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Darkstalker's home was a structure belonging to Arctic, Darkstalker, Hope, and Whiteout during the era of Darkstalker. It was located within the lost city of night.


Darkstalker's home was described to have a pale blue door, which led into a sunlit room adorned with white rugs, glittering crystals (Clearsight assumed this was to make Arctic feel more at home) and a couch in the middle. One wall was lined with scrolls tucked into little niches. The kitchen was described to be "impossibly clean" and had tools in it that Clearsight had never seen and couldn't imagine how to use.[1] There was a fireplace with a painting of the family done by Whiteout on the mantle, the picture painted in shades of blue, making the family appear more related than in real life.[2]

The entrance was built with an archway that led into a small, cramped living room. It contained a fireplace[3] and a table with four places.[4] There were several back rooms[3] and a talon-washing station[5] that could be accessed through a hallway.[4] On Hope's side of her and Arctic's bedroom, there were blankets in a corner.[5]

Notable Features

Darkstalker's room

Darkstalker's room was down the hall from Whiteout's room, and his sleeping spot was marked by a pile of neatly folded purple and white blankets. He also had a trunk, where he would keep extra blankets and a few weapons. His desk was bare except for cloth and three inkwells containing black, royal blue, and emerald green ink. There was a scroll rack by the desk, and behind it was Darkstalker's scroll and an invisible inkwell hidden behind a stone in the wall.[6]

Whiteout's room

Whiteout's room contained many paintings of IceWings and NightWings flying together. Most were done in shades of blue, and Darkstalker describes some to be from Whiteout's "Wishful Thinking" series. There were also many pictures of constellations, the three moons, and starscapes.[7]




Darkstalker takes Clearsight to his house to show off his talisman to her. It is here were Arctic discovers that Darkstalker is an animus while Clearsight was visiting the house.


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