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"Have I taught you nothing about survival? You survive! That's all you have to do! Nobody is ever going to take care of you! A dragon looks out for herself and no one else. You weak little worm, if you steal a coconut, you keep it for yourself."
— Cobra to Qibli, Darkness of Dragons

Cobra is an adult female SandWing who was introduced in Darkness of Dragons. She is the mother of Qibli, Rattlesnake, and Sirocco. Before being imprisoned by Thorn at the SandWing stronghold, Cobra's skills were legendary among certain circles, and she outshone all of the assassins within the Scorpion Den.[1]


Cobra has snakelike patterns down her spine.[2] She looks beautiful and deadly, with a dangerous glitter in her eyes.[3] She is long,[3] large[2] and thin,[3] and has a toothy smile.[4]


Cobra is dishonest,[5] untrustworthy,[6] greedy,[4] cold,[7] deadly, smart,[8] nefarious,[1] evil,[9] scornful,[10] and hates dragonets.[11] She has a fierce hostility towards other tribes[12] and is very strict about grammar.[13] Her voice sounded bored when she was imprisoned within the SandWing stronghold.[14]


Cobra was hatched to Vulture and an unknown mother. She grew up to be a famous assassin, rumored to have killed Oasis's sisters and two guests at Scarlet's wedding. She married an unknown dragon and had three dragonets; Qibli, Rattlesnake, and Sirocco. Cobra abused and ignored Qibli, and possibly even his siblings, before Thorn came to take him. She did not care what happened to him, but she did not want to sell Qibli at first. But after a quick negotiation, in which Thorn agrees to stay out of Cobra's way, she let Thorn take him. She always insisted that he had to fend for himself in the Scorpion Den. She said he cared too much for others and was worthless.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night
When Sunny asks if Thorn was Qibli's mother too, he says no and that Thorn saved him from his mother.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Soon after meeting Qibli, Moonwatcher has a vision about Qibli's early life, including his mother. Later, Qibli asks "where is she?", the 'she' being Cobra.
Darkness of Dragons
In a flashback, Qibli remembered the whispers of dragons wondering why he and his siblings were allowed to live. He remembered lying awake night after night waiting for his mother to show a hint of her hidden love. Yet, Cobra never looked at her dragonets. When Qibli was three and half years old, Cobra had ordered Qibli and his siblings out because she was expecting a client. He came back later with a coconut and offered it to Cobra. She was furious because when "you steal a coconut, you kept it for yourself." Thorn noticed this and offered to take Qibli. Cobra refused this but agreed after Thorn claimed that she and her Outclaws would leave her alone. After Qibli left, Vulture, Cobra's father, imprisoned her to get his hands on her dragonets, to make them join his Talons of Power organization. He trapped her in an oubliette until Qibli came to Vulture's fortress to look for Ostrich. When Cobra was freed by Qibli, she told him to escape that night with her. Cobra stopped herself from calling Qibli "lizard," and even tried to kill her other two dragonets for trying to stop her escape. She, in fact, killed many Talons of Power members on her way out of Vulture's fortress with Qibli, and also set off a dragonflame cactus prior to stealing the Obsidian Mirror against her father's wishes. It was later revealed by Qibli that Cobra and Vulture were plotting against Qibli, by making it seem as if Cobra had been trapped in the oubliette for years, although it had only been less than a day. Vulture and Cobra had set a trap for Qibli, trying to make him lead his mother to Thorn's stronghold. Cobra was arrested by Thorn and was thrown in Thorn's dungeon. Later, when Smolder, Qibli, Thorn, and Onyx visit the dungeons of Queen Thorn's stronghold, they meet Prickle, who was thought to be Palm and thrown into jail. Once they confirm her identity, Thorn thoughtfully wonders if she should let her go, and Cobra asks in a bored voice if she is letting prisoners go and, if so, can she be released. Thorn rejects her offer.



Cobra is dishonest[5] and scornful towards her son, and did not care at all what he did or how he was affected.[15] Cobra considers him a half-witted idiot with crazy ideas,[16] completely ordinary and useless, and doubts his ability to ever do anything important.[17] Later on in life, she snapped at him even while pretending to be loving towards him in order to infiltrate the SandWing stronghold.[18]

Rattlesnake and Sirocco

Cobra did not pay much attention to Rattlesnake and Sirocco, and did not care much what they did. She often spoke harshly towards them.[15]

Family Tree



"Get your ugly snouts out of here and don't come back until dark, if you must come back at all."
― to her dragonets (Darkness of Dragons, page 6)

"Have I taught you nothing about survival? […] You survive! That's all you have to do! Nobody is ever going to take care of you! A dragon looks out for herself and no one else. You weak little worm, if you steal a coconut, you keep it for yourself."
― to Qibli (Darkness of Dragons, page 10)

"He thinks about other dragons too much. It's going to get him killed one day."
― to Thorn about Qibli (Darkness of Dragons, page 10)

"Hoping for some last words of wisdom? […] Take care of yourself, lizard. You'll never amount to much, so don't go trying to be a hero, or you'll just get killed. And don't come crawling back here. How's that?"
― to Qibli (Darkness of Dragons, page 13)

"Has your handwriting gotten worse since you were a dragonet? And your spelling is atrocious. What self-respecting SandWing can't spell Capybara? I swear you've gotten stupider since I sold you."
― pretending to criticize Qibli's handwriting (Darkness of Dragons, page 109)

"All right, Mr. Cleverclaws. You think you've got it all figured out. But did it ever occur to you that I might be betraying him? That he wouldn't have wanted me to take the Obsidian Mirror? That I might really want to destroy him and take over the Scorpion Den with you at my side?"
― to Qibli, about betraying Vulture (Darkness of Dragons, page 141)

"You really think he would give up that easily? You think he'll go back to his gilded compound and lie around eating scavengers peacefully for the rest of his life? Ha. Ha. Ha. Vulture will burn the kingdom to the ground before he gives up."
― to Qibli about Vulture (Darkness of Dragons, page 186)


  • Cobra loves coconut.[19]
  • Cobra always eats roasted coriander seeds before a planned assassination.[16]



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