cold river that trickled through the cave into the outside world.[32] Inside the caves, the river flowed upstream into the guardians' cave. Downstream, it flowed from the central cavern along the tunnel to the battle cave.[33] The central cave was connected to the study cave, with a small gap in between.[34] Further downstream, the river eventually leads to a pitch-black wall, which is the passageway to the outside world. A gap, complete with sharp outcroppings, connects the dragonets' cave to the passageway.[35] Tight, twisting channels[36] and small openings of air[37] makes up the passage, eventually ending in a waterfall opening to the outside world.[38] Bats,[39] glowworms,[40] and a sticky white acid in the rocks[41] can be found in the channels.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

The dragonets of destiny were raised beneath the Claws of the Clouds Mountains, where it was very unlikely that any SkyWing would stumble across the tunnel to the cave.

The Lost Heir

Tsunami often mentions and thinks about the dragonets' cave throughout the novel.

The Hidden Kingdom

Glory often thinks about the dragonets' cave throughout the story.

The Dark Secret

Reed and his troop battled the IceWings along with the other MudWings and SandWings at the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. Starflight also often thought of the dragonets' cave throughout the story.

The Brightest Night

More information flying in soon …

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Jade Mountain Academy is located in the Claws of the Clouds Mountains.

Winter Turning

The Talons of Peace temporarily settled down near the Claws of the Clouds Mountains, where the Jade Winglet found and interrogated them for information on ex-Queen Scarlet.

Escaping Peril

Peril and Turtle passed by the Claws of the Clouds Mountains on their way to Possibility.

Talons of Power

More information flying in soon …

Darkness of Dragons

Winter mentioned how Sanctuary was an establishment in progress. Sanctuary is located in the Claws of the Clouds Mountains.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Snowfall and the Pantalan refugees visit Sanctuary for shelter. Sanctuary is located in the Claws of the Clouds Mountains.



Clearsight used an animus-touched bracelet to trap Darkstalker in Agate Mountain, trapping him there for two-thousand years.


Wren and Sky passed the Claws of the Clouds Mountains in the night, where they stumbled upon the dragonets of destiny's cave.