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"I'll stay with her this time. No one else can do it except me. I was right about our incompetent guards […] I'm going to keep our next daughter alive. I'll stay in the hatchery with the egg to keep it safe. I'll keep her by my side all the time. Her whole life, if I have to. I'll never leave her alone. She's going to be perfect, Gill, you'll see. And we're going to call her Anemone."
— Coral to Gill, Talons of Power

Coral is an adult female SeaWing who was introduced in The Lost Heir. She is the current queen of the SeaWings and is renowned in the Kingdom of the Sea for writing countless scrolls, most of which primarily revolve around herself and her kingdom. She was formerly married to Gill and currently resides in the Deep Palace.


Coral is majestic[2] and beautiful,[3] with blue scales[4] that are identical to the color of Tsunami's. She is huge,[3] and has enormous blue wings[5] with patterns of webbed talonprints underneath them.[6] She smells like sea air and starfish,[5] with sharp white teeth[7] and a dark blue forked tongue.[8] Her eyes are a warm[9] green color,[10] and her neck, chest, and wings are adorned with strands of pearls. She also has a twisted white[3] narwhal horn[11] spear[12] attached to the tip of her tail, black[3] ink[13] staining her claws,[3] and a rumbly voice.[14] Additionally, Coral wears a thin, webbed harness with a long cord[3] that first tied her to her daughter Anemone.[15] Later on, she uses it to tie herself to Auklet.[16]


Coral is vengeful,[7] suspicious,[12] overly protective,[17] terrifying,[18] commanding,[19] stern,[20] and cares greatly for rules and traditions,[21] and none of her subjects seemed underfed or grumpy, like the SkyWings under Scarlet's rule.[22] However, when two SeaWing soldiers returned from a nasty battle, she seemed to be most concerned about one soldier's blood staining her pearl-embedded floor instead of his health, only allowing him to see a healer when Tsunami intervened.[23] The soldier's brother later stated that she usually would have kept him standing there for the duration of the meeting.[24] She also yawned and glanced at her scrolls when a dead dragon was reported to have been found within her kingdom.[25] She helped herself to the largest pieces of fish during a Council meeting,[26] and was dismissive towards Tsunami's worries about her friends drowning whilst being forced into an easily-flooded cave, stating "Can't they swim?" She also promised Tsunami that if she let anything happen to Auklet's egg, Coral would kill Tsunami as well.[27] Herring and Snail feared vicious punishment after allowing Tsunami to take the keys to unchain her friends;[28] a resonable concern, considering Coral's punishment of death to several of her citizens that displeased her in some way. She also assigned Webs' wife from kitchen work to active duty after his betrayal, despite the fact that she was caring for a three-year-old dragonet. She also seemed mildly pleased at Webs' devestated reaction.[29]

She also resents and outcasts Riptide for having a "tainted bloodline," despite that it was not his fault that his father, Webs, betrayed her and his tribe by stealing Tsunami's egg for the Talons of Peace. She remarked that Shark was too soft on the starving Tortoise by allowing her to eat an octopus — her first meal in days — instead of forcing her to continue guarding the Royal Hatchery.[30] Tortoise's punishment, administered by Coral herself, was torture, followed quickly by death. She also executed Abalone and Snapper for failing to protect her eggs, despite the fact that Abalone was physically disabled due to a strange illness. Although her scrolls usually do not pertain to history, and favor Coral's fictional stories and biography, they are required reading in SeaWing schools.

Coral also forced her daughter Anemone to grow up connected to her by a rubber harness at all times, and it was only after Auklet was born that Anemone was allowed to roam free for the first time. She cares excessively about her daughters to the point that she rarely remembers any of her sons' names. Coral even once declared that because they could not inherit the throne, they were unimportant, right in front of her son Turtle.[31] Because many of her daughters were murdered before hatching, she now harnesses herself to her youngest daughter, Auklet, very protectively.

Despite this, she is fiercely protective of her daughters and truly cares about them, even though one of them will eventually challenge her for the throne. Coral still loves and misses her first daughter Orca, despite the fact that she nearly killed her in a royal challenge. She has a fondness for writing and loves her scrolls, wanting every dragon in her Kingdom to read them. Tsunami describes her to be an overprotective mother.

Coral also appears to somewhat lack the ability to think for herself, and can easily be persuaded or influenced. In The Lost Heir, Blister easily convinces her to imprison the dragonets even though one of them was Coral's own daughter, Tsunami. In fact, most of the SeaWing queen's actions during the War of SandWing Succession were influenced by the sinister SandWing princess.

Overall, Coral is a kind queen, but tends to be a bit selfish as she tends to care more about her personal interests and loved ones than her tribe as a whole. Coral brutally punishes anyone who threatened to kill her daughters, getting rid of many guards who failed to catch the assassin of the heirs. She also appears to be very straight-minded, never stopping to ponder about why many of her guards are failing the job and instead murdering all of them who failed to catch the assassin. This can further be proven when she brutally tortured Tortoise in front of her two-year old daughter, instead of thinking back to how this could negatively impact the young dragonet's mindset.

Coral appears to care about her sons more than she lets on, as in the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons, she writes a letter to Turtle saying she sends her love and hopes he visits soon to see the new Summer Palace they are building.


Queen Coral had many dragonets, including Anemone, Auklet, Orca, Tsunami, twelve other deceased daughters, Cerulean, Fin, Octopus, Turtle, and twenty-eight other surviving sons with her now-deceased partner, Gill. Queen Coral was challenged for the throne by Orca when Orca was seven years old, and although Orca nearly won, Coral eventually killed her by impaling her with the narwhal horn attached to the end of her tail. However, before challenging her mother, Orca carved and enchanted a statue of herself that was cursed to kill any of the queen's female dragonets, likely in order to rid herself of potential rivals for the throne. Since Orca's statue was mounted in the Royal Hatchery, it had easy access to its unhatched victims, and after Orca's death, all of Coral's unhatched daughters would be found dead, their eggshells smashed. Queen Coral is extremely fond of writing and is the author of countless scrolls, likely using writing as a method to cope with the loss of her husband and daughters. She is the author of The Missing Princess, a scroll written for her long-lost stolen daughter Tsunami. She also wrote a scroll on why she chose Gill as her husband, something that she would constantly read to Anemone. After Orca's death in the challenge, she wrote a scroll entitled The Tragedy of Orca to remember her daughter. She has also written two murder mysteries called The Talons of Murder, A Tail of Blood, and an informative book named On the Differences Between Oysters and Clams.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
When the dragonets and Kestrel escaped the SkyWing Palace, Kestrel told them that Tsunami was "from the SeaWing queen's own hatchery." When Clay told Starflight that, Starflight responded stating that Coral was supposed to be a great queen, unlike Scarlet. When Tsunami asked if they think that Coral will be happy to meet her, Starflight proceeded to tell them that not one of Queen Coral's heirs lived to adulthood, and that's why she would be glad to see Tsunami.
The Lost Heir
When Commander Shark, Riptide, and some other SeaWing guards bring Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny to the Summer Palace, they wait for Queen Coral on the top pavilion. A little while later, Queen Coral and Anemone come through the tunnel to the Summer Palace, and all the SeaWings bow. Tsunami notices how Anemone was harnessed to the queen.

Coral hugs Tsunami and calls her "her baby." She says that she knew Tsunami would come back, but Anemone complains that she hurt her claws. Queen Coral licks them quickly and then tells Anemone that Tsunami is her sister. Tsunami tells them her name and Coral approves of it, remarking "at least Webs did one thing right," and asks Tsunami where Webs is. Coral says he was a coward and a deserter, and says "it won't be a quick death" when she found him. Sunny tells them not to hurt him, and then Coral notices the other dragonets and asks why a MudWing was there. Tsunami says that the others are her friends and that they are the dragonets of destiny.

Coral decides to have them meet Blister, and to "make sure they don't go anywhere," she tells some guards to put Clay, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny in Blister's cave. Tsunami attempts to convince her not to do that, but Coral says it is for their own safety. She orders Lagoon, the dragon in charge of preparing food for formal occasions, to get some food for their "guests," and Tsunami tells the guards that they do not have to tie the dragonets up because they will go with the guards. Glory says that "nobody touches [her]," but finally Tsunami calms Glory down, and Coral informs them that she and Tsunami will talk somewhere else.

Queen Coral gives Tsunami some pearls that were on her horns, and when Tsunami asks to talk alone, Coral dismisses the SeaWing Council. Tsunami asks what's wrong with Riptide, and Coral says that his "bloodline is tainted" because Webs is his father. When the Council has left, Coral explains that Anemone stays with her always, and suggests that Tsunami should have a harness as well. Tsunami refuses and explains that she has no knowledge of Aquatic. Coral is very surprised and asked what Tsunami does know. Tsunami tells her mother what she learned, and Anemone asks when she gets to learn those kinds of things. Coral replies, "when [she] thinks [Anemone is] ready." When they finish talking about studying, Coral asks Tsunami what the Talons of Peace did to her. Tsunami says they were horrible to them (and gets into details) and Coral calls her "My poor, poor baby."

Tsunami asks about the stains on her claws, and Coral takes Tsunami to show whether scrolls she wrote. Coral soon shows Tsunami a carving by Princess Orca. Then she remarks that Orca, her first daughter, was a "very talented sculptor." After Tsunami meets Whirlpool, Queen Coral hints she wants Tsunami to marry him, before giving her some scrolls to read, telling her that she wrote all of them and that the scroll The Missing Princess was written specifically for Tsunami. When Moray comes and gives news about a dead SkyWing found "only a few islands from the Summer Palace," Coral gets ready to leave, and Tsunami, Anemone, and some other SeaWings come with them. They swim to the body, and Tsunami recognizes it as Kestrel. Tsunami is shocked but does not tell her mother who Kestrel is, afraid she would think that the dragonets of destiny killed her.

After they swim back to the Summer Palace, Queen Coral goes to a war meeting on the Council level. Afterward, Queen Coral comes and takes Tsunami to a room where they, including Anemone, can sleep. The next morning while the queen is still asleep, Anemone talks to Tsunami, but soon they have to end their talk because the queen is waking up. After she fully wakes up, they go to the Council level. She gets into the "QUEEN" pool with Anemone, and some other dragons come with food. The queen finally notices that Tsunami does not have a pool, and tells her to enter the pool labeled "DRAGONET CARE" because the dragon that was supposed to be there was absent. When Tsunami eats an octopus tentacle without noticing no one else has started eating yet (because Queen Coral did not give permission), Queen Coral comments that since she was "raised by barbarians," she could not know any better, offending Tsunami. After a while, the queen tells Pearl, Shark, and Whirlpool to report to their specific jobs, and tells Lagoon to give the dragonets (excluding Tsunami) the breakfast leftovers. When Princess Moray comments that Queen Coral's scrolls are "the most important subject [the dragonets at school] study," Tsunami is surprised and asks if that is more important than learning how to fight the war. Coral replies, wounded, that her writing is about everything. The queen then tells Whirlpool to give Tsunami lessons in Aquatic.

She tells Commander Piranha to report, and Piranha replies that there was still no information about the dead SkyWing. Then a war patrol comes in and reports that "strange things are happening in the Sky Kingdom" (because of Queen Scarlet going missing), and Tsunami realizes that the SeaWings are both badly hurt. She suggests that someone look at their injuries, so Queen Coral talks with them a little more and then tells them to go. The conversation turns to Gill and the Sky Kingdom, and the Council wonders what might have happened in the Sky Kingdom. Tsunami says that that might have been caused by her and the dragonets, and when Coral asks her about Gill, Tsunami remembers that she killed him, and says that he died in the arena. Coral tells her that Gill was Tsunami's father, and dismisses the council, saying that "[she] must grieve."

Whirlpool takes Tsunami for a terribly taught Aquatic lesson, which Tsunami leaves before it is finished. She reunites with Riptide, who teaches her some Aquatic better than Whirlpool. Then, while going back to Queen Coral, she is mysteriously attacked, her head stuffed in a sack while being attacked with viscous swipes and kicks. After escaping, Tsunami got back to Coral on the library level where she was talking about Gill, and Tsunami tells Coral that someone had just tried to kill her. Queen Coral says that they must protect her eggs, and when they reach the Deep Palace, Coral realizes that one of her eggs is broken. She tortures and kills Tortoise, the hatchery's guard, for not protecting the eggs well. Tsunami decides to protect the last remaining egg (Auklet's egg). Queen Coral asks Tsunami what she is doing, because what if she fails, she will be dead too, and claims the egg will be safe in the hatchery if she puts all her guards on it.

Queen Coral then tells the two princesses what she did to have Anemone's egg hatch, how she had to leave the Kingdom to King Gill and why he was lost to the war. But then, Tsunami suddenly realizes that the cave her friends are in might be flooded from the rain. She goes off with the egg in a harness and Queen Coral is not seen again until after Tsunami frees her friends and goes to sleep in a high, dry cave with them and Sunny protecting the egg. Then they realize that Blister was there, and Blister tells Queen Coral where the dragonets are. At breakfast, Tsunami loudly tells Queen Coral how her friends were treated, and Queen Coral seems surprised, but also seems to secretly be grinding her teeth as well. She sends Lagoon and Shark to the dungeons temporarily as punishment. Later at breakfast, she tells Blister about finding Kestrel's body (although she still does not know who the SkyWing was) and Sunny recognizes the description as Kestrel, blurting "That sounds like Kestrel!" and forcing Tsunami to uncover what she knew. Coral asks Tsunami why she did not tell her, and Blister "covers" for her, presumably to gain Tsunami and the rest of the dragonets' trust.

Then Queen Coral, Whirlpool, and Anemone go off with Tsunami to show Blister how their secret weapon to end the war is coming along, in which Tsunami realizes that Anemone is an animus. In the demonstration, Whirlpool orders Anemone to control a pearl necklace. After asking her to stop, she enchants the necklace to flow away from Whirlpool and later to explode. But a rustle of leaves then catches the attention of Blister, provoking her to fly up to the canopy of leaves, and then ripping in, wrecking the canopy. They discover that the intruder is Webs. Clay and Tsunami catch him as he's falling in midair and was splashed with seawater after he blacked out. Queen Coral orders anyone else lurking around suspiciously to be brought to them. Riptide was apparently found wandering near the palace in which then provoked Queen Coral to be persuaded and groomed by Blister that those two were working with each other and that they were the egg killers in the royal hatchery. Webs, having a fine for fleeing the war, and stealing Tsunami's egg was sent to prison with Riptide.

Tsunami decides to go back to the hatchery to keep Auklet's egg warm, vowing to keep it protected no matter what the danger. Later that night, Orca's statue attacks Tsunami. Tsunami defeats Orca's statue after a struggle by pinning it down with a narwhal horn and tells Queen Coral what happened. Queen Coral is mentioned to have smashed it to bits after Anemone uses her magic to uncover the name of the dragon who enchanted it, revealing Orca. She is present when Tsunami names Auklet.

Then Queen Coral decides that the dragonets should go into the dungeons, convinced that it is for their own good with Blister influencing her decision. Anemone comes to visit and enchanted a spear to bring the dragon who tried to kill Tsunami, turning out to be Whirlpool. Anemone shoved him into the water all around them, containing an electrical current due to electric eels. Starflight explains that the eels should have time to recharge their electricity. Tsunami runs through the deactivated prison and frees her friends. Right after the dragonets escape their cell, the Summer Palace is attacked by the SkyWings and MudWings. She is seen to be throwing her scrolls into the water to keep them from burning and sending deadly smoke up. Anemone helps her, and Coral touches her head fondly. Queen Coral is not seen for the rest of the book.
The Hidden Kingdom
In the prologue, Nautilus's train of thought about what the dragonets did when they escaped included turning "Queen Coral against her allies." Later, Glory thought about how she would rather have no mother than one like Queen Coral, "even if she came with pearls." Afterward, Glory wondered if Blister had promised the SeaWings anything, or if she had manipulated Coral into fighting for her. Tsunami thought of the other queens she had met, and took into note that Queen Coral preferred to have her tribe do their dirty work, unlike Blister and Burn.
The Dark Secret
Queen Coral was mentioned briefly by Starflight when he was talking to Fatespeaker about how treasure is kept in the other Pyrrhian tribes, using the Sky Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Sea as examples.
The Brightest Night
Queen Coral briefly appears at Burn's stronghold at the end to watch how the war will turn out, and who would become the queen of the SandWings. She looked relieved when Thorn became queen.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Queen Coral appears briefly when she is dropping Anemone and Turtle off at Jade Mountain Academy. Auklet is also present, asking to go to school with Anemone and Turtle, but Queen Coral says she cannot stand having one daughter so far away from home already. She lectures Anemone that if she felt anything bad, she should return home. She also insists on seeing everything in the school first before letting them go.
Winter Turning
Winter thought about how Turtle was a royal prince as well, him being the son of Queen Coral, even though Turtle never acted like royalty.
Escaping Peril
Turtle mentioned to Peril that he was one of the sons of Queen Coral.
Talons of Power
In the prologue, Queen Coral and King Gill were arguing about the safety of the Royal Hatchery. Queen Coral mentioned that royal SeaWings had been hatching safely there for thousands of years, while Gill was more skeptical of the Hatchery's security.

After returning from a meeting with Blister in the Summer Palace, Queen Coral realized that two more of her daughters had been killed during her time away. Gill tried to apologize, but Coral did not respond. After Gill scolded Turtle for failing to find Snapper in time to save Abalone and his sisters, Queen Coral reminded him that Turtle was only a prince and that Gill should not have expected so much of him, mentioning later that she had already ordered Abalone and Snapper to be executed for failing to successfully guard her daughters. Coral told Gill that their next daughter was going to live, and she was going to stay by her dragonet's side for as long as she needed to. Gill agreed to temporarily take her place as ruler over the Kingdom of the Sea while she raised their next daughter.

When Turtle later visited Queen Coral to apologize about being unable to find Snapper, she tells him that Auklet is perfect, and told him that Snapper had been in the Summer Palace, and not the Deep Palace like she was supposed to be and that it was not his fault that the two princesses died. She later asks his name and after he tells her, she says that she will remember it this time, and wraps him in a hug. Later, a messenger comes and she bids Turtle farewell before leaving.
Darkness of Dragons
Coral was briefly mentioned by Anemone when she was describing the events leading up to Turtle's unveiling. "It was only a little bitty spell, but Darkstalker totally freaked out and sent me home to kill my mother."

In the epilogue, Turtle was reading a letter written by his mother. In her writing, Coral mentioned that she and the SeaWings were building a new palace, one that would be welcome to all tribes and would be a center for diplomacy, trade, and art. She thanked Turtle for ridding the Kingdom of the Sea from Darkstalker's curse and warned Turtle that his brothers were very impressed with his latest practical joke and that he should check his bed for lobsters next time he visited the kingdom. She mentioned that she and Auklet sent Turtle their love and Coral's newest story.

It was mentioned in the epilogue that she and the SeaWings are currently building a new palace, but one that she hopes will be an unhidden center of diplomacy, trade, and art, open to all Pyrrhian tribes.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Coral was mentioned by Snowfall as one of the queens who were trying to extend relationships with Snowfall's dragons. During Snowfall's conversation with Sky, Snowfall thought about how Coral had served sea snails during Snowfall's visit. Coral appeared late at the meeting of queens and agreed that her daughter Tsunami could be the SeaWing representive to Pantala.


Blister asked Commander Tempest if Queen Coral would be attending their meeting, and Tempest responded that Coral had the kingdom to run, and that she would never have to meet with her as long as he was there to handle the summits. Gill, Coral's husband, told Blister that Coral sends her respects, and that she sent Gill to talk about possible peace negotiations. Later, Blister told Gill that she will explain how they will win the war if he brings Queen Coral to her.



Princess Anemone is the second oldest currently living daughter of Queen Coral. She is very attached to Anemone, as she lost several daughters before Anemone hatched. Orca's enchanted statue was killing off her daughters, so she slept with Anemone in the Royal SeaWing Hatchery for a year. After she hatched, Queen Coral attached a harness to Anemone to ensure that she does not get lost or hurt.

Queen Coral is especially paranoid about losing Anemone. Anemone spent the first year of her life with no independence, freedom, or connections to anyone except her mother. Coral seems unbothered by killing in front of her daughter, which could have been negatively impacting Anemone's mindset. However, they seem to love each other on some level. Queen Coral tries to protect her beloved daughter from what she considers "a dangerous world." Anemone does not show any forms of radical anger towards her mother until Talons of Power. At one point, Anemone calls her mother "crazy."

In Moon Rising, Queen Coral unattached the harness on Anemone and let her stay at Jade Mountain Academy. In Talons of Power, Anemone, who was internally damaged by her mother's over-protective behavior, seeks to kill Queen Coral. She never follows through. It is unknown whether or not Queen Coral was ever aware of this.


Princess Auklet is Coral's youngest daughter, whose egg was saved by Tsunami. Queen Coral seems to love her as much as Anemone. Instead of being afraid every moment of losing her, she can just enjoy being with her daughter. She is finally settling down, at peace knowing Orca's statue was destroyed and her daughters are all safe. Auklet wanted to go to Jade Mountain Academy, but Coral insisted that she was too young to attend.


Queen Coral usually behaved in a weak and spineless attitude around her former ally and obeyed her every decision.

The SeaWing Queen listened to Blister constantly, as though Blister was running the Kingdom instead of herself. It is unknown why Coral chose to support Blister during the War of SandWing Succession. She seems to hold a rather unhealthy amount of respect for her ally.

Blister is often seen playing with Coral's emotions and manipulating her decisions. Blister leads Queen Coral to let her waste away Anemone's soul daily by allowing excessive animus magic use. At the end of the The Lost Heir, Blister coerces Queen Coral into imprisoning Tsunami. It is not known if Coral regrets these decisions, though it can be inferred that she does. She seemed relieved when Thorn was chosen to be queen, hinting that she may not have really liked Blister nor wanted her to be Queen. It is unknown why she formed an alliance with Blister in the first place, but it is possible that, like Burn and the MudWings, Blister might have threatened the SeaWings into an alliance or tricked her into one.


King Gill was Coral's husband, Coral described Gill as "the perfect king," and she wrote a scroll about why she chose him as her husband. She also said that King Gill had a way with words, as to persuade prisoners in the Sky Arena to lie down, and refuse to fight. They had an astonishing thirty-two sons and four daughters. Gill was mentioned to adore his wife's scrolls. Coral could also be quite stubborn with her husband, as seen when she ignored Gill and cut him off when he started to say that having more dragonets might not be a good idea, and told him that they would have a daughter. She also did not seem to care when Gill was appalled that she would have his friend, Abalone, executed, despite the fact that it was not his fault that the eggs were smashed, and when he tried to pull away from her she simply gripped his talons tighter.[1] When Coral learned of his death, her voice sounded hollow. A small smile was shown on her face when recalling memories of him.[32] She referred to him as "My Gill"[33] and immediately dismissed her Council to grieve.[34]


Princess Moray has been described to adore and dote on Queen Coral, treating her like she is the most perfect queen in existence. In return, Coral completely and thoroughly trusts her niece despite her ability to challenge for the throne, having the SeaWing on her council and consulting her for other matters. Moray often scrapes and bows at her talons, cleaning up Herring's brother's blood and oozing about how wonderful it must be for Tsunami's return. Their relationship appears to be close, and it is unknown why Moray is so submissive when power is so close within her reach.


Princess Orca challenged Coral for the throne when she was only seven years old. She was about to win until Coral stabbed her with the narwhal horn that was on the tip of her tail. She misses and worships her daughter, and also did not know she was secretly an animus. Coral was unaware that Orca enchanted her statue to kill off Coral's heirs. She has sadness in her voice when she talks about Orca.[35]


Queen Coral does not trust Riptide as his father, Webs, was a traitor. She later threw Riptide and Webs in prison, although Riptide escaped. After that, he fought for the SeaWings in the battle of the Summer Palace. Queen Coral then said he could escape with his life, but not travel into the Kingdom of the Sea ever again.

Talons of Peace

Queen Coral despises the Talons of Peace, as shown when she outlawed Webs from ever coming back to the Kingdom of the Sea again. This hatred stems from Webs, who worked for the Talons of Peace at the time, for stealing Tsunami's egg from the Royal Hatchery.


Before Tsunami found Queen Coral, Coral had written a scroll titled "The Missing Princess" about their happy reunion. When Coral and Tsunami met for the first time at the Summer Palace, they embraced and Queen Coral vowed to always watch and protect her daughter. For example, she wanted to put a "harness" on Tsunami which Tsunami declines. Their first point of friction was when Coral ordered Tsunami's friends, the dragonets of destiny, to be chained and starved. When Queen Coral killed one of the dragons guarding the Royal Hatchery for neglecting her duties under Commander Shark's permission, Tsunami began to doubt her mother's leadership. For most of The Lost Heir, Tsunami and her sister found much of Coral's behavior over-protective to an unhealthy extent.

Because Princess Tsunami volunteered to protect Coral's egg - even if failure meant Coral killing her, their relationship was already beginning to crumble. Blister managed to convince Coral to imprison Tsunami "for her safety," and Coral finally agreed. Tsunami escaped shortly after. Queen Coral's feelings on this are unknown.

In Moon Rising, Tsunami and Queen Coral meet again when Coral is dropping Princess Anemone off at Jade Mountain Academy. Queen Coral and Princess Tsunami seemed to display a surprising lack of anger towards each other during the encounter. Tsunami seemed annoyed by Coral's paranoia and overprotective nature.

Overall, it is shown that Queen Coral loves Tsunami, and cares for her very much, to the point that she will be extremely overprotective. Upon first meeting Tsunami, Coral cuddled her close and was gentle towards her.[5] Coral loves her,[36] and kept patting her, as if to make sure she was real, after Tsunami returned to the Kingdom of the Sea.[37] However, Coral intentionally belitted Tsunami during a Council meeting[26]


Queen Coral did not show much love for her son at first. As he was one of her thirty-two sons, she did not pay attention to him or even know his name. However, in the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons, Coral wrote a letter to her son complimenting him and saying that she loved him. Prince Turtle was very happy when he got the letter, showing that he feels little or no anger towards Coral's lack of attention towards him. She loves and cares about Turtle as much as she cared for her daughters.


Webs became infamous for stealing Princess Tsunami's egg. Queen Coral hated Webs deeply and always planned for revenge. Queen Coral found Webs in The Lost Heir. Blister said Webs killed Queen Coral's eggs. However, Webs did not, but Blister still wanted Webs dead. Queen Coral agreed and threw Webs and Riptide in her prison.


Queen Coral said that Whirlpool is a wonderful teacher and that he will be a perfect king, although Anemone and Tsunami have different opinions. Whirlpool muttered that she could re-marry (most likely he meant that she could re-marry himself) after Moray stated that "no Gill means no more eggs" when Tsunami revealed that Gill was dead.

Known Written Scrolls

  • A Tail of Blood
  • On the Differences Between Oysters and Clams
  • The Claws of Murder
  • The Missing Princess (in The Lost Heir, it is told that Queen Coral wrote this scroll mainly about Tsunami)
  • The Tragedy of Orca
  • A scroll describing how she chose Gill as her husband (unknown title)
  • More unnamed scrolls (never mentioned in the book)

Family Tree

MorayFinCeruleanTurtleOctopus28 Dragons
3 DragonsOrcaTsunamiAnemoneAuklet


"My baby! […] I knew you'd come back to me, […] I knew you were out there, trying to find your way back. I never stopped searching for you."
― to Tsunami (The Lost Heir, page 77)

"Of course. Council, you are dismissed. Moray, send a message to Queen Blister and see how quickly she can get here. As for you, creature, go back to your guard outpost and stay there until someone actually wants to see you."
― to the Council and Riptide (The Lost Heir, page 85)

"Yes, dear. It's a special formula made of squid ink and a touch of whale blood, so it never fades. Immortality is worth a few claw stains, don't you agree? Whirlpool invented it. He's terribly clever. [...] These are my favorites. You can read them all tonight, and tomorrow I'll give you four of my other favorites."
― to Tsunami (The Lost Heir, page 90-91)

"It's all right. Naturally, I forgive my long-lost daughter any accidental impudence. As we all know, she was raised by barbarians, so she couldn't know any better. I give you all permission to eat."
― to the SeaWing Council (The Lost Heir, page 110-111)

"Hello, dear. I've been reading out loud to your sister. It's her favorite part of the day. We've just finished the story of how I chose Gill to be my husband. He adored my writing, too. He was a perfect candidate for king. He came from a very noble family. Nothing to worry about in his ancestry. A lot like Whirlpool in his intelligence, too. Luckily you've arrived just in time for my epic poem, On the Differences Between Oysters and Clams. It's an elegantly well-crafted metaphor about class differences and genetic superiority, as Whirlpool always says."
― to Tsunami (The Lost Heir, page 137)

"If anything happens to that egg, I'll lose two daughters that day."
― threatening Tsunami (The Lost Heir, page 155)

"The fool. I've told Shark a million times that vigilance is the only way to protect the eggs. If that means going days without eating, then that is what my trusted councillor must do. He's too soft with them."
― to Tsunami (The Lost Heir, page 156)

"Revenge, dear. They stole from me, and no one has ever gotten away with that. Now I must hunt them down and exterminate them."
― about the Talons of Peace (The Lost Heir, page 220)

"And I'm only letting this happen because Anemone has been badgering me about it every day since she got your message about the school. But you can come home anytime, you understand? If you feel threatened, or lonely, or overworked, or tired —"
― to Tsunami and Anemone (Moon Rising, page 5)

"It's not a death trap! […] SeaWing princesses and princes have been hatching there for thousands of years. I hatched there, and it was safe and beautiful. It's part of our heritage. It's a SeaWing tradition. There's nothing wrong with the hatchery — the problem is our useless guards."
― to Gill (Talons of Power, prologue)

"I'll stay with her this time. No one else can do it except me. I was right about our incompetent guards […] I'm going to keep our next daughter alive. I'll stay in the hatchery with the egg to keep it safe. I'll keep her by my side all the time. Her whole life, if I have to. I'll never leave her alone. She's going to be perfect, Gill, you'll see. And we're going to call her Anemone."
― to Gill (Talons of Power, prologue)

"Dear Turtle, Auklet and I send our love. You must come home for a visit soon so that you can see the new palace we're building. We chose the perfect island for it and we're starting with an auditorium that will have wonderful acoustics for my scroll readings, with enough room to host dragons from all the tribes. We're not going to hide this one like the Summer Palace. I'm hoping it'll be a center for diplomacy and trade and art that will help us build relations across Pyrrhia, but especially with Queen Moorhen and Queen Glory, who have such interesting ideas."
― to Turtle, in a letter (Darkness of Dragons, epilogue)

"Your brothers seem to think you played an enormously clever practical joke on them the last time you were at the palace. I didn't get all the details, but they're very impressed with you. You'd better carefully check your bed for lobsters the next time you're here."
― to Turtle, in a letter (Darkness of Dragons, epilogue)


  • Coral forbids her subjects from eating dolphins because she thinks they may be related to dragons.[38]
  • Most of Coral's works are published on water-proof scrolls and thin stone tablets[35], and many are required reading in SeaWing schools.[39][40]
  • Coral mostly cheered herself up by writing scrolls about all her problems.[41]
  • Coral uses her prisoners as bargaining chips.[41]



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