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— Daffodil about Pine, Dragonslayer

Daffodil, referred to as Pumpkin by Winter, is a young female human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. She is a resident of Valor as a Wingwatcher, and is currently residing in Sanctuary.


Daffodil has long dark hair[1] she wears in a bright yellow[2] ponytail.[3] She usually wears the forest-green[4] Wingwatcher uniform.[5] She used to wear yellow ribbons in her hair as a reference to her namesake.[1]


Ivy describes her to be loud and sarcastic, noting that she practically vibrated with energy even when she had to sit still. It is said by Daffodil's mother that she has a 'dreadfully strong' personality.[1] She usually gets into fights with Violet, but sometimes is the one who comforts Ivy.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
At some point, Daffodil was caught by Winter and taken to Sanctuary so he can study her.

After Snowfall tells Lynx about one of her visions, Lynx takes her to an enclosure where Daffodil is being kept. Winter named her Pumpkin and she is said to be very brave, having bitten Winter five times. She is constantly trying to escape and, according to Moonwatcher, is mad that she's being kept there. Later, Winter tells Snowfall to keep an eye on the scavenger while he finds Tsunami and Qibli. Sky emerges soon afterwards to distract Snowfall while Wren cuts a hole into the fence for Daffodil to escape. After Snowfall catches up to Sky, Wren shocks her by revealing that she can speak Dragon. When Snowfall asks if Daffodil can speak Dragon too, Wren answers that she would if she payed attention and studied more. Daffodil then talks to the dragon and Snowfall notes that while her pitch is too high and her growls and accents were in the wrong places.

When Wren introduces Daffodil to the other dragons, she did not like the name that Winter gave her and tells Wren to repeat to them that Daffodil is her real name. As Wren talked with the dragons, Daffodil plays with Bumblebee, tossing the dragonet into the air and catching her, as well as letting her sit on her shoulders and play with her hair.

After the next queen meeting, Daffodil is mentioned to be kept safe by Winter as he is overseeing the scavenger outreach project.


Daffodil first appeared when she dragged Ivy into a room with Violet after eavesdropping on her and Miss Laurel. They argued about Pine's banishment, deciding whether they should spy on Heath for what he had done. Daffodil and Violet then revealed their "secret" club to Ivy, named the "Truth Seekers." The primary goal of the club was to find out the truth about everything. The three eventually became best friends, and Daffodil convinced Ivy to follow Heath into the forbidden ruins.

Years later, the three became Wingwatchers together. Daffodil noted that Violet only became a Wingwatcher because she did not want to miss out any conspiracies, and that she was blunt and rude about it. Daffodil then revealed that the Wingwatchers were planning revolution against the Dragonslayer, much to Ivy's horror.

Daffodil was frequently shown with Ivy and Violet throughout the story, often arguing. She was mentioned to still not have seen any dragons by the time Violet saw her first SandWing, something she was outrageous about. Ivy also mentioned that Daffodil no longer wore yellow, as she used to do underground.

Soon after, an IceWing carrying Ivy's uncle Stone showed up. Ivy, Daffodil, Squirrel, and Violet went forward to investigate. He told them of Rose's story after they went to his cave, in which Ivy heard of how Heath left behind his sister for treasure. The dreamvisitor was hidden under the blankets, which Heath suspected once he walked in, and Daffodil told Stone that they would wash it and bring it back.

Daffodil later woke up Ivy after a while of training to reveal that Violet, Foxglove, and a few others were taken prisoner by her father. She, alongside Lark, Ivy's mother, snuck her out of the house. Daffodil and Ivy ended up in the abandoned city, where they camped out with Pine and later, Stone and Leaf.



Daffodil is shown to have a good friendship with Bumblebee. She even lets her sit on her shoulders and play with her hair.


Daffodil appears to dislike her older sister, going as far as to say she loathes Daisy. Throughout Dragonslayer she constantly mentions how she finds Daisy annoying, even comparing Daisy to Heath while trying to comfort Ivy.


Daffodil considers Ivy one of her best friends. She cares greatly for her, and has been shown comforting Ivy whenever she has been distressed. Daffodil trusts Ivy, and is protective of her while hiding out in the abandoned ruins of Valor, trying to convince Ivy not to go with any of her plans that could get her arrested.


Daffodil often gets into arguments with Violet, though she has shown concern and care for Violet throughout Dragonslayer. The two are said to be best friends before befriending Ivy, and Ivy notes that both are fiercely loyal to each other. When telling Ivy about the imprisoned Wingwatchers, Daffodil began to cry when she said Violet was arrested.


Daffodil disliked being Winter's pet as she constantly tried to escape and bitten Winter five times.[6] However, Daffodil was willing to stay with him to practice speaking Dragon if Winter listened and did not lock her up.[7]


Daffodil and Wren appear to be on friendly terms. Wren mentioned that if Daffodil paid attention or studied more, she could have been able to talk to any dragon who was trying to eat her, implying that Wren presumably tried teaching Daffodil how to speak Dragon between the timelines of Dragonslayer and The Dangerous Gift.

Family Tree



"Or a whole other dragon grows out of it, like how lizards can grow back from their tails?"
― about Oasis's tail barb in Heath's possession (Dragonslayer, page 38)

"No, they'll say thank you Daffodil, because I was the one who even told you to do that in the first place."
― about Violet's plan to lift off the roof of Valor so the city wouldn't be underground (Dragonslayer, page 45)

"But why? […] My life is ruined!"
― when she heard Pine was banished (Dragonslayer, page 46)

― to Violet about Pine (Dragonslayer, page 46)

"I KNEW THAT! […] I meant, WHAT do you mean, the old village, like, what law. It was a good question, shut up!"
― to Violet (Dragonslayer, page 47)

"YES! […] Fight me, dragons!"
― to imaginary dragons, while pretending she had a sword (Dragonslayer, page 47)

― about adults lying about laws for banishment (Dragonslayer, page 47)

"I don't have a problem with chaos. Or revolution! I have a problem with one of my best friends acting like an idiot. You can't be sure all the Wingwatchers are part of this imaginary secret revolution. If you say the wrong thing to the wrong person, they could turn you in for treason, and then you'll be banished, and then it'll suddenly be a lot quieter and less stressful around here, so actually, never mind, you keep being you."
― to Violet (Dragonslayer, page 176)

"I am thinking outside the box, VIOLET."
― to Violet (Dragonslayer, page 281)

"Daffodil! […] No eating!"
― to Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 281)


  • Daffodil owned a pet rabbit when she was little.[8]
  • Daffodil hides love poems in a crack in the wall behind her hammock.[9]
  • Daffodil is an excellent dancer, and many people have a crush on her.[10]


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