The Claws of the Clouds Mountains are a mountain range stretching across Pyrrhia from the north coast to the south coast. It serves as the main territory of the Sky Kingdom, having Queen Ruby's palace. Most SkyWings are thought to live in the high mountains. It is featured in The Dragonet Prophecy, mentioned in The Dark Secret and the prologue of The Lost Heir, and is the setting of Moon Rising, due to the dragonets of destiny creating a school in Jade Mountain, the tallest mountain in this mountain range.

Notable Features

The Dragonets of Destiny's Cave

The cave that the dragonets of destiny were raised in is located under a mountain within the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. Because SkyWings prefer to live on the mountain peaks, it was very unlikely that anyone would stumble across the tunnel to the cave. It was in a ravine, and there was a boulder blocking the door that could be moved aside using a key around Dune's neck.

There was nothing but rocks that had no difference in texture inside the caves. If it wasn't for Glory's ability to change color, the dragonets would have never known how many colors existed beyond the boulders.

Whenever Kestrel blasted fire at Clay during battle training, he would climb onto or hide behind a stalagmite for momentary shelter from the intense flames. However, this did not seem to help.

There was a small, freezing-cold river that trickled through the cave into the outside world. Clay and Tsunami would often swim up the river into the guardian's cave and spy on them. Clay eventually swam downstream to escape along with Tsunami. The river eventually became a waterfall that opened to the outside world. In one instance, Clay thought, "Why couldn't there just be a little mud down here?" That might mean that the cave was too far up for any water to pool where there was dirt.

There was also a cave they used for studying, with a small hole in the roof a dragon couldn't fit through called the sky hole. Outside of it was lots of bushes and brush, concealing the hole.

Jade Mountain

As depicted on the map, Jade Mountain, noted to be the tallest mountain in Pyrrhia, is located in the southern portion of the mountain range. Jade Mountain is also home to the Jade Mountain Academy, built by the dragonets of destiny after the conclusion of the War of SandWing Succession. The Dragon of Jade Mountain, Stonemover, also resides here in an upper cave. It has two peaks, that, at the right angle, look like "a pair of snake fangs lunging out of the earth."

Agate Mountain

Agate Mountain was the tallest mountain in Clearsight and Darkstalker's time, but an earthquake eventually shifted the peaks so that it was shorter than Jade Mountain. Darkstalker was buried under this mountain as well. It was a rocky black mountain.

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