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"It's not all lies. […] I've been keeping track: Their visions about dragons flying overhead are right more than half of the time. I want to know the secret to that."
— Cranberry about the dragonmancers's visions, Dragonslayer

Cranberry is an adult female human who appeared in Dragonslayer. She had been part of a traveling entertainment troupe before she separated from them after being attacked by a dragon. She formerly stayed in the village of Talisman.


Cranberry wears her hair in lots of tiny braids, with the tips dyed dark red to match her name. According to Leaf, she has the most perfect teeth he's ever seen.[1]


Cranberry is hopeful and optimistic, as she believes that her troupe will find her in Talisman. She seems very shocked when Mushroom throws the jewel to his own brother so that he can escape. She also seems observant, such as when she watches the dragonmancers' predictions, and energetic.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Cranberry, Rowan, Cardinal, and Arbutus were the scavengers that fought Tsunami and Starflight in the SkyWing Arena. She was one of the remaining survivors, including Rowan.

The Dark Secret

Starflight thought about the two scavengers in the arena. In his nightmares, they would stare at him with dragonlike eyes. He would feel pity towards them as they were in the same situation as him.



Cranberry first appeared helping Rowan train Leaf. Leaf mentioned that she had been separated from her traveling entertainment group when he was twelve, and that she was still hoping for her troupe to come back and find her. She had taught Leaf all of her acrobatic moves, which included cartwheels, handsprings and backflips. Grove thinks out loud that the dragonmancers might be lying, and he and Leaf talk about breaking in to his study. However, Cranberry intervenes, saying that she'd been keeping track of the dragonmancers' visions, and that they were right more than half the time.

The next time Cranberry appeared was when she ran up to Rowan, telling her that a group of villagers had just come and taken Grove away. Rowan then told her that they had to find and bring back treasure for the dragonmancers or they would sacrifice him. Leaf asked her for a sword, so she led the way to their secret weapon stash. They then set off for the palace.

Cranberry was in the group of scavengers that Queen Scarlet saw, before she decided to chase after Mushroom. She was also one of the scavengers chosen for the arena, and the one who almost stabbed Starflight in the eye.



Leaf and Cranberry respect each other and are friends. They work well together.


Rowan is Cranberry's best friend, and they seem very close. They fought in Scarlet's arena together. Cranberry and Rowan often spend their time together.


Thyme and Cranberry both want to fight the dragons. He seems to hold her full attention a lot.


"It's not all lies, […] I've been keeping track: their visions about dragons flying overhead are right more than half the time. I want to know the secret to that."
― about the dragonmancers (Dragonslayer, page 128)

"That seems like maybe a terrible idea."
― about Thyme running out to save Mushroom (Dragonslayer, page 195)

"Please, Mushroom, […] Come with us. We don't have to give the dragonmancers all of it — they'll never know what you keep. We'll protect you and you can help us save Grove."
― to Mushroom (Dragonslayer, page 196-197)

"He threw you to them to save his skin, […] His own brother."
― to Thyme, about Mushroom (Dragonslayer, page 199)

"You can get attached to us, […] We're not going to die."
― to Cardinal (Dragonslayer, page 220)


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