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"This papaya tastes boring. I guess I normally like papaya. But this one is sort of boring all the way through. Like eating water. Boring water. I wonder when it will be sun time. Maybe I should try a different papaya after this one. But what if the next papaya is boring, too?"
— Coconut's thoughts, Moon Rising

Coconut is a male RainWing dragonet who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. He currently attends Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Copper Winglet.


Coconut is small.[1] He typically has sleepy eyes and quiet lavender-blue scales.[2]


He demonstrates stereotypical RainWing traits such as laziness and carelessness.[1] Qibli referred to him as "a sloth masquerading as a dragon" and "the slowest, least threatening dragon in the world."[3] He's often focused on food and not much else.[4][5] Moonwatcher described his thoughts as "slow and meaningless," and thought that she might go mad if she had to listen to his mind all day long.[2] She compared his mind to Pyrite's saying that it was shallow and not much deeper than hers.[6]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

Coconut appeared when Kinkajou and Glory returned from the prisons in the NightWing volcano. The duo flew over to the rainforest with Kinkajou, who was excited to be back, and Coconut was surprised to see the young RainWing. He didn't seem to realize or to have particularly cared that Kinkajou had been missing for several weeks, which Kinkajou was deeply offended by. Glory ordered him to gather the RainWings for a meeting, and he attempted to do so.

Later, Glory spotted him in a small group of RainWings, and he shrugged at her, showing that those were all he could gather.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Coconut appeared a few times, particularly near the fruit in the dining cave, with one of the times being when Kinkajou showed Moonwatcher around the school. Moonwatcher found she could latch on to his thoughts as a place of calm but claimed she would go insane if she had to listen to them all day. When Kinkajou talked to him, he paid very little attention to her and was more interested in the fruit he was eating. He was also later shown resting in a patch of sunlight, along with Boto and Siamang. Qibli thought that Coconut and Marsh were good clawmates because even skittery Marsh couldn't be scared of that "sloth masquerading as a dragon."

Darkness of Dragons

Coconut was shown during the epilogue in the prey center near Marsh and Clay. Clay mentioned that he and his fellow school administrators had made a good choice in making Marsh and Coconut clawmates since the two had quickly become best friends.



Coconut was mentioned to have taken gliding lessons with Kinkajou one year before The Hidden Kingdom. He did not notice Kinkajou's disappearance from the RainWing village or seemed to care and appears to disregard her attempts to reconstruct their friendship.


Marsh is in the same Winglet as Coconut, as well as his clawmate. The two are docile and have opposite personalities, which was why they were paired up. Their personalities helped them to become best friends, according to Clay; Coconut's laziness helps to calm Marsh, while Marsh's nervousness helps Coconut start caring for things around him.


"The mangoes are pretty good, I was told to eat them first because they're all ripe. I like bananas better but mangoes are fine. I don't particularly like coconut, though."
― to Moon (Moon Rising, page 37)

"This papaya tastes boring. I guess I normally like papaya. But this one is sort of boring all the way through. […] Maybe I should try a different papaya after this one. But what if the next papaya is boring, too?"
― Coconut's thoughts (Moon Rising, page 101)


  • Despite his name, he claims that he does not like coconuts, though he likes mangoes and bananas.[2]



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