"Did you have to get our commander killed to stop us from getting it?"
—Piranha in Assassin after Tempest is killed.

Commander Piranha is a SeaWing soldier who fought for Queen Coral and is one of the council members of The Kingdom of the Sea. Her position on the Council is War Commander. She is introduced in the second book in the Wings of Fire series, The Lost Heir, described as being disfigured from many battle scars. She has multiple broken teeth and half of one horn is broken off.


Piranha is a wiry female with small eyes and dark gray-blue scales[1]. She is disfigured from many battle scars[2] and has multiple broken teeth[2], and half of one of her horns is broken off[2].



Piranha is first seen coming out of the water next to Commander Tempest, and is seen as her third-in-command. She seems to care a lot about her commander, and she "shrieked with rage" when she died. She became furious at the MudWings, thinking that they murdered Tempest.

The Lost HeirEdit

After Kestrel's corpse was found a few islands away from the Summer Palace, Queen Coral orders Shark and Piranha to fly with her to the body.

Afterwards, Coral calls the SeaWing Council to a Council meeting. It is there that Tsunami realizes she is War Commander, as she sits in the war pool. Piranha reports to Coral that there is still "no info on the dead SkyWing." She then brings in two wounded soldiers (One of them being Herring's Brother) and tells them to report about a recent battle they had with the SkyWings to Coral.

Later, when Webs arrives at the Summer Palace, Piranha captures a SeaWing suspiciously lurking around the same area. This SeaWing turns out to be Riptide, and both Webs and Riptide are imprisoned in the Electric Eel Prison.


"Search the trees! Find who did this!"

"Did you have to get our commander killed to stop us from getting it?"

"We don't want your stupid land! But we're certainly going to take it now!"


  • A piranha is a deep-bodied South American freshwater fish that typically lives in schools and has very sharp teeth that are used to tear flesh from prey. 
  • This name is ironic as Piranha has multiple broken teeth. 



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