"I usually think of rules as things that get in the way of all the stuff I want to know. I mean, how can don't ask questions ever be a good rule? Or only borrow one book at a time from the library. That's just ludicrous. No one ever sensibly explains rules like that. But don't hurt other dragons — that's a rule I think everyone believes in, right? So... I guess I believe in some rules, and I think rules, in general, can be useful, but I also think it's all right to stop and question some of the rules sometimes, if they feel wrong to you."
—Cricket to Blue, The Lost Continent

Cricket is a young female HiveWing and the main protagonist of The Hive Queen. She is interested in several fields of science, such as inventing and botany, and is one of the only known HiveWings who is not subject to Queen Wasp's othermind control. She is currently fleeing as a refugee towards Pyrrhia, and has romantic feelings for Blue.


Cricket has orange-gold scales[1] speckled here and there with black scales that look like tiny inkblots,[2] golden-yellow talons,[3] gold-orange wings,[4] and warm, dark brown eyes.[2] She is a bit smaller than Blue,[3] has small and sharp claws like a leopard's, as well as an open and curious face. She wears gold-rimmed spectacles[2] and a bag tied sideways across her chest.[5] Blue notes her to smell like books and apples.[6]


Cricket is fascinated by science and is always very eager to learn. She is extremely curious and inquisitive, and constantly asks questions about anything and everything (much to Sundew, Cadelle, and all her teachers' annoyance). She is slightly rebellious and kind but is often frustrated by the strict laws of HiveWing society, which prevent her from learning many of the things that she is most interested in. Cricket is never portrayed as dignified or authoritarian, and she is shown to be quite empathetic and compassionate. This was demonstrated when she rescued Blue from her tribe in The Lost Continent, despite never having met him, and later helped him rescue Swordtail. Cricket carries none of the usual HiveWing smugness and haughtiness, is kind yet firm, and is not pushed around easily. Cricket is also very open-minded — in The Lost Continent, Blue observed that she stopped to listen and think about what he said, and then weighed it against her ideas and beliefs (quote "she held what others said and holds it against what she thinks she knew to see if there is something she missed"). Blue commented to himself that he liked the way that she didn't have all her ideas set firmly in her head, like most dragons, and was willing to see different perspectives. Cricket really dislikes violence and conflict and wants the best for most dragons. She is also extremely intelligent, which is proven on several occasions. A significant one is how she was able to quickly find a library key hidden in a statue of Clearsight with nothing more than a few very vague directions. Sundew derisively says at one point that Cricket believes she can save the tribes with "truth and flyers." Cricket is also not afraid to try new things, proven in The Lost Continent when she tried a formula used to make plants stronger on Swordtail, not knowing whether it would work or if it would turn out to be bad or possibly fatal for dragons. She loves learning new things and experimenting. Cricket believes there are some good HiveWings that would help them if they could like the Librarian in the Temple of Clearsight.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Cricket made her first appearance when she helped Blue, a young SilkWing, by pulling him into a shed that was hidden from the eyes of the pursuing HiveWings. After being asked by a rather confused and scared Blue, Cricket admitted that, for an unknown reason, she could not be mind-controlled by Queen Wasp like the rest of her tribe was.

After escaping through tunnels located under the HiveWing school, Cricket brought Blue to an empty low-level library, where he began to feel dizzy. Cricket speculated that the HiveWings had probably injected him with a barb covered in sleeping toxin within his armband, most likely implemented to make him easier to capture. After Cricket burned off Blue's armband with a strand of flamesilk belonging to one of the library's lamps, he fell into a woozy sleep.

He woke up to Cricket's talons shaking him awake and voices echoing nearby. Cricket and Blue hid in the tunnels once again while three mind-controlled HiveWings searched the area; one of them was Cricket's mother, Katydid, and another was an arrogant dragon named Bombardier, who falsely believed that Cricket was madly in love with him. After the HiveWing trio had cleared the library, Cricket and Blue emerged into the light once more, where Cricket pulled a book off of a high shelf. From the book, they learned that if a SilkWing had one flamesilk parent, then they had a fifty percent chance of becoming a flamesilk as well. Leaving the library, Cricket led Blue through the school — she showed him her terrarium, where a little tree was growing in the middle. She explained that she had found its seed on one of her school gathering trips and that she hadn't known what it was until it started growing. Cricket then told Blue that Professor Earthworm, a teacher at the school, wanted her to uproot it and throw it away. Next, Cricket took Blue into an art room, where she began to paint him with a mixture of dull browns, reds, and dark blues to hide his vibrant and recognizable scales. They bonded a little in a moment where Cricket told Blue about how Principal Lubber scolded her for her chaotic yet beautiful art. "Cricket, why can't you just draw a normal blue blueberry like all the other dragonets?" Blue imitated Principal Lubber, making Cricket laugh, saying: "That's exactly what she sounds like!"

Once they were out of the school, Cricket agreed to help rescue Blue's friend Swordtail from Misbehaver's Way. They found him frozen to his pedestal in an angry position, as if he was trying to fight his way out of being paralyzed, but in vain. Cricket held a bubbling, green vial under Swordtail's nose to combat the HiveWing paralysis toxin, but the mixture also turned Swordtail‘s eyes and silk green, gave him extra strength, and made him a little loopy. After Swordtail smashed one of the rule tablets straight through the Hive's treestuff, Cricket decided it was time to go. Wrapping Blue's shoulders in a few strands of silk, Swordtail grabbed him and lifted off. They flew for most of the night, and by dawn, they were almost at the border of Wasp Hive. Eventually, they stopped and hid in a massive divot in the ground, flying to the bottom and down a tunnel, where they discovered a small pool of cold water. At the other end of the pool, they spotted a small campfire and a tiny, book-reading creature that resembled a monkey, presumably similar to Pyrrhia's scavengers. After the monkey creature was scared away by Cricket's voice, they lost interest, and Swordtail passed out near the fire, leaving Blue to take the first watch while Cricket slept. When night fell again, Swordtail tried to lift Blue but failed because the stimulant had worn off and there was none left. Cricket eventually came up with the idea for Blue to climb up the chasm with Swordtail's silk wrapped around him in case he slipped and fell. Near the top of the divot, Cricket and Blue eventually found a small cave, where they curled up together and Blue got some much-needed rest while Swordtail returned to the bottom of the divot. After the HiveWing parties had stopped searching near the hole, Swordtail flew on ahead while Cricket and Blue crawled through the savannah's tall grass.

When they finally crept into Wasp Hive, they hid in one of the queen's greenhouses. Unexpectedly, they were soon captured by three strange dragons — who, terrifyingly, turned out to be LeafWings, the supposedly cruel and deadly enemies of the HiveWings. The LeafWings introduced themselves as Sundew, Belladonna, and Hemlock. They explained that if Cricket, Blue, and Swordtail wanted to live, they would steal the Book of Clearsight and return it to them. Cricket's impulse was to leave once the LeafWings had let them go, but Belladonna sent Sundew with them to ensure the job got done. Disguising Sundew as a SilkWing, Hemlock rubbed flower juice on her scales to add more color. Belladonna also tied two makeshift wings made of leaves to Sundew's back, instructing her to keep her real ones folded to make them appear more realistic. While Swordtail stayed with Belladona and Hemlock, Cricket, Blue, and Sundew went out into the Hive to finish their task. Sundew gave Cricket a large flower, instructing her not to crush any part of it. Cricket held it under the noses of the two HiveWings guarding the entrance to the to Wasp Hive, leaving them unconscious but alive. Entering through two heavy wooden doors, they walked down a series of hallways until they were standing at the foot of the Temple.

Once inside, Blue and Sundew acted as Cricket's servants until Sundew got close enough to the guards to paralyze them. In the final room, Sundew was confronted by a dark voice, which turned out to be the Librarian's. After she ripped off her dark veil, Cricket realized the HiveWing's eyes were fully white — the unmistakable symbol of the queen's mind control. Sundew attacked the Librarian from her side, and the two fought while Blue picked up the bookcase key the Librarian had dropped and unlocked the container to steal the Book. After Sundew had broken the Librarian's arm, she speculated that enough pain would make the queen desert the HiveWing's mind for a while, because the queen felt everything that a dragon felt when she mind-controlled them. Sundew then directed Cricket to open a jar and shake a pair of bullet ants onto the Librarian's scales. After they bit her, the queen abandoned her control, and the Librarian's mind was her own for the first time in years. However, hundreds of brainwashed HiveWings were now surrounding the Temple with the intent to kill Cricket and Sundew and imprison Blue. The Librarian attempted to help them escape, but Wasp invaded her mind again, causing her to turn against her new companions. Cricket and Sundew were unable to help Blue as he fell into the waiting talons of the HiveWings and fled once Blue had thrown the Book of Clearsight into Cricket's talons.

After a few days trapped in the flamesilk factory, Blue felt talons brush him through a hole in the building's wall. These were Cricket's talons, and she appeared, accompanied by Sundew and Swordtail. After grabbing Luna — who had emerged from her cocoon — and trying to convince his father, Admiral, to go with them, Blue attempted to leave. However, Admiral refused to escape and tried to alert the watching HiveWing guards. Fortunately, Danaid, another of the imprisoned flamesilks, helped them by starting an argument that covered the noise of Admiral's warning. Knocking down the loose stones around the hole, Blue and Luna escaped with Cricket and the others down a series of tunnels. These led to another set of tunnels, built by the LeafWings, and took them all the way to the sea. When they emerged and saw the ocean, Cricket was ecstatic and began to express a hope at finding the Distant Kingdoms (the Pantalan name for Pyrrhia). Afterward, she showed the others what was written in the Book of Clearsight, including the fact that the last vision recorded took place over a thousand years before.

Luna and Swordtail then decided to go for a flight, and Cricket stayed with Blue, discussing his metamorphosis and assuring him that it will be fine. Meanwhile, Luna and Swordtail were discovered by some HiveWing soldiers, and a fight started. As Sundew rushed to help, Cricket was left with Blue, who was about to start his metamorphosis. She guided him to a cave she found to hide in while he changed and stayed with him while he began to spin his cocoon, promising him that she will be right there "the whole time" and will be next to him when he wakes up, which she does.
The Hive Queen
Cricket stood in the cave next to Blue in his cocoon, thinking about books and what her life was like before she met Blue. Sundew then entered the cave, dragging Swordtail with her. Cricket recalled Sundew's bravery and ferocity, along with the fact that she had insisted that they rescued Blue and Luna. She wondered if this was a form of kindness Sundew had hidden deep in her soul.

Cricket revived Swordtail with a plant Sundew gave her, and Swordtail immediately asked where Luna was. Both Cricket and Sundew had no idea, and they all seemed to wish she was there with them. When Swordtail noticed that Blue was a flamesilk, Sundew noted that Blue would be useful to burn down the Hives. Swordtail seemed to like the idea. Cricket was firmly against this, and she knew Blue would be as well. Cricket argued that even HiveWings could be on their side, but none of them seemed to like this idea. Swordtail then revealed the Chrysalis, a secret organization of SilkWings who fought for freedom.

Cricket insisted on finding information before jumping into action, so they flew toward Jewel Hive to find out more about the Chrysalis and Queen Wasp's Hive Mind. First, however, they visited the Glitterbazaar to disguise themselves, making it easier to get into the Hive. They met up with three members of the Chrysalis, but they didn't seem to know much about taking down Queen Wasp quite like Sundew, Cricket, and Swordtail had hoped. But they did learn about how there was supposed to be a place full of dragons in Teste Hive, that were supposed to be immune to Wasp's mind control.

However, Cricket met up with her sister, Katydid, who questioned her about her theft of the Book of Clearsight. Katydid didn't seem to follow what she was saying, though she did reveal that she was in fact not Cricket's sister, and Scarab later said that her father was a HiveWing named Malachite, who, according to Lady Scarab, was "brilliant, talented, made excellent coffee, full of exciting ideas." Queen Wasp found out that Scarab was fond of him, so she had him "promoted" to work at her Hive, and he was probably forever condemned to her mind control. Scarab explained that she attempts to pretend she does not care so that one-day Malachite would be free from the mind control. After Malachite's disappearance, Katydid crept Cricket's egg into the hatchery with a forged identity as Katydid's sister. Cricket also gets many answers on why her "mother" (who was her grandmother) hated her, and why Katydid was the one who always took care of her.

Cricket, Sundew, and Swordtail borrowed one of Lady Scarab's paintbrushes to create posters about Wasp and how she was lying to everyone. A lot of dragons seemed intrigued, and some of them seemed to believe the posters, but in the middle of her attempt, Cricket got caught by HiveWing guards. She was paralyzed, unable to say another word against the queen. The guards put her into a prison cell, where Lady Scarab and Jewel found her. Lady Jewel confirmed the theory that she is immune to Wasp's mind control, but once saw Wasp make other dragons submit to her control. Lady Jewel and Lady Scarab were fighting a lot, but it was revealed that the purpose Lady Jewel has a library is because of Queen Wasp's terrible school curriculum. Cricket heard that Queen Wasp was going into the hatchery that night, and Cricket decided to follow her to find the truth about her mind control.

Cricket escaped from the cell by utilizing the flamesilk and burning a hole in the ceiling. Tau and Cinnabar help her escape (members of the Chrysalis she had met in the library). It is uncovered that Tau has a crush on a HiveWing who is Lady Jewel's treasurer, and by distracting him Cinnabar helped Cricket escape moments before Queen Wasp arrived. After that, she crept into the hatchery and noticed an orphaned egg she sympathized, and took it with her as she hid in the rafters. She watched as Queen Wasp entered and proceeded to stab each egg with her tail stinger, marking each egg afterward. When Queen Wasp left, Cricket took the egg with her and rendezvoused with Blue, Swordtail, and Sundew. She camped with them outside Jewel Hive, and in the morning, the egg hatched. On the shell of the egg was an odorous green substance that Sundew said belonged to a plant in the greenhouse where she and Cricket first met — Queen Wasp's private greenhouse. They decided to go burn the greenhouse down, but as they did, they noticed Bloodworm Hive burning as well. Cricket convinced the others that the HiveWings were too busy with the destruction to worry about the greenhouse, so Blue used his flamesilk to burn it down. Once the greenhouse was burning, Blue, Swordtail, and Cricket left with Sundew to go to the Poison Jungle, home of the LeafWings.
The Poison Jungle
In The Poison Jungle, Cricket had arrived along with Blue, Swordtail, Bumblebee, and Sundew at the Poison Jungle, where Sundew takes them to the PoisonWing village. On the way there, Cricket encounters many of the dangerous plants, and witnesses Sundew's leafspeak as she tries to stop a fire caused by Blue's flamesilk when he tried to save Swordtail from a dragon-trap. Cricket was said to be the only one who realized what Sundew was doing.

She also discovers that Mandrake, son of Wolfsbane and brother of Nettle, was Sundew's "one true love." When Cricket arrives at the village, she is defined as Sundew's 'prisoner' as someone with information about Queen Wasp's mind control.

Soon, Cricket meets Sequoia in the SapWings village and is sent on a mission with Sundew, Willow, Mandrake, Nettle, and Bumblebee to find Hawthorn, the LeafWing that guarded the mind-control plant. After saving Sundew from being a plant's lunch they arrive at the Den of Vipers, which is full of very still dragonbite vipers. Then the group meets Hawthorn, who invites them for tea at his little hut. Then they find out that Hawthorn discovered the "breath of evil" vine and had been experimenting on the snakes. Then he told them that he had given the vine to Queen Wasp at a peace summit and had slipped it in her food, but he had the cure that could save the HiveWings and Katydid. They tested it out on a HiveWing named Inchworm, and it seemingly worked. She then leaves the Eye of the Jungle to check on Blue.

Sundew later found the "antidote" was the breath of evil itself, and Hawthorn, possessed by the plant, tried to use his leafspeak to strangle her to death. Sundew fought him with her leafspeak, and Willow ended up killing him, freeing Cricket.

Cricket is later seen in the throne room, preparing for departure to Pyrrhia with the free LeafWings and SilkWings.



Cricket is shown to have a close relationship with her "sister," who, unlike her, was proven to be susceptible to Queen Wasp's mind control. Before Cricket met Blue, Katydid was the only other dragon to know of her mind control immunity. After realizing that Cricket was immune, Katydid encouraged her to hide it out of fear of what Queen Wasp would do upon finding out. Cricket also states that Katydid always covered for her, despite how she would often go missing during and after the periods in which Queen Wasp took control of the other HiveWings. In The Hive Queen, Katydid is revealed to be Cricket's mother and not her sister. Katydid is one of the only dragons that Cricket loves, apart from Blue.


Even though Cadelle is Cricket's grandmother, they are not close. Cadelle resented Cricket since her hatching and had no wish to raise another child even if the dragonet was her flesh and blood. According to Lady Scarab, Cadelle would rather have drowned Cricket as an egg than raise her as her dragonet. Cricket recalls being terrified of Cadelle as a small dragonet, and her latest encounter with her grandmother revealed that those feelings have not subsided, even after years apart. Cricket originally believed that Cadelle was her mother (she is in truth her grandmother) because Katydid was unable to raise Cricket as her mother


While Bombardier believed Cricket had a crush on him, making comments such as "Cricket, I'm sorry but I don't feel the same way." Cricket never had any romantic feelings for him. She describes him as awful, arrogant, smug, and the opposite of Blue and also comments that there isn't much difference between his normal self and his "brain-dead," mind-controlled self. Cricket does say that if she had the power to save the HiveWings from Queen Wasp's mind control, she would save Bombardier, but perhaps last, after all the others, demonstrating her hate for him. The first time she saw the HiveWings being mind-controlled, while she wondered why they were acting strange, she thought maybe it was because she was too young. She soon realized that it couldn't be that since Bombardier was her age and was being mind-controlled too.


Cricket and Blue become friends in The Lost Continent. She and Blue say they are best friends, with Cricket saying she would be Blue's best friend even if she knew every dragon on Pantala. Blue values her friendship and also has romantic feelings for her. Cricket describes him as being one of the most colorful (and handsome) SilkWings she's ever seen, calling him "beautiful" at least twice out loud. In her POV, she repeats that she thinks that his face and wings are handsome. In The Hive Queen, Cricket recalls when she promised to stay by Blue's side until he woke up in The Lost Continent and describes the moment as romantic. Later, it is revealed that she returns Blue's love and wonders if he likes her back. She is extremely sad when she has to leave him behind in The Poison Jungle after he is likely infected with the Breath of Evil.


Lady Scarab first comes up in a conversation between Blue and Cricket. She turns out to be deeply woven into Cricket's history. In The Hive Queen, we learn that Lady Scarab helped cover for Cricket's egg. Lady Scarab often scolds Cricket, but it is unlikely that she actually hates her. In The Hive Queen, she tells Cricket a lot of useful information, discussing the HiveWing bloodline and reasons why they both were immune to Queen Wasp's mind control.


Sundew hates HiveWings more than Swordtail but seems to be okay with Cricket, acting a bit more friendly and open around her in The Hive Queen and saying she was different. Sundew tends to hide her true emotions, always trying to act tough, but has displayed a certain extent of trust towards Cricket, admitting that she has a "one true love." She also cares enough for the HiveWing that she was willing to risk herself to allow Cricket to try and rescue Katydid.


Bumblebee hatched from the egg Cricket rescued from Queen Wasp's poisons in the hatchery, so she and Bumblebee have a naturally close relationship. Cricket is almost like an adoptive mother towards Bumblebee. Bumblebee adores Cricket, and it seems like Bumblebee has slightly imprinted on Cricket, as she was the first dragon she had met. She currently does not know if Bumblebee is immune to Queen Wasp's mind control but Cricket infers that Bumblebee cannot be controlled by Queen Wasp, just like her.


Throughout the Lost Continent and the very beginning of The Hive Queen, Cricket believed that Swordtail disliked her, but changes her mind when Swordtail objects to her comment about them needing to find out what was wrong with her and right with the rest of the tribe. However, Swordtail corrects her and says they need to find out what was right with her and wrong with her tribe, proving that he does not dislike her as much as she thought he did.


Cricket seemed very excited when Tsunami enters the Poison Jungle and wanted to ask her a lot of questions. This was probably because Cricket has a very curious mind and so she wanted to know more about "The Distant Kingdoms." She is later on shown to trust Tsunami deeply for she asked her to take care of Bumblebee when she went out looking for Hawthorn.

Family Tree



"Really? Why don't you know your father? Is that normal for SilkWings? Don't you live with your parents? Or, I'm sorry, is that a question I'm not supposed to ask? I ask a lot of questions I'm not supposed to ask, apparently, according to most of my teachers — also my parents — actually, according to pretty much every grown-up HiveWing. Too many questions, Cricket! Don't you know what happens to nosy little HiveWings? They lose those noses! Which is silly; I've never seen a dragonet without a nose and I'm sure I can't be the first one with this many questions. What's your name? Oh, that's another question. Sorry. I'm Cricket."
(The Lost Continent, page 67-68)

"His name's Bombardier. But he's awful, so there's not much difference between regular him and brain-dead him. He thinks I'm in love with him if you've ever wondered what the most enormous arrogance looks like. I guess I'd still save him, but maybe, like, last."
― to Blue about Bombardier (The Lost Continent, page 85)

"Is it a secret? A SilkWing secret? Do you guys have lots of secrets from us? Can you tell me some of them? I promise not to tell anyone! There's so much I don't know about SilkWings, but Father won't let me ask the servants anything."
― to Blue (The Lost Continent, page 88-89)

"Let's think. Flamesilk orders go out all the time because each thread only burns for about one cycle of the smallest moon before it fades. Which means someone has to get the flamesilk from the dragons producing it, to fill the orders. So whose job is it? And someone must keep them fed and taken care of ... And of course, Queen Wasp knows. So there must be a way to trace the flamesilk back to wherever the dragons are. This is a solvable mystery."
― to Blue, about flamesilk (The Lost Continent, page 90)

"I wish I could go to your school for a day. I'd love to hear what other dragons are learning, wouldn't you? Are your teachers interesting? How big is your library? Do you have music classes? I wish we did; I don't understand music at all and I want to."
― to Blue (The Lost Continent, page 94)

"I usually think of rules as things that get in the way of all the stuff I really want to know. I mean, how can don't ask questions ever be a good rule? Or only borrow one book at a time from the library. That's just ludicrous. No one ever sensibly explains rules like that. But don't hurt other dragons — that's a rule I think everyone believes in, right? So... I guess I believe in some rules, and I think rules, in general, can be useful, but I also think it's all right to stop and question some of the rules sometimes, if they feel wrong to you."
― to Blue (The Lost Continent, page 97-98)

"A dollhouse book? Which the monkey found somewhere? No, you're right. This is the monkey's book. When we came in, I thought its expression looked familiar — and that's because it was reading. Mystery animals in a cave under the savannah- who can READ! Blue, this is the biggest scientific discovery of our lifetime! I wouldn't have to be a gardener if I told the queen about this. I'm sure she'd let me change disciplines so I could study them. Don't you think?"
― to Blue (The Lost Continent, page 141)

"That's the kind of dragon I'm talking about, Sundew. What would she do if the queen didn't control her? I mean — if she knew the truth about everything — the flamesilks, the Book of Clearsight — and she didn't have the queen in her head, making her do things and messing with her thoughts. Then could we trust her? Maybe she would try to help us."
― to Sundew, about a HiveWing (The Hive Queen, page 89)

"They're so big. I didn't know trees grew so enormous. Some of them look as tall as the Hives! How old are they? Can you tell? Would they all get that big if they lived that long? Are they all dangerous? Oh, please tell me you have books about all these plants!"
― to Sundew, about trees (The Poison Jungle, page 7)

"Oh my gosh. Oh ― oh my gosh. Do you see that? What is happening? Who is that? Why is she amazing and blue and look at her wings are those webbed talons? Are they for swimming? Is she a water dragon? What is she and where did she come from and OH MY GOSH SHE'S FROM THE DISTANT KINGDOMS ISN'T SHE?"
― to Sundew, upon seeing Tsunami (The Poison Jungle, page 133)

"I know. But you can understand what I'm feeling, right? You can imagine how important this is to me and...and how important you are to me."
― to Blue after he tells Cricket he doesn't want to leave her. (The Hive Queen, page 203)


  • Cricket is the third dragon known to wear glasses or spectacles.
    • However, she is the first protagonist to do so.
  • Though trees no longer are widespread on Pantala, Cricket somehow managed to grow a small tree in her terrarium in her botany class, having found the seed on a gathering trip, and not having known what it was until it started growing. (A show of her rebellious nature is how she refused to throw it out).
  • Cricket is the second character in the series to be depicted on two book covers (The Lost Continent and The Hive Queen), the first being Turtle. She is featured on the Barnes and Noble exclusive version of The Lost Continent.
    • Tui stated that Cricket's depiction on The Hive Queen cover was more accurate than her depiction on the Barnes and Noble The Lost Continent cover, due to Joy Ang having more time to add detail to her.
  • Cricket is one of the four dragons to be on a book cover that they are not PoV in.
  • In an interview with Tui, she revealed that originally, Cricket was going to be a reporter or a journalist.[7]
  • She seems to be too energetic for the rest of the hive, possibly because she can not be mind-controlled by Wasp. Her energy has led to her being kicked out of many classes (i.e. art).
  • Her breath smells of apples as described by Blue.



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