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"I'm sorry, my love. I know it's the worst thing. I know it hurts and you're not all right and you're angry and you want to punish the IceWings, but you have to fight the anger and the darkness. Darkstalker, I'm so, so scared. The things I've seen in the future because of this — the things that happen to you, the things that you do and what you become — it's all so dark, I almost can't see the light anymore. I'm afraid we're losing our bright paths …"
— Clearsight to Darkstalker, Darkstalker

Clearsight was an adult female NightWing who was introduced in Darkstalker. Under one full moon, she was hatched with exceptionally powerful foresight and served as Vigilance's Head Seer for a while, when she resided in the Night Kingdom.

After imprisoning Darkstalker in order to save Pyrrhia, Clearsight relocated to Pantala, where she partnered with Sunstreak and many unnamed BeetleWings. Over time, her descendants diverged into the HiveWing and SilkWing tribes.

Before her death, she used her precognitive abilities to create the Book of Clearsight. In the modern era, most dragons who inhabit Pantala worship and pray to Clearsight, seeing her as a divine being of guidance and wisdom.


Clearsight had large dark[1] purple eyes,[event 1] black scales,[2] and black wings.[3] She was beautiful[1] and sleek.[4]


Clearsight often approached other dragons with patience and diplomacy. When she first arrived in Pantala, she believed she would love her future dragonets with all of her heart, and would track their futures to keep them safe.[3] She was kind.[5]

Deeply kind,[6] willful,[7] serious,[8] often worried and harried,[9] Clearsight was often known to be the voice of reason towards both Darkstalker and Fathom.[10] She was selfless and open-minded, willing to admit to her own faults as well as others'.[11] Although Clearsight preferred compromise over confrontation,[10] she was not afraid of conflict and would try her best to do the right thing, even in the face of danger or oppression.[12] She was perhaps the most brilliant NightWing who ever lived, and her foresight power was unique to her.[13]

Clearsight was obsessive about the future, often spending her time exploring different potential timelines to try and find the best outcomes.[7] She was often very nervous or serious due to her ability to see so many possibilities.[14] However, it is a testament to her selfless nature that she was willing to delve into an unknown, muddy timeline to prevent the potential futures where she released Darkstalker by staying on Pyrrhia.[15] She is also quite determined, proven after venturing to save the dragons from the storm in Pantala.[3]

She is also kind and understanding as shown in her letter in the Book of Clearsight. She loves the tribes of Pantala and her descendants, even though she could never meet them. As the books go, Clearsight gets more mature and at her deathbed, she says don't look into the future, stay in the present.[16]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Clearsight was mentioned a few times by Darkstalker and appeared in a scroll about animus history.
Talons of Power
Once again, Clearsight is mentioned when Darkstalker returned to Jade Mountain Academy, he politely requests for Starflight to find scrolls on his beloved Clearsight, wondering what had become of her after his betrayal. Additionally, when Moonwatcher expresses her concern for giving the NightWing students powers, Darkstalker says that she reminds him of Clearsight, also asking if everyone was sure Clearsight never had dragonets.

Clearsight is later mentioned in part two of the book when Darkstalker goes back to his school in the Night Kingdom/City and found the remains of his painting of Clearsight and restores the painting with his magic. Turtle thought that the proportions were all wrong, particularly in the undersized talons and oversized head, but noticed that Clearsight's eyes made it look as if she had loved the painter.

Turtle later sets a white marble with a blue moon shape inside of it near Darkstalker's feet while he was distracted, intending to see his reaction. The huge animus noticed it and thought that Clearsight's ghost was still there since Turtle was invisible due to the enchanted stick's spell. He picks it up and tries to talk to Clearsight, thinking that her spirit may be listening. After a while, Darkstalker accepted that Clearsight was not alive anymore and throws the marble angrily into the trees and left the old NightWing school.

At one point, Darkstalker questioned Moon, wondering if Clearsight had dragonets after she "imprisoned" him, because Moon acts almost exactly like Clearsight, worrying about him using his powers too much, so on and so forth.
Darkness of Dragons
Clearsight appears while Moon, Qibli, and Kinkajou are at the old NightWing Palace. She is noted by Moon and Qibli to be acting very strangely, as she is trusting and forgiving of Darkstalker, even though she was the one who imprisoned him for being evil. Moon notes to Qibli that she wasn't like the Clearsight that Listener wrote about. Her suspicions were correct as Qibli then follows Clearsight and Darkstalker to an obscure area of the palace, where they discover that Darkstalker has enchanted another dragon to be like Clearsight. When Darkstalker realized she could never be his true love, he turned the dragon back to their original form, which turned out to be a frustrated Fierceteeth.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
By using her foresight to locate a chain of islands where she could stop and rest, Clearsight flew to Pantala to warn the dragons there about an incoming hurricane. When she arrived in Pantala, she met a LeafWing and a BeetleWing named Sunstreak. She told them to evacuate all the dragons inland, which they agreed to do. With everyone surviving the hurricane, new visions appeared in her mind, and she had a vision of her future dragonets with Sunstreak.

Around a century later, Clearsight wrote a book, noting down visions thousands of years from her lifetime so that her descendants could be prepared to face all future outcomes. It was called The Book of Clearsight in modern times. During the Tree Wars, Queen Wasp lied about Clearsight's visions, resulting in the downfall of the LeafWings and SilkWings.

Clearsight was worshipped greatly for her powers of foresight and contributions to Pantala. The Temple of Clearsight held the Book of Clearsight, which was closely guarded by the Librarian. There was a huge and beautiful temple that was located in Wasp Hive and built in Clearsight's honor. Blue, Cricket, and Sundew passed by a portrait of Clearsight, where dragons had left offerings to her.

In the epilogue, Clearsight was mentioned when Luna first saw Moonwatcher, and mistook her for Clearsight because of the fact that they were both NightWings.
The Hive Queen
Clearsight was mentioned several times by various characters. There were also mentions of shrines and statues dedicated to Clearsight in other Hives.
The Poison Jungle
Clearsight was mentioned many times throughout the book, and it was revealed that she left a map to Pyrrhia inside her book.
The Dangerous Gift
Clearsight was mentioned by Cricket explaining to Snowfall that the SilkWings, Bumblebee, and herself were descendants of Clearsight.


Clearsight first appeared when she was two years old, frantically trying to sort out all of her possible future visions by writing down everything she saw on numerous scrolls. When her father comforted her and told her not to worry so much, Clearsight burst into tears and told him that everything was about to become confusing and out of control, much to her father's dismay.

One year later, Clearsight went to school for the first time. There, she conversed with Professor Truthfinder, who offered her a position with the four-year-old class because of her advanced intelligence; Clearsight quickly declined, as her visions told her that Darkstalker would be in that class. She then found the Tower of Knowledge with the help of her foresight, where she met her teacher, Allknowing, and her classmates: Vision, Morrowwatcher, and Jewel-eyes. At first, Clearsight thought all seers could look into the future exactly like she did-however, Clearsight quickly realized that Allknowing and her students had a different, limited version of her power. She foresaw that this class would bring her nothing but despair and frustration, as Allknowing did not respect Clearsight's advanced abilities and resented her because of them.

Afterward, Clearsight finally found her actual class, located in Room 3A, where the teacher assigned another student named Listener to show her around and befriend her throughout the school day. When Clearsight started to tell Listener about how they'd be friends in the future, Listener kindly asked her to stop, telling her that she and her family had superstitions about prophets and their abilities; they'd rather have life take them by surprise. While they were talking, Whiteout approached them, missing Listener's muttered nickname for her: "Weirdout." Whiteout asked Clearsight if she was the dragon that her brother, Darkstalker, had been waiting for, and Clearsight saw from her visions that if she didn't tell Whiteout the truth, there would be future issues; Whiteout trusted her either completely, or not at all. After admitting that she was indeed the dragon that Darkstalker was looking for, Whiteout said that she was very glad that Clearsight had finally arrived. After Whiteout left, Listener said that she was weird, while Clearsight thought that Whiteout was interesting.

Later, at recess, Clearsight finally met her soulmate. After he stood up for Whiteout from a group of irritated NightWing students, Clearsight finally greeted Darkstalker, jokingly commenting on his clever way of sticking up for his sister, displaying his mind-reading ability, and depicting himself as a noble hero all at once. During their conversation, Darkstalker took Clearsight's talons in his own — but she was plunged into a hurricane of visions, including Darkstalker, wearing an evil grin on the throne, slaughtering others using his magic, laughing in a twisted silver crown — but the other visions consisted of a happy life with their dragonets, at peace, and in love for life.

One day, during a hurricane, Darkstalker traveled to Clearsight's house in the pouring rain, inviting her to go with him to the ocean. Upon seeing the ferociously tall waves crashing down on the drenched sand, they decided to shoot for a sea cave to shelter from the storm. There, they started talking about Darkstalker's father, Arctic, and his IceWing heritage, to which Darkstalker revealed his only physical IceWing trait — a white line of scales underneath his wings, connecting his membrane to his body scales. Their conversation was interrupted by a broken, soft sound of pained groaning; the sound turned out to be coming from Current, a SeaWing prince who had sought refuge after Albatross's horrifying attack on the Island Palace.

This caused Clearsight to be ever-more worried about Darkstalker's animus powers, as she feared the worst for her newfound soulmate. Darkstalker comforted Clearsight by telling her that he would never become the monster that Albatross had and that she shouldn't be so worried about the horrible things that he might have done in the future.

After Darkstalker told Vigilance about the Royal SeaWing Massacre, the queen gave Current shelter and resources in exchange for information on the attack.

The next day, Clearsight was with Listener in the school courtyard, talking about Listener's newest crush, a NightWing who was elegantly handsome and equipped with an aloof expression; the kind of haughty dragon that Listener always seemed to fall for. Clearsight tried to ignore the futures where this dragon cheated and then dumped Listener, focusing on Listener flying away and Darkstalker arriving soon afterward. Clearsight tried not to worry about why Darkstalker and Listener didn't like each other; they seemed to intentionally try their best to never interact. Then, Darkstalker invited her to see his house, reassuring her that his mother and father were both away at their jobs; Foeslayer on guard near the border, and Arctic helping to interrogate Current.

The first thing Clearsight noticed when she entered Darkstalker's house was a sunlit room decorated in winter-themed decor; a pale blue door, white rugs, and glittering crystals. Another wall was covered with scrolls tucked into niches, and a very clean kitchen with cooking contraptions that looked impossibly complicated to Clearsight. There was also a family painting over the fireplace with her father, Arctic, who looked happier than Clearsight could imagine he would be. Whiteout's entire room was also covered in peaceful NightWing-IceWing paintings, like an alternate reality where two tribes who hated each other in reality got along. Finally, in Darkstalker's room, she noticed his sleeping corner was occupied by neatly folded purple and white blankets, with a desk covered with three little inkwells and a cloth for wiping talons. He also had a locked trunk at the foot of the blankets and a scroll rack. There, Darkstalker presented Clearsight with a scroll wrapped in a black leather casing. Seeing the blank paper, Clearsight asked him if he had decided to try his talons at writing; but to her shock, he announced that he had put all of his animus power in the scroll as a vessel, so usage of his power wouldn't turn him evil.

In a result, the futures suddenly became brighter, and the darker paths faded back. When Darkstalker asked if she'd like anything made, Clearsight reluctantly asked for a bracelet that hid her thoughts from mind readers; seeing her soulmate's hurt expression, she quickly explained that it was only for the safety of herself and the scroll and that it didn't have anything to do with him. Darkstalker agreed, understanding, and enchanted a copper bracelet with three milky white moonstones on its surface; after he enchanted it to Clearsight's request, he smiled and enchanted one of his blankets to make the wearer comfortably warm; they then enchanted their history scroll, The Ancient Wars of Pyrrhia, to read to them; to begin when someone said "Bore me to sleep!" and to stop when someone said, "Spare me!"

Both dragonets were too busy laughing to notice Arctic seething in the doorway; Clearsight quickly whispered "spare me" to the scroll, hiding it among her bag from Arctic's bitter eyes. After a tense conversation between father and son, Clearsight suddenly collapsed in visions: wars, Foeslayer wielding a spear, NightWings, and IceWings clashing, IceWings following Arctic into battle, Arctic in Vigilance's display prison, screaming through the bars … Darkstalker's father, obviously concerned, asked if Clearsight was okay. In reply, Clearsight whispered a prophecy: "Beware your two queens. Beware your own power. Your claws will betray you in your final hour." Arctic then left the room, muttering the words of her prophecy again and again under his breath.

The next night, Clearsight and Listener launched their plan to free the scavengers. They successfully rescued the scavengers, (with a lot of trouble from the rescued) stowing them in two canvas sacks as they flew to North Beach to release them. Their rescue was working as planned until Clearsight was slammed with a vision of danger that could have ended her and her friend's life that very night. Moments after hiding among the shows of two large boulders on the sand, Clearsight and Listener saw a pointed white head lunge out of the water, trapping one of the fleeing scavengers in his jaws. Clearsight learned from her visions that this was an IceWing test run; the tribe had planned to swim across their borders to avoid the NightWing air defenses, slipping under the noses of them to launch a surprise attack.

After she told Darkstalker about her visions and the importance of telling the queen, he requested a private audience with her. Swathed in jewelry borrowed from Darkstalker, she approached the throne under the eyes of the queen and her former teacher, Allknowing, who was seething next to the throne as Clearsight launched her speech. She gave the queen all of the needed details, clear and specific, much to the queen's pleasure. She then turned, scornfully, toward Allknowing, asking for an explanation of why cryptic prophecies were required for herself while Clearsight could give an exact telling of what was going to happen. She then fired Allknowing and told Clearsight that she was now her main seer, much to the rage of the old NightWing. When the meeting was over she sees Fathom in the palace. She runs to him only to have Indigo stop her. She quickly apologizes.

Darkstalker then shows Clearsight a soul reader, pointing it at Clearsight and the result is a large pile of black sand and a tiny scattering of white sand. The soul reader was an hourglass with a telescope attached to it while containing black sand and white sand. In order to use it, he had to point a telescope at a dragon and the hourglass shows his or her distribution of white sand and black sand in the hourglass. If the white sand (representing the evil in that dragon's soul) outweighed the black sand (representing the good in that dragon's soul), it meant the dragon was tipping towards evil. However, if the hourglass showed more black sand than white sand, it meant the dragon he was pointing to was good.

Darkstalker asks Clearsight to point it at him. When the soul reader is still taking a long time calculating, Clearsight nervously jokes that Darkstalker confused it. Darkstalker shrugs, saying that it takes a while sometimes. Finally, the soul reader stops, giving out a measure of black and white sand. The black sand outweighs the white sand, but the white sand is a bit more than Clearsight's reading. Clearsight assures herself that Darkstalker isn't completely evil, and Darkstalker says the same, except with more confidence and tells Fathom there's nothing to worry about. Then, Clearsight points it at Fathom. However, Indigo jumps in front of Fathom, saying that it could be enchanted to do something to Fathom, and the soul reader lands on her, showing that Indigo had the same results as Clearsight's.

Fathom reassures her that he wants to see it for himself, and Indigo reluctantly moves away. Soon, the soul reader lands on Fathom, showing that Fathom isn't evil as well. They advise Clearsight to take a break, but she's got so much on her plate. He says that Fathom's power is a gift, and he shouldn't be so terrified of it. Then Darkstalker shoots a hostile look at Indigo, saying that it's not a trick, and his intentions are only to make Fathom happy. Indigo sharply replies that she believes Fathom can be happy without any magic. Clearsight is uncomfortable with the energy that vibrated between Darkstalker and Indigo, sensing a sudden vision of a world with no Indigo with it. She reassures herself, reminding that she would never let that happen and fix the problem. Changing the subject and attempting to distract Darkstalker and Indigo, she suggests going to a beach. With that, the tension gave way a little bit, and they lifted off to the sky to the beach. Clearsight reminds herself again that she would not let the dark visions win.

When Darkstalker and Fathom arrived at Clearsight's door, she refused to come out and stated that she needs to finish a report on the next year of IceWing maneuvers. But Darkstalker pointed out that it's Clearsight's Hatching Day tomorrow. They flew out and went into a forest, where they built a fire and ate fruits that Darkstalker brought. Darkstalker was about to give them their presents when Fathom told him to wait. Because Fathom didn't have any gifts, he took a piece of wood from the forest and whittled a NightWing. Clearsight exclaimed that it looked just like Listener, and Darkstalker asked Fathom to make him a SeaWing later when he has the time. Darkstalker then gave Clearsight and Fathom each a Dreamvisitor, keeping one for himself. He explained that it would allow the carrier to walk the dreams of any dragon the carrier had seen or known and that it would connect the three friends so that however far apart they are, they would always be together.

Fathom was unsure and was about to give his Dreamvisitor back when Clearsight suddenly had a vision of Foeslayer in danger. Darkstalker asked Fathom to go back to the palace on his own and flew off with Clearsight. Fathom then realized he never had the chance to give back the Dreamvisitor to her.

Clearsight and Darkstalker found Whiteout keening in distress as Arctic yelled about her screaming. Darkstalker found out from Arctic's mind that Foeslayer had another fight with him and that she flew off again. Darkstalker was about to enchant a silver armband to protect Foeslayer when he realized that Foeslayer already had the diamond earring Arctic had enchanted and given her in the beginning. But then he saw in Arctic's mind that before Foeslayer flew off, she had flung the earring at Arctic, saying that she didn't love him for his animus magic and that she loves him more than anything.

Arctic was convinced that Foeslayer would fly back for the earring but after Darkstalker enchanted a piece of paper to show where Foeslayer is, Clearsight realized that Queen Diamond must've used her animus magic to call Foeslayer back to wherever she is because Foeslayer was flying straight towards the IceWing camp in the desert. Darkstalker wanted to kill Queen Diamond right away with his animus magic, but Clearsight warned him that Queen Diamond's only heir, Snowfox, hates the NightWings and that she will lead to four highly possible futures of a NightWing genocide. Whiteout said that "The hole is too big, we're going to fall into it forever." Darkstalker comforted her and said that it's not forever and that they would see Foeslayer one day. Whiteout cried and said that "only one of us will, depending on who loses the future." Darkstalker realized that Foeslayer is gone and it's Arctic's fault.

Clearsight went to the library and looked for clues on animus magic, Queen Vigilance saw her and talked about the fact that she had three animus dragons (Fathom, Darkstalker, Arctic) and still didn't win the war. Clearsight pointed out that Fathom wouldn't use his animus powers and Arctic shouldn't she also said that animus magic could be unpredictable and that she hadn't calculated them into the future. Queen Vigilance called for Darkstalker and ordered Clearsight to start calculating. When Darkstalker arrived, Queen Vigilance asked him to give some ideas on how to end the war. Darkstalker showed her some examples of what he can do, such as enchanting a stick so that when it's snapped, every IceWing in Pyrrhia would drop dead. Eventually, they settled on an invisible shield around the NightWing kingdom that makes every IceWing that tries to enter die.

When the queen left, Clearsight confronted Darkstalker, asking him what he's thinking. Darkstalker told her that he wants to teach the IceWings a lesson and he wants to scare them into giving Foeslayer back. Clearsight told him that she couldn't see any future where Foeslayer comes back. Darkstalker admitted that he couldn't see any either, and that he had used his Dreamvisitor to try and enter Foeslayer's dreams but that he couldn't see anything. He said that he could enchant something to find out for sure but that he doesn't want anything to tell him that Foeslayer is dead. Clearsight told him that their bright futures are disappearing. Darkstalker begged her not to give up on him and to focus on their remaining bright paths. Clearsight nodded, just to make him feel better, but she couldn't believe in any bright futures with Darkstalker's sketch of dead IceWings on the table right beside them.

The third part begins with Listener and Clearsight at Clearsight's home in the palace looking out the window. Listener mentions that she can see the whole Great Diamond from the window and they both look down at the party below. She then tells Clearsight about her latest crush on a NightWing called Thoughtful. Clearsight and Listener meet up with Darkstalker, Fathom, and Whiteout in a game pavilion when they are in the middle of a scales-and-squares game. They greeted their friends and then Listener whisper loudly at Clearsight "There's Thoughtful!" Clearsight looked at him and saw two different futures, one with Listener as his love, and the other with Whiteout. She introduced him to Whiteout to change his future. Clearsight then sees Arctic watching them from the shadows. Before Clearsight could wonder why he was there, a different dragon lunged out of the shadows and stabbed a spear right into Darkstalker's heart. However, because of Darkstalker's invulnerability spell, he survives the attack. Lionfish, one of Fathom's guards, lunges toward the attacker and quickly kills him.

Listener, Clearsight's friend, starts freaking out claiming the spear hit him right in the heart. Darkstalker, not wanting to reveal his invulnerability spell, knowing Clearsight wouldn't approve, and Fathom would freak out, says that he guessed that the assassin missed. Listener says that he didn't miss and asks Clearsight what she saw and Clearsight replies that she doesn't know what she saw. Listener roars with frustration and then leaves. Darkstalker says it isn't a big deal and then says he would like to know who the assassin was and Clearsight adds that they want to know why he tried to kill Darkstalker. Darkstalker says pointedly to Lionfish, "Too bad he's dead and can't answer any of my questions." And Lionfish says sorry without any actual repentance. Thoughtful then indicates that he knew him by reputation and says his name was Quickdeath, also indicating that he was a killer for hire. Clearsight then asks if somebody sent Quickdeath to kill Darkstalker and Darkstalker says that he failed. Clearsight says that maybe the dragon will try again and then says that she feels like there are bad branching paths for the future but they are all blurry. Darkstalker confidently says that they will find out who hired Quickdeath and say that that would be easy and continues to say that they will stop the one who hired him from trying to kill him again and that would be easier. His eyes, described by Fathom as onyx beads, remind Fathom of his grandfather. Lionfish says that they should go back to the castle and Clearsight, Darkstalker, Fathom, and Lionfish go back to Fathom's room, and Fathom worries about Darkstalker's soul the whole way there.

In the room, Darkstalker tells Lionfish that he can leave and that Darkstalker will protect Fathom. Lionfish leaves, and Clearsight then more privately accuses Darkstalker of his miraculous survival saying Listener was right about it hitting him in the heart. Darkstalker admits to his invulnerability spell. Fathom checks the soul reader, and Darkstalker says that he made the invulnerability before he made the soul reader, so it was going to read the same thing. This was true, however, there appeared to be more white sand than there was before. Fathom is still scared for Darkstalker, and Clearsight tells Darkstalker to tell Fathom about the scroll.

Darkstalker is surprised and asks if that is safe, to which Clearsight responds that Darkstalker shows it to him in all the good futures. Darkstalker says that he also shows it to him in the bad futures, too. Clearsight tells him that Fathom isn't the one who turns them bad. Darkstalker scowls at her and sarcastically says that her faith in him is heartwarming. Fathom notices Blob underneath his blankets and quickly hides him from Darkstalker and Clearsight. Fathom starts getting worried about Indigo because he knows that she cares about Blob and wouldn't leave him.

Clearsight wakes up in her room at the palace with a huge headache from her horrible nightmares about Darkstalker turning evil. After replacing her earrings, which had slipped half-off in the night, Clearsight reassures herself that the argument from the night before didn't mean that any of the bad futures were going to actually happen, and a quick glance at the future reassures herself of this. She stumbles over to the window and spots Queen Vigilance and Allknowing strolling in the garden and having a conversation. Confused on why Allknowing was thereafter she was fired, Clearsight hurries down to the garden to talk to the queen. Queen Vigilance asks Clearsight about her visions, to which Clearsight responds that her previous visions still stand. Vigilance then asks if she has had any visions about Darkstalker, and Clearsight says that most of her visions about Darkstalker involve their future together and their dragonets. The queen unexpectedly demands to know if Clearsight has seen how she dies, and which one of those futures is the closest. Clearsight says that there are some possibilities. Allknowing asks why she hadn't mentioned it, and Clearsight says that it would be at least ten years before an heir would try to challenge her for the throne. Allknowing smirks triumphantly and mocks her, telling her not to hurt herself.

Queen Vigilance orders Allknowing to "share your mumbo-jumbo," and Allknowing does so gleefully, sharing a prophecy about Darkstalker coming to kill the queen and seize the throne for his own. Clearsight protests that Allknowing is making the prophecy up and that Darkstalker isn't a threat, but the queen doesn't believe her and tells her that she's so enchanted by her love that she wouldn't be able to see it anyway. Clearsight realizes that this could be true- that her earrings could be enchanted by Darkstalker. She unclips the earrings and drops them on the ground, and she's flooded with terrible futures of Darkstalker killing the queen, NightWings fleeing by the thousands, and Darkstalker with a crown and killing with ease, all about to happen if she doesn't stop them. Bewildered, Clearsight asks the queen whether she sent Quickdeath to kill Darkstalker, and when she responds that she couldn't have done anything else, after Allknowing's prophecy, Clearsight calls her a fool and that Darkstalker might not have come for her if she hadn't, but now it was too late. The queen, furious, orders her guards to arrest her, but Clearsight evades them and flies away, yelling back to the queen that she'll fix everything.

A moment later, wingbeats come up alongside her and Clearsight nearly strikes the dragon flying up next to her before realizing it's Fathom. He asks her what's going on, and Clearsight tells him the queen tried to kill Darkstalker, and in turn, Darkstalker is coming to kill her. For a moment, Fathom is hesitant to believe this and says that Darkstalker might forgive her since he forgave Indigo. Clearsight suddenly realizes that Darkstalker might not have forgiven Indigo and that he did something to her, but before she can tell Fathom this, they spot Darkstalker. Clearsight signals for them to land on a nearby roof to talk.

As they touch down, Clearsight says to Darkstalker that she isn't going to let him kill the queen. Darkstalker smirks at her and tells her that Vigilance started it, and she and Fathom plead with Darkstalker to help turn things back the way they were so that the queen can trust them again. Darkstalker refuses and tells Clearsight that they'll always be in danger from Vigilance unless he kills her or enchants Clearsight's scales to be invulnerable as well. Clearsight snaps that she would never let him do that, and says that she can't believe he betrayed her by putting a spell on her and messing with her power. Darkstalker dismisses this easily, saying that it was just a tiny little spell that just made them happier and life much easier, and adds that he was double-checking her work. He spreads his wings to go kill the queen, but Clearsight tackles him, pinning him to the roof. A vision suddenly sweeps over both of them of Arctic taking Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom, and Darkstalker and Clearsight fly off to save her, with a confused Fathom right behind them.

As they fly out of the Night Kingdom and towards the Kingdom of Sand, Fathom notices dead IceWing bodies that lay sprawled near the Nightwing border. He asks Clearsight about it, and she states that Darkstalker had put a border shield that kills any IceWings that try to enter the kingdom. Horrified, Fathom continues in silence. After flying in the Kingdom of Sand for a while, Clearsight says that they could be anywhere. Darkstalker takes out his scroll and Clearsight questions what he's going to do with it. He responds saying that it wasn't what she thought and enchants a dagger to stab Arctic's foot, not killing him but forcing him to stop. A few moments passed, and Darkstalker remembers that he has an enchanted earring that protects him. He enchanted a beetle to take the earring off, then the dagger flies off. Darkstalker follows it, with Fathom and Clearsight close behind.

They find Arctic with Whiteout peering at his injured foot. Arctic tells Darkstalker to let them go, as he had spared him. Darkstalker asks where Arctic was bringing Whiteout, and Arctic says that Whiteout wants to go with him. Whiteout agrees, and Fathom could see there was something wrong with her voice. Whiteout even jerks away from Clearsight, staying near Arctic. Arctic says that Whiteout would marry an IceWing prince, not a lowborn Nightwing. Whiteout agrees. Darkstalker states that Whiteout would be even more miserable at the IceWing palace than Arctic was in the Night Kingdom. Arctic then replies that he is doing this for Foeslayer, saying that Queen Diamond would let her go if she had Arctic. Darkstalker objects calmly that he is doing it for himself- that he has no reason to stay in the Night Kingdom now that Foeslayer was gone, that he is taking his chance to go home. Darkstalker also says that Arctic will most likely reveal the NightWing secrets, and also might use his powers again to attack the NightWings. Fathom could see from Clearsight's expression that it was true. Arctic says that he would only do so for Whiteout, and to leave before Queen Diamond's army finds them. Whiteout states that she wants to go with Arctic, and that she doesn't even like Darkstalker. Darkstalker realizes Whiteout had been enchanted and grabs his scroll. He tells Arctic that he made the mistake of not killing Darkstalker before he left. Arctic snarls saying that no matter what Darkstalker thought of his soul, he wouldn't kill his own son. He stood up, then asked what Darkstalker was writing. Clearsight pleaded Darkstalker to stop. Fathom wondered if he could stop Darkstalker, but it was too late, as he had already finished writing.

Darkstalker tells Arctic to stop talking, and when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He then tells him to never use his magic and to never hurt him or his friends ever again. Arctic lashed his tail in silent rage. Fathom asked Darkstalker what he had done, and spotted Clearsight with her face buried in her talons. Darkstalker ignored Fathom and continued, telling Arctic to release the spell he had put on Whiteout. He grabbed the golden glass shell necklace she was wearing, smashing it. Whiteout gasped, as though she had just woken up. She cried that it was too late- that the sand was falling. Darkstalker tries to reassure her, but she just says that she is thankful for being unfrozen, but is sorry for winning. Darkstalker says that she shouldn't be and that he can give him and his friends the best future. Darkstalker sees Fathom and Clearsight's panicked and concerned faces and tells them to calm down since he saved the day. Clearsight responds that she wanted to see the scroll, and Darkstalker hands it to her. Fathom felt like he should know what it said, but he read it anyway. It said: Enchant Arctic the IceWing to obey my every command. Fathom and Clearsight were shocked, and Whiteout was crying.

Darkstalker orders Arctic to follow them to the Night Kingdom. Clearsight says that they should rest, though Darkstalker knows that she is trying to push them into a different timeline, and refuses. The start to fly back to the kingdom. Darkstalker lands on a stage at the Great Diamond, ordering Arctic to stand beside him. Clearsight sent Fathom back to the palace, then she and Darkstalker hug, talking about the different timelines. Knowing she couldn't stop him, she steps away, her wings folded close and shaking. Meanwhile, dragons had started to gather, and Darkstalker addresses them all. Darkstalker starts interrogating Arctic, who was forced to tell the truth due to the spell Darkstalker had cast on him. Arctic reveals he was going to give Whiteout to the IceWings so they can breed more animi into the royal family, and that he was going to see if Foeslayer was alive, and would give the IceWings a map of the NightWing kingdom- plus how to get in- in exchange for Foeslayer's life. The crowd is shocked, along with Whiteout and Clearsight. Darkstalker then commands Arctic to kneel before him, admitting he is the greatest and the best animus of all time. Then, Arctic is told to cut off his tongue, which the crowd stared in horror. Then, Arctic was commanded to rip open his stomach, which he does, swiftly killing him. Darkstalker turns to find Whiteout crying, but Clearsight was gone. Whiteout tells him that Clearsight had taken his scroll and that she wanted to meet him at Agate Mountain. Darkstalker realizes in shock as he realized he couldn't trust Clearsight with his scroll, and that perhaps there wouldn't be a queen on the throne beside him.

It was back to before Arctic's death. Clearsight crept away from the crowd. She runs into Listener, who exclaims that Clearsight's 'boyfriend' was a psycho, just as she thought. She then comforts Clearsight once she realizes she is crying. Clearsight asks Listener about her promise, that she wouldn't tell her the future unless it had something to do with saving her family- something really bad. Listener listens with fear, asking what was going to happen. Clearsight is unsure, as there is so much darkness in the timelines now. She tells Listener that if she ever believed her, then she was to find her parents, her family, and possibly the queen, and leave the Night Kingdom. To fly as far as possible, where nobody would ever, ever find them. Clearsight realized she had caught some other dragons' attention, and they were listening intently. Clearsight and Listener hugs, and Clearsight thanks Listener for being here, and for being her friend. She leaves, heading for Fathom's room.

Clearsight finds Fathom pacing anxiously. Clearsight gives him the scroll to find a way to stop Darkstalker, but Fathom refuses to use it, as he suspects it may be enchanted to tell him when someone uses it, and so he says he will use his own power. Clearsight objects at first, saying that it would break his oath, though she knows that the thread of hope in the timelines was wavering, so she agrees. Fathom uses her moonstone bracelet to put an enchantment on, one that only works on Darkstalker. Clearsight thanks Fathom as he gives the bracelet back, and tells him that she is worried Darkstalker had enchanted Indigo somehow. She then tells him that afterward, he is to hide the scroll, but not to break it. She leaves, saying goodbye to Fathom. She flies away to Agate Mountain, clinging onto the only thread of hope she has left.

Darkstalker met Clearsight at Agate Mountain. He notices that she didn't bring his scroll with her, and he wonders why she stole it if she didn't use it. Clearsight gives a fact that Agate Mountain wouldn't be the tallest mountain much longer, as there would be an earthquake and a whole side of the mountain would fall. Darkstalker accuses her of using that as a metaphor- the most powerful dragon falling and another to take his place. Clearsight responds that it was something that will happen in the future. Darkstalker insists that he can easily enchant the mountain to never fall. He insists he can make their future turn out how they want, but Clearsight responds, "Not if we want different things."

Darkstalker insists that they're so close to their happy future, stating all his enemies are dead. Clearsight asks if that includes Indigo, leading Darkstalker to wonder if she knew. Darkstalker decides she was guessing and continues to lie, replying that she left and he had nothing to do with it. Clearsight than turns to the sunrise, saying that his descent into malice perhaps began when he lied to her for the first time, losing Foeslayer and not being able to do anything about it, or all the small moments when she felt threatened or powerless, and all the things he did to fight his feelings. Darkstalker replies by saying everything he did was for a good reason.

Clearsight continues, saying that maybe his malice was maybe always a part of him, something he inherited from his father along with his animus powers, and maybe he was always going to turn out this way no matter what she did. In reply, Darkstalker lunges toward her in fury, grabbing her wrist and twisting it painfully. He claims he doesn't need saving and he's nothing like his father, demanding Clearsight for his scroll back.

Clearsight, however, slips the moonstone bracelet off her and onto his arm, putting Darkstalker to sleep. Clearsight then kneels beside him, resting her talons lightly on his neck. Clearsight drags Darkstalker far back into the cave, tears falling from her eyes. Clearsight rolls Darkstalker against the back wall and checked the bracelet to make sure it was securely fastened around Darkstalker's arm. Then she filled in the cave with boulders from the hillside, piling them up to hide Darkstalker inside. When that was done, she found another mountain where she could watch and wait for the earthquake to come. She thought about all the futures she saw, and she grieved the fact that in the end, Darkstalker and her never had a happy future, never getting married or having dragonets together. She saw possible futures where if she returns to the NightWing tribe, dangerous things happen, one of them Clearsight missing Darkstalker so much that the temptation to return and release him became too strong. She even considers staying with him and lying down in the path of the avalanche and wait to die.

Clearsight remembered a long-ago dream that came from a scroll she used to read, stories about the lost continent and secret tribes of dragons that lived there. She could see a future where she was an explorer, going out and finding new worlds and places no NightWing had ever been or imagined. She knew that the future was in her talons now, and she could do anything she wanted to do.



Clearsight was Darkstalker's soulmate. Darkstalker loved her[1] without reserve or hesitation, mostly reciprocated. He was enthusiastic about their relationship and tried his best to make her feel happy and safe.[2] He disliked that she worried over their futures so much, but loved her wholly.[17] However, the tragedy of Hope's presumed death shattered him, and he became indifferent towards her free will and happiness, although later apologizing to her imagined presence.[18] He tried to keep her focused on the happy futures where they had dragonets, but ultimately manipulated Clearsight's ability against her will, even seeming defiant and indifferent when confronted.[19] Although Darkstalker lied to himself about this attempted manipulation of Clearsight being the best thing for her, it was really about keeping her from knowing about his schemes.[19] Their relationship ultimately failed due to Darkstalker's actions, and Clearsight is not to blame.[event 2] Clearsight loved Darkstalker very much, and tried her best to keep their futures bright,[20] but eventually had no choice but to betray her beloved by trapping him in a cave within Agate Mountain with a bracelet enchanted by Fathom.[11] She mourned him — and their possible future dragonets — for a long time after he was trapped, and never moved on, even after relocating to Pantala.[3]


Clearsight met Fathom shortly after his arrival in the Night Kingdom, and cared about him very much — Darkstalker even worried that she might have loved Fathom more than himself at one point.[21] She had opened up to him numerous times about her feelings about Darkstalker and prophetic powers; he seemed to be a supportive friend to her. Clearsight possibly felt protective towards Fathom, as shown how worried she was when the massacre happened, and how happy she was when he arrived at the Night Kingdom. She probably felt that it would be her fault if something ever happened to Fathom since she could predict the future so well. After Darkstalker killed Arctic with his animus magic, Fathom helped Clearsight to defeat Darkstalker by enchanting Clearsight's mind reading-blocking moonstone bracelet that was meant to keep Darkstalker asleep for the rest of time.[22]


Listener was Clearsight's first true friend, and she was humorous and welcoming towards her, showing her around their classroom,[23] and later going with her on an expedition to save the school's pet scavengers.[24] Listener never approved of Clearsight's relationship with Darkstalker, but was still supportive throughout their friendship. When Clearsight first saw Listener, she felt that most paths with Listener ended well, which made Clearsight feel openly more secure around her.[25]


Immediately after Clearsight arrived on Pantala, she was greeted by two dragons, one of which was an unnamed LeafWing and one of which was Sunstreak. Clearsight tried to speak to them in Dragon, and surprisingly Sunstreak responded in a largely influent form of Clearsight's native language. Sunstreak and Clearsight were then in a romantic relationship, getting married, and even growing close enough that Clearsight spoke about her previous life in Pyrrhia and her former love and soulmate, Darkstalker. They had four dragonets, Commodore, Jewel, Orange, and Tortoiseshell.[3]

Family Tree

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These are user interpretations of her prophecies, and while they have been reviewed and deemed accurate by parts of the community, it is important to note that they are not stated in canon.

Prophecy Meaning
"Beware your two queens; beware your own power. Your claws will betray you in your final hour." [26] To Arctic, warning him that his doom will be caused by his own claws, power, and his two queens — Queen Vigilance, who welcomed him into her tribe's home, and Queen Diamond, the queen of his tribe and Arctic's mother. This comes true when Darkstalker enchants him to disembowel himself.
"The SeaWing brings death. The SeaWing brings salvation. Don't let him come. He must come, or all is lost." [7] Referring to Fathom and how he would be a necessary friend to Darkstalker, but someone who will unknowingly push him to fulfill his dark motives.


"I'm looking for clues about how animus power works. There's so much we don't know. Can one animus spell override another? Is there anything animus magic can't do? Do different spells affect their souls in different ways, or are they always the same? But all the scrolls are about IceWings, and it sounds like they've always restricted their magic so much that no one's had a chance to find out anything. I mean, of course no one wants to run experiments on animus dragons, even if you had more than one at a time for comparison, to see who goes evil first. So it's all anecdotal, and …"
― to Vigilance (Darkstalker, page 250)

"It's — well, it's complicated — there are so many consequences — and spells can go wrong, especially with a war scenario where it's all so chaotic. it's kind of an unspoken rule that tribes don't use animus magic in war, isn't it? Because if we use animus magic, then they might retaliate with animus magic, and then it gets … well, really bad …"
― to Vigilance (Darkstalker, page 251)

"You can't wipe out an entire tribe. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent IceWings. Think of all the little dragonets who aren't part of this war. You're not a dragonet-killer, Darkstalker."
― to Darkstalker (Darkstalker, page 255)

"We don't want to keep out all the other tribes. The NightWings are famous for our intertribal relations and open trade partnerships. Our scrolls and artwork are sold across the continent. Dragons bring us new ideas and inventions and discoveries from all over. If we close our border, especially with violence, we lose all of that. We lose everything that makes us who we are."
― to Vigilance (Darkstalker, page 257)

"I'm sorry, my love. I know it's the worst thing. I know it hurts and you're not all right and you're angry and you want to punish the IceWings, but you have to fight the anger and the darkness. Darkstalker, I'm so, so scared. The things I've seen in the future because of this — the things that happen to you, the things that you do and what you become — it's all so dark, I almost can't see the light anymore. I'm afraid we're losing our bright paths …"
― to Darkstalker (Darkstalker, page 259)

"Thank you for being you. I hope your life is everything it should be."
― to Listener (Darkstalker, page 338)

"Maybe it started the first time you lied to me. Or maybe it was losing Foeslayer and not being able to do anything about it. Maybe it was all the small moments where you felt threatened or powerless or out of control, and all the things you did to fight those feelings … Or maybe it's just part of you, something you hatched with. Maybe that's what you really got from your father, along with your magic. Maybe you were always going to turn out this way, no matter how I tried to save you."
― to Darkstalker (Darkstalker, page 353-354)

"I've been reading everything I can find about her. I found papers she wrote in school and stories written about her by a friend named Listener. Clearsight was brilliant, maybe the most brilliant NightWing who ever lived. No one's ever been able to navigate multiple futures in their visions the way she did. That's why Darkstalker loved her."
― Moonwatcher to Qibli about Clearsight (Darkness of Dragons, page 249)


  • As stated by Tui, Clearsight was one of the easiest characters to write, because "being that worried and imagining a million futures is like being a writer in the middle of a story."[event 3]
  • Clearsight made the only known travel route between the two continents, which was hidden in the back cover of the Book of Clearsight.[27]
  • Clearsight is dead and never coming back, though she was originally considered to be brought back to life as a zombie.[event 4]
  • Clearsight married several different husbands throughout her life, including Sunstreak, and in doing so she was thought to have created the HiveWing and SilkWing tribes which were supposedly all her descendants.[28]
  • Clearsight lived for a very long time.[event 5]
  • Clearsight once ate a fruit with purple spots that made her breath smell like vulture for a week.[29]



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