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"Because she knew it would tear me apart if I had to choose between the IceWing throne and the dragon I love. He could never come to the Ice Palace. If I were queen, there'd be no future for us."
— Crystal to Snowfall about Gharial and Glacier, The Dangerous Gift

Crystal is an adult female IceWing who was introduced in The Dangerous Gift. She is currently in a relationship with Gharial and resides in Sanctuary.


Crystal has shimmering[1] white scales,[2] pale[3] eyes as clear blue as the sky,[4] white wings,[5] and a long, graceful neck.[3] She has a frail, slippery-sweet voice, and often looks glamorous.[6] She is slightly taller than Snowfall.[7]


After fighting in the War of SandWing Succession, Crystal seemed a bit less attentive, staring out of windows and losing track of conversations.[3] She is slightly lazy and a bit of an overthinker, and often rubs her wings together when she is nervous. She is calm, and other dragons typically like her. She does not seem to care about the rankings very much, but does adhere to certain IceWing traditions.[7] Lynx got the impression that she was hiding something.[8] She is indignant,[9] haughty,[10] elegant, serene,[11] wry,[12] and typically wears a mask of boredom over her nervousness.[13]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Icicle wondered whether or not Queen Glacier would accept her back into the Ice Kingdom, as she might appreciate the opportunity to rid her daughters of a potential competitor for the IceWing throne. Crystal is one of those daughters.

Winter Turning

Crystal participated in the polar bear hunt in Winter's flashback.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Snowfall wondered many times if Crystal was planning to overthrow her. In a flashback, Crystal appeared with her sisters at their mother's death bed. Once Glacier decided to appoint Snowfall as queen, Crystal left the kingdom and Snowfall grew worried that Crystal was plotting to murder her and steal the throne for herself. However, Crystal was not interested in the throne or in killing Snowfall.

Snowfall ran into Crystal in Sanctuary, where Gharial attacked Snowfall. Crystal came over and was surprised to see Snowfall, thinking that she wanted to kill her. Snowfall realized Gharial and Crystal were partners, and was confused as to why she would be with a MudWing.

Later on, Snowfall gave Crystal permission to enter the Ice Kingdom if she wanted to, and also her permission to marry Gharial if she so pleased. She appeared more grateful for Snowfall's blessing than the permission to enter the kingdom.



After Snowfall attacked Gharial, Crystal shrieked and pelted after him, crouching beside him and asking if he was all right.[14] He has a moony expression when he looks at her,[3] and they are physically affectionate towards one another. Crystal is in love with him, and after they met during the War of SandWing Succession, she could not stop thinking about him.[15]

Family Tree



"You don't know anything about love. Or MudWings, for that matter."
― to Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 160)

"Snowfall, this is Gharial. We met during the war, when his troop joined our army to fight Blister. Once I was home again, I couldn't stop thinking about him."
― to Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 159)

"No! Because she knew it would tear me apart if I had to choose between the IceWing throne and the dragon I love. He could never come to the Ice Palace. If I were queen, there'd be no future for us."
― to Snowfall about Gharial and Glacier (The Dangerous Gift, page 160)




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