"I am concerned about our defenses. The intruders in our midst are a danger to us. We have no idea whether they might have led others to our palace, or what they might be planning."
—Shark to Queen Coral in The Lost Heir.

Commander Shark is an adult male SeaWing who was first introduced in The Lost Heir. He is a military commander for the Kingdom of the Sea, a member of the SeaWing Council, and part of the SeaWing Royal Family as he is Queen Coral's brother.

Appearance Edit

Shark has dull gray-green scales, similar in appearance to "a stone where moss has been scraped away." He has tiny, bone-pale, unblinking eyes that have been described as "pale reflecting pools that hide his thoughts."[2] He has a knobbly, protruding forehead[3] and horns that twist strangely towards one another.[4] He has been noted to lack any battle scars[5] and is similar in appearance to his daughter Moray.[6]


Shark is generally a militaristic, curt, and intimidating dragon. In The Lost Heir, Shark argued with Queen Coral on various occasions, so it can be inferred that Shark is also quite stubborn, courageous, and fairly outspoken about his opinions, even towards the SeaWing queen. By nature, he is highly suspicious and shrewd and is a practical, logistic thinker. Despite being rude and aggressive, Shark is seemingly loyal towards Queen Coral and his job as a military commander. He may also secretly be compassionate, as he took pity on the half-starved Tortoise and gave her an octopus to eat while she was in charge of guarding Queen Coral's eggs. Most dragons are generally respectful and obedient towards him, likely a result of his serious, unreadable, and intimidating demeanor.


The Lost HeirEdit

Shark was first introduced in the Kingdom of the Sea, flying at the head of the advance guard in order to confront Riptide and the Dragonets of Destiny as they approached the Summer Palace. After Riptide claimed that he had found Tsunami, the SeaWing tribe's alleged missing princess, Shark was skeptical. After Tsunami presented her spiral wing markings, undoubtedly marking her as SeaWing royalty, Shark reluctantly accepted that she was a princess and ordered his troops to bring Tsunami to the palace and to kill her four friends. Tsunami protested, and Shark eventually signaled for his guard to stand aside, leaving Tsunami's companions unharmed.

Shark then led the Dragonets, Riptide, and Tsunami to the Summer Palace. Shark stood silently on one of the spirals of a pillar while Tsunami introduced herself to a portion of the SeaWing tribe. He then joined Tsunami and her companions, along with Queen Coral and Anemone, atop the royal pavilion, accompanied by nine other large SeaWings. He stood aside as seven of them ushered the Dragonets into a prison cave on Queen Coral's orders. Anemone, Queen Coral, Moray, Piranha, Riptide, Shark, and Tsunami then swam to the border of the Summer Palace in order to investigate the dead body of a mysterious SkyWing (later revealed to be Kestrel). After flying back to the palace, Queen Coral and a few Council members (one of whom was likely Shark) conducted a war meeting.

The next morning, Shark was observed sitting in a pool labeled 'DEFENSE' during a Council meeting. After a time of eating in silence, Shark reported to Queen Coral that he was concerned about the palace defenses, accusing the Dragonets to be a "danger in [their] midst."[7] When Tsunami confessed that King Gill was killed in the SkyWing Arena - Tsunami carefully avoided mentioning that she herself was the one to kill him - she felt as if Shark had guessed the truth, and that he knew the actual cause of King Gill's death. Queen Coral then disbanded the council meeting so she could grieve for her deceased husband.

Queen Coral mentioned that she had sent Shark to the Deep Palace after that morning's council meeting in order to check on Tortoise and her eggs. After discovering that one of her eggs had been smashed, however, she punished Tortoise by yanking out all of her teeth one by one and then fatally stabbing her through the belly. Before Tortoise died, she pointed at Shark amongst the spectating crowd, Queen Coral afterward having a heated discussion with him in Aquatic. Later, it was revealed by Anemone that, according to Tortoise, Shark had brought Tortoise an octopus to eat and granted her permission to leave her post.

Later, when Tsunami asked Flounder, Herring, Kelp, and Snail for a key to Clay's chains, they protested, mentioning that Shark had given them orders to keep him imprisoned within the cave. Tsunami eventually convinced them through discussion and a promise to keep each of their families safe if she ever became the SeaWing queen.

Next morning, in front of Blister, her SandWing guards, and several members of the SeaWing tribe, Tsunami loudly accused Shark of giving his soldiers orders to chain Clay; aware that she was being watched, Queen Coral had no choice but to order Shark into the underwater dungeons. Shark didn't protest, only snarling at the guards who approached him and giving Tsunami a look of hatred before swimming towards the prison himself.

Shark was not imprisoned for long, however, and was later seen leading the defense against enemy SandWing and SkyWing soldiers during the attack on the Summer Palace. He lived through the battle, later fleeing to the Deep Palace with the other surviving SeaWings.

Talons Of PowerEdit

Anemone says she thought about turning him bright pink and making all his teeth fall out. Turtle also remembers him in the flashback. He was on the beach, pacing and glowering at everyone.

Family TreeEdit

Commander Shark
Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet

Quotes Edit

"Rrrriptide, [...] What are you dragging home now?"

"Oh, really? [...] You, Riptide? Of all dragons? What an unusual coincidence." - Shark to Riptide[5]

"What makes you think this snip of a dragon comes from the stolen royal egg?"

"Very well. [...] Kill the other four and bring her."

"The queen is conducting business at the Deep Palace, [...] We will take you to the Summer Palace, where you may wait for her."

"I am concerned about our defenses. The intruders in our midst are a danger to us. We have no idea whether they might have led others to our palace, or what they might be planning." - Shark to Queen CoralThe Lost Heir, page 112

"Halt! [...] Rrrriptide. What are you dragging home now?" -In The Lost Heir Graphic Novel

"Very well." -In The Lost Heir Graphic Novel

"The queen is conducting business at the Deep Palace. You may wait for her in the Summer Palace." -In The Lost Heir Graphic Novel

"Send word to the queen." -In The Lost Heir Graphic Novel

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Shark's lack of battle scars, it can be inferred that he is either a very skilled fighter or that he stays away from the war entirely. Considering that Shark is a military commander, however, the former is much more likely to be true.[8]
  • In The Lost Heir, Riptide mentioned that nobody aside from Blister and Queen Coral would backtalk Shark.[9]

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