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(This is the page for the book titled "Darkstalker." You may be looking for the dragon instead.)

Darkstalker is the first installment of Wings of Fire: Legends, featuring Clearsight, Darkstalker, and Fathom as the main protagonists.

It tells the true story of Darkstalker's past, describing who he really was and what Pyrrhia was like at the time. Darkstalker was published on June 28, 2016, and the cover art was revealed on the Wings of Fire forums on February 16, 2016 by Tui T. Sutherland. There is a preview to this book at the end of Deserter and Talons of Power.

There is also a Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition, which includes a Wings of Fire board game called Wings Over Pyrrhia.


Three dragons. One unavoidable destiny. This is the beginning … of the end.

In the SeaWing kingdom, a young prince learns he is an animus — capable of wonderful magic that comes with a terrible price.

In the mind of a NightWing dragonet, a thousand futures unfold — and almost all of them, she knows, lead to disaster and destruction.

And under three full moons and the watchful eyes of his NightWing mother and IceWing father, the most powerful dragon Pyrrhia will ever know is clawing his way out of his egg. Darkstalker, the dragon who will change the world forever.

Long before the SandWing war, lifetimes before the Dragonet Prophecy… darkness is born.

Quote on back of hardcover

He did not understand yet that he could see the future. He had no idea what the flashes meant. He couldn't follow the paths that were unfolding in his brain; cause and effect and consequences were all still beyond him. But in his mother's mind, he found the idea of hope, and in his father's mind, he traced the outline of something called patience.

He could wait.

"Darkstalker," said Mother. "Hello, darling." She held out her talons and he climbed into them willingly, curious to be closer to that warmth.

This is my mother. Those are my full moons.

This is my world now.


For Amanda, who is always wonderful, patient, funny, and brilliant — thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING.



The story began with Arctic brainstorming ideas for his animus enchantment in his room. He was talking with a first-circle IceWing that he forgot the name and identity of. Near the end of their conversation, he realized it was Snowflake, the dragon his mother arranged for him to marry. They then went outside on the balcony and met an incredibly talkative NightWing who was watching the sunset while trying to keep herself warm. She continuously complained about the cold and talked about how pretty everything was until Snowflake got annoyed and left. Arctic was left alone with her, and she unintentionally introduced herself as Foeslayer. The two talked for a while, and after lots of complaining about the cold, Arctic enchanted one of his diamond earrings to keep her warm and gave it to her as a gift, breaking the IceWing animus rule of only being able to use his magic once for a glorious gift to the whole tribe. Arctic later escaped the Ice Kingdom with Foeslayer.

Part One

Outside of the SeaWing palace, young dragonets lined up on the beach for the animus test. Prince Fathom was among them, along with his friend Indigo. Albatross, his grandfather, who was an animus dragon was testing them on Lagoon's orders, even though he doubted any of them would be an animus. The coconut test begins, in which Fathom's coconut managed to hit and break multiple of Albatross's ribs in the process. Albatross then begrudgingly congratulated Fathom on his newfound powers.

The story continued with Darkstalker's first memory. Darkstalker was still within his egg, and he heard Arctic and Foeslayer arguing in the excitement of the hatching of thrice-moonborn dragonets. A NightWing named Foreseer was mentioned to have predicted that Darkstalker was to hatch on the brightest night. The bickering continued as Foeslayer moved Darkstalker's egg, along with another egg, outside where they were set in a stable place somewhere high up. The argument escalated, and Darkstalker cracked his egg in an instinctive effort to protect his mother after he saw a vision of frozen claws and bloody scales. Darkstalker now determined that Arctic was Foeslayer's partner and his father. Darkstalker immediately hated him but found that Arctic truly loved Foeslayer. Darkstalker began to explore the gift of precognition and saw futures where he could rise to be powerful alongside his sister, contained in the other egg in the nest. He realized that he could summon his sister out of her egg with his animus magic and grant her the abilities of the three moons as well, but he chose not to act because he wanted all of Foeslayer's love. His mother named him Darkstalker, despite his father's protests and arguments that it was a sinister name; Arctic finally agreed as long as he got to name the second dragonet Whiteout who, in the future, he loved more than Darkstalker.

A few days after the animus test, Fathom was summoned by Albatross for the first time. The messenger came as Fathom, Indigo, and Pearl were having a lesson in geography. They met alone at the sunset beach of the Island Palace, and then Albatross showed Fathom the Summer Palace. Fathom suggested the idea of enchanted plants for a canopy and went to try it out when a bush flew up and Indigo was revealed to be spying. Albatross threatened to tell Lagoon and punish her, but Indigo said that she was only worried about Fathom, which made Albatross leave tiredly. Fathom performed his first official spell (behind Albatross's back) -- enchanting a piece of bleached wood to carve itself into an octopus and come to life. He then gave it as a pet to Indigo, who named it Blob.

Clearsight was in her private study room at the library writing down her visions of the future when her father came in. Her father mentioned that she was too young to worry so much, but she replied that she should worry more. She thought about the upcoming Royal SeaWing Massacre, and how she did not know much about it. After a short conversation, Clearsight agreed to go to school when she was three. She then proceeded to work on the timeline scroll for the events that would take place at and after going to school. Clearsight also resigned her fate to be with Darkstalker, accepting this as the most probable route.

Darkstalker was flying to his home in the canyons after hunting, hearing the thoughts of his fighting parents. He came in and noticed Arctic and Foeslayer were fighting in front of Darkstalker's sister, Whiteout. The argument escalated and reached the point where Arctic revealed a message from Diamond, asking for Arctic to come home, and that amnesty can be reached if he killed his dragonets.

Indigo and Fathom were getting ready for a party at the Island Palace with SkyWing guests, Sunset, and Eagle. Lagoon told the SkyWings about her animus dragons, enraging the SkyWings. Albatross arrived and Lagoon started talking to him about her future plans for his enchantments. Albatross told her he disagreed with her ideas and she threatened to get rid of him because she could use Fathom instead. This caused Albatross to slice Lagoon's throat with a knife, killing her and beginning the massacre.

Clearsight was getting ready for her first day of school. She also tried to avoid Darkstalker as much as possible. As she was flying, she had a vision of the massacre going on, thinking about Fathom's sad futures, if he even survived. She soon found the seer classroom and proved to the class she was a talented seer. She realized this class would not help her at all and worried about her future with Allknowing, knowing she was extremely resentful and envious of Clearsight's powers.

Fathom at first thought Albatross did it on accident and then thought about either fighting or fleeing. Sunset and Eagle then attempted to flee. Albatross quickly attacked them with his enchanted knife, killing Sunset and injuring Eagle. He then killed Fathom's parents as well as his cousin. Later on, as Fathom hid, his grandfather found him. Albatross went to kill Fathom but Indigo jumped in, buying just enough time for Fathom to cast a spell to kill Albatross. Albatross managed to slit Indigo's throat, nearly killing her, but Fathom used his magic to heal her, leaving him wondering if he would ever become like Albatross.

Clearsight was shown being released out of Allknowing's class, and she found her way to Room 3A where she met Listener, her new best friend. Whiteout approached Clearsight and asked her if she was the dragon Darkstalker had been waiting for. Clearsight replied yes, seeing that honesty was the best way to approach Whiteout and noting that Whiteout either trusted completely or not at all. Once Clearsight was released out of class, she knew that she would meet Darkstalker soon. Wanting to do it on her own terms, she waited in the shadow of a tree. Whiteout appeared, accidentally walking through a marble game. The frustrated players yelled insults at her, and Darkstalker appeared to defend his sister. Darkstalker scolded them and ended the discussion, which led to him meeting Clearsight. At this point, Clearsight realized this was the beginning of everything. Darkstalker reminded her to stay in the present, but Clearsight was sucked into a whirl of visions. When she was back in reality, Darkstalker promised he would never read her mind.

Later on, they flew to a cave, seen in Clearsight's futures, and Clearsight asked Darkstalker about being half IceWing. He showed her a ridge of IceWing scales on the underside of his wing, which were cold. She asked him what his first animus spell was, and he replied that he enchanted a scavenger doll of Whiteout's to appear on her pillow at the end of the day, no matter where she put it. Then they heard Current, a SeaWing who survived the massacre, in the back of the cave. Current told them about Albatross, and Clearsight reminded Darkstalker about his soul. Darkstalker reassured her that his soul was fine, and they went to get Current help. Darkstalker then got the idea of enchanting a scroll to hold his powers.

Fathom was shown in the aftermath of the massacre. He, Indigo, and Pearl seemed to be the only SeaWing survivors. Pearl was the only royal heir alive besides their mad aunt, Sapphire. Eagle of the SkyWings was also alive. Pearl, now queen, promised that the SeaWings would never encroach into SkyWing territory again along with tributes of seafood and gems for the next five years if the SkyWings kept the massacre a secret. Pearl's first edict as queen of the SeaWings was to outlaw animus magic. Fathom told Pearl that Indigo killed Albatross, and Fathom swore an oath that he would never use his magic again. Pearl also reminded him that he could never have dragonets and that he would have to stay away from Indigo. Painfully, Fathom agreed. Pearl comforted him by saying that Indigo would be put in the Royal Guard. Fathom sadly thought to himself that he deserved this pain.

Darkstalker and Clearsight go to his house. On the way there, Darkstalker admitted to enchanting his nosy neighbors' plants to always grow turnips. Clearsight became worried, but Darkstalker took no notice and led her into his room, passing Whiteout's paintings on the way. Darkstalker, very excited, took out a scroll from the rack in his room, one of the other scrolls being a painting of Clearsight before he met her, and showed it to Clearsight. He asked her to guess what it was, then told her that the scroll was enchanted and held all his magic. He proved it to her, and Clearsight asked permission to look at the futures. Darkstalker nodded and Clearsight saw that some of the dark futures fade away. Delighted, they enchanted a moonstone bracelet for Clearsight to keep her mind safe from mind-readers, a blanket to keep the wearer at the perfect temperature, and their history scroll to read to them.

While listening to the scroll, Arctic came into the room and found out that Darkstalker was an animus. Darkstalker and Arctic had a cold, threatening conversation about the effects of animus magic. Clearsight then got a wave of visions and a prophecy for Arctic. Confused, Arctic wrote down the prophecy and mused over it, and Clearsight left, taking the scroll with her for safety.

A year after the massacre, Fathom was summoned to the throne room. The guards there were hostile but obedient to Pearl. Indigo, now one of Queen Pearl's bodyguards, was in the room, along with Current, who could not handle the sight of Fathom and begged to be taken away. Queen Pearl told Fathom that there was a NightWing animus, Darkstalker, and wanted Fathom to go to Darkstalker to teach him how animus power can be harmful. Indigo burst into the conversation, warning Pearl that it might not be safe for Fathom. She then asked permission to accompany Fathom to the Night Kingdom. Pearl allowed Indigo, Lionfish, and Wharf to go with Fathom to the Night Kingdom, but Fathom felt slightly guilty as they took off.

Part Two

Darkstalker was invited to the palace two months after his father found out he was an animus. It soon became common knowledge around the tribe that Darkstalker was the tribe's first animus.

Darkstalker, Arctic, and Foeslayer went to the welcoming party for the SeaWings, Whiteout being left behind. Queen Vigilance took Darkstalker to meet Fathom, also seeing Indigo with the other guards. Feeling Fathom's increasing anxiety, he took them for a short flight with his guests thinking nervous thoughts. Darkstalker said that he was actually delightful and that if Fathom was so worried, he should make something like a soul reader.

Darkstalker said that Fathom does not have to be this miserable and that he should enchant an earring that makes him stop thinking about it so much. Darkstalker replied that he could make Fathom happy, which made Indigo press a knife against Darkstalker's neck. Fathom calmed Indigo, and Darkstalker decided not to kill her, for the time being. Indigo hesitantly stepped back, and Darkstalker continued showing them the Night Palace.

Clearsight and Listener were on their quest to save the scavengers. The dragonets discussed how to free the scavengers, and they eventually stuffed the scavengers into burlap sacks. Eventually, they brought the scavengers to North Beach and set them free. An IceWing appeared out of the sea and ate one of them, and soon one of its companions joined it. Seeing the future, Clearsight found out that they were planning an invasion.

Fathom and Indigo were back at the palace. Indigo began to search the room for threats, and Fathom quietly said that he was the only threat here, because of his magic. Indigo replied that he was not a threat to her, and a conversation starts from there.

After the party, Darkstalker proceeded to go home at about sunrise and decided to enchant something to make him invulnerable. To test his spell he stabbed himself with a dagger, and the spell worked, rebounding the dagger easily. The idea of a soul reader then came to his mind.

Clearsight was in the palace, about to tell the queen about her vision at North Beach, with Darkstalker by her side. Inside the throne room, she told the queen of her vision of an IceWing invasion, starting at North Beach during the next two new moons. Queen Vigilance was surprised that it was not a prophecy. Because of the clarity of her vision, she made Clearsight the new top seer.

Darkstalker proceeded to show all of them the soul reader he made. Darkstalker then proclaimed that it was only a little enchantment and did not cost that much of his soul. Clearsight assured herself that Darkstalker was not completely evil, and Darkstalker said the same, except with more confidence, and told Fathom there was nothing to worry about. Indigo blocked it when Darkstalker tried to read Fathom's soul, but Fathom reassured her that he wanted to see it for himself, and Indigo reluctantly moved away.

Weeks passed by, strengthening Fathom's friendship with Darkstalker and Clearsight. One evening, he found the soul reader on his desk with a note from Darkstalker that said Fathom's mind should stop worrying so much and he could use the soul reader whenever he wanted. Indigo said that it was very suspicious, saying that it was probably enchanted to show that Darkstalker was always good or whenever Fathom touched it, it made him trust Darkstalker even more. Darkstalker suddenly appeared, standing over the balcony, saying that Indigo was paranoid and clever and that they were lucky that Indigo was not an animus with ideas like that. He then mentioned that he used it once on Arctic already, saying that Arctic was almost as bad as Darkstalker thought. Fathom tipped the soul reader to Darkstalker, and it showed the same results as the previous time. Darkstalker grinned, saying that he was totally not evil and should bother Clearsight.

When they arrived at Clearsight's door, she refused to come out and stated that she needed to finish a report on the next year of IceWing maneuvers. But Darkstalker pointed out that the next day was Clearsight's Hatching Day. They flew out and went into a forest, where they built a fire and ate fruits that Darkstalker brought. Darkstalker then gave Clearsight and Fathom each a Dreamvisitor, keeping one for himself. He explained that it would allow the carrier to walk the dreams of any dragon the carrier had seen or known and that it would connect the three friends so that however far apart they were, they would always be together.

Fathom was unsure and was about to give his Dreamvisitor back when Clearsight suddenly had a vision of Foeslayer in danger. Darkstalker asked Fathom to go back to the palace on his own and flew off with Clearsight. Fathom then realized he never had the chance to give back the dreamvisitor.

Clearsight and Darkstalker found Whiteout keening in distress as Arctic yelled about her screaming. Darkstalker found out from Arctic's mind that Foeslayer had another fight with him and that she flew off again. Darkstalker was about to enchant a silver armband to protect Foeslayer when he realized that Foeslayer already had the diamond earring Arctic had enchanted and given her in the Ice Kingdom. But then he saw in Arctic's mind that before Foeslayer flew off, she had flung the earring at Arctic, saying that she did not love him for his animus magic and that she loved him more than anything.

Arctic was convinced that Foeslayer would fly back for the earring but after Darkstalker enchanted a piece of paper to show where Foeslayer was, Clearsight realized that Queen Diamond must have used her animus magic to call Foeslayer back to wherever she was as Foeslayer was flying straight towards the IceWing camp in the desert. Darkstalker wanted to kill Queen Diamond right away with his animus magic, but Clearsight warned him that Diamond's only heir, Snowfox, hated the NightWings and that if she became queen, it would lead to four highly possible futures of a NightWing genocide. Darkstalker realized that Foeslayer was gone and decided it was Arctic's fault.

Clearsight went to the library and looked for clues on animus magic, Queen Vigilance saw her. Queen Vigilance called for Darkstalker and ordered Clearsight to start calculating. When Darkstalker arrived, Queen Vigilance asked him to give some ideas on how to end the war. Darkstalker showed her some examples of what he can do, such as enchanting a stick so that when it is snapped, every IceWing in Pyrrhia would drop dead. Eventually, they settled on an invisible shield around the NightWing kingdom that made every IceWing that tried to enter die.

When the queen left, Clearsight confronted Darkstalker, asking him what he was thinking. He said that he could enchant something to find out for sure, but he did not want anything to tell him that Foeslayer was dead. Clearsight told him that their bright futures were disappearing. Darkstalker begged her not to give up on him and to focus on their remaining bright paths.

The part ends in Fathom's point of view. Clearsight had joined him for dinner (breakfast for her) and began to talk about her powers as a seer. Darkstalker then comes in, asking Fathom if he wants to watch a lightning storm from the Royal Tower, to which Indigo objects, saying it was the exact wrong place to be in a lightning storm. Fathom finished a small SeaWing carving that looked "unmistakably like Indigo" and gave it to Darkstalker.

Fathom carries a goblet over to the fountain to fill it with water, only for Indigo to knock into him and shatter the goblet into pieces. When Darkstalker berates her for it, she accuses him of putting a spell on the cup in order to do something to Fathom. Darkstalker insists it was not animus-touched and calls her "Violet," which Fathom corrects. Indigo still insists Darkstalker did something to the goblet, something horrible and manipulative, but Fathom is sure that Darkstalker would not do that.

Fathom then goes with Darkstalker to the Royal Tower to watch the lightning storm, but instead of taking Indigo with him, Fathom takes Wharf, at which Indigo is clearly startled and hurt.

After watching the lightning storm, Fathom returns to find out that Indigo is gone, and Darkstalker shows him a letter on a desk in Indigo's handwriting, held down by the wooden SeaWing carving, saying that she was going home because she does not feel safe there and asking Fathom not to use his magic to find her. Fathom is shocked, noting it did not feel like something she would do at all.

Fathom asks if Darkstalker minds if he keeps the little SeaWing, to which Darkstalker shows brief hesitation, but then pulls Fathom into a hug, causing Fathom to decide he must have imagined it. Fathom decided it must have probably been for the best, as Indigo was now safe from animus magic forever.

Part Three

Clearsight and Listener met up with Darkstalker, Fathom, and Whiteout in a game pavilion where they were in the middle of a scales-and-squares game. Clearsight then saw Arctic watching them from the shadows. Before Clearsight could wonder why he was there, a different dragon lunged out of the shadows and stabbed a spear right into Darkstalker's heart. However, because of Darkstalker's invulnerability spell, he survived the attack. Lionfish, one of Fathom's guards, lunged at the attacker and quickly killed him.

Darkstalker, not wanting to reveal his invulnerability spell, said that he guessed that the assassin missed. Listener said that he did not miss and asked Clearsight what she saw. Clearsight said that she did not know what she saw, and added that she wanted to know why he tried to kill Darkstalker. Thoughtful then indicated that he knew him by reputation and said his name was Quickdeath. Darkstalker confidently said that they would find out who hired Quickdeath and stop them from trying again to kill him again.

Clearsight then more privately accused Darkstalker of his miraculous survival and that Listener was right about it having hit him in the heart. Darkstalker admitted to his invulnerability spell. Fathom is scared for Darkstalker, and Clearsight told Darkstalker to tell Fathom about the scroll. Darkstalker was surprised and asked if that was safe, to which Clearsight responded that Darkstalker shows it to him in all the good futures. Darkstalker said that he also showed it to him in the bad futures, too.

Darkstalker started trying to figure out why Arctic might try to kill him, and he swooped into his house. He noticed Whiteout sitting on their couch with a glass seashell necklace and Darkstalker asked if she was dreaming of Thoughtful, referring to him as her 'new admirer'. He noted her abnormal responses and she said she was feeling funny.

Darkstalker walked to Arctic's room and told him that he is alive and said that he saw Arctic at the pavilion watching. Darkstalker asked if he knew the dragon who attacked him. They had a conversation concerning Quickdeath's actions.

Darkstalker concluded that Arctic was not the one who hired Quickdeath and then went to his room and asked himself who else other than Arctic would want him dead. He enchanted a piece of parchment to reveal the name of the dragon who tried to kill him and then froze with surprise at what the scroll said.

Clearsight woke up in her room at the palace with a huge headache from her horrible nightmares about Darkstalker turning evil. She stumbled over to the window and spotted Queen Vigilance and Allknowing strolling in the garden and having a conversation. Confused on why Allknowing was there after she was fired, Clearsight hurried down to the garden to talk to the queen. The queen unexpectedly demanded to know if Clearsight had seen how she died, and which one of those futures is the closest. Allknowing smirked triumphantly and mocked her, telling her not to hurt herself.

Queen Vigilance ordered Allknowing to "share your mumbo-jumbo," and Allknowing did so gleefully, sharing a prophecy about Darkstalker coming to kill the queen and seizing the throne for his own. Clearsight protested that Allknowing was making the prophecy up and that Darkstalker was not a threat, but the queen did not believe her and said that she was so enchanted by her love that she would not be able to see it anyway. Clearsight realized that her earrings could be enchanted by Darkstalker. She unclipped the earrings and dropped them on the ground, and she was flooded with terrible futures. She realized Vigilance hired Quickdeath, and then fled.

A moment later, Fathom flew by and learned the truth from her. For a moment, Fathom is hesitant to believe this and said that Darkstalker might forgive her since he forgave Indigo. Clearsight suddenly realized that Darkstalker might not have forgiven Indigo and worried that he might have done something to her, but before she can tell Fathom this, they spotted Darkstalker.

As they touch down, Clearsight said to Darkstalker that she was not going to let him kill the queen. Darkstalker dismissed the earring spell when Clearsight berated him, saying that was a little spell. A vision suddenly swept over both of them of Arctic taking Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom, and Darkstalker and Clearsight flew off to save her, with a confused Fathom right behind them.

As they flew out of the Night Kingdom and towards the Kingdom of Sand, Fathom noticed dead IceWing bodies that were sprawled near the Nightwing border. He asked Clearsight about it, and she stated that Darkstalker had put a border shield that killed any IceWings that tried to enter the kingdom. After flying in the Kingdom of Sand for a while, Clearsight says that they could be anywhere. Darkstalker took out his scroll and Clearsight asked what he intended to do with it. He said that it was not what she thought and enchanted a dagger to stab Arctic's foot, not killing him but forcing him to stop. A few moments passed, and Darkstalker remembered that Arctic had an enchanted earring that protected him. He enchanted a beetle to take the earring off, then the dagger flew off. Darkstalker followed it, with Fathom and Clearsight close behind.

They found Arctic with Whiteout. Darkstalker asks where Arctic was bringing Whiteout, and Arctic said that Whiteout wants to go with him. Whiteout agreed, and Fathom saw that there was something wrong with her voice. Arctic planned to marry Whiteout to an IceWing and stated that he was doing this for Foeslayer, saying that Queen Diamond would let her go if she had Arctic. Arctic said that he would only do so for Whiteout, and to leave before Queen Diamond's army found them. Darkstalker realized Whiteout had been enchanted and grabs his scroll.

Darkstalker told Arctic to stop talking, and when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. Fathom asked Darkstalker what he had done, and spotted Clearsight with her face buried in her talons. Darkstalker ignored Fathom and continued, telling Arctic to release the spell he had put on Whiteout. Darkstalker saw Fathom and Clearsight's panicked and concerned faces and told them to calm down since he saved the day. Clearsight responded that she wanted to see the scroll, and Darkstalker handed it to her. Fathom felt like he should not know what it said, but he read it anyway. It said: Enchant Arctic the IceWing to obey my every command.

Darkstalker ordered Arctic to follow them to the Night Kingdom. He landed on a stage at the Great Diamond, ordering Arctic to stand beside him. Meanwhile, dragons had started to gather, and Darkstalker addressed them all. Darkstalker started interrogating Arctic, who was forced to tell the truth due to the spell Darkstalker had cast on him. Arctic revealed he was going to give Whiteout to the IceWings so they could breed more animi into the royal family, and that he was going to see if Foeslayer was alive, and would give the IceWings a map of the NightWing kingdom - plus how to get in - in exchange for Foeslayer's life. The crowd was shocked, along with Whiteout and Clearsight. Darkstalker told Arctic to cut out his tongue, at which the crowd stared in horror. Then, Arctic was commanded to rip open his own stomach, which he did, swiftly killing himself. Darkstalker turned to find Whiteout crying but Clearsight gone. Whiteout told him that Clearsight had taken his scroll and that she wanted to meet him at Agate Mountain.

Before Arctic's death. Clearsight crept away from the crowd. She ran into Listener. Clearsight asked Listener about her promise, that she would not tell her the future unless it had something to do with saving her family - something really bad. She told Listener that if she ever believed her, she must tell everyone to leave the Night Kingdom — fly as far as possible, where nobody would ever, ever find them. Clearsight realized she had caught some other dragons' attention, and they were listening intently.

Clearsight found Fathom and gave him the scroll to find a way to stop Darkstalker. He refuses to use the scroll and uses his own power. Fathom enchanted her moonstone bracelet, an enchantment that only worked on Darkstalker. She then told him that she feared Darkstalker had done something to Indigo, and afterward, he was to hide the scroll, but no matter what he was not to break it. She left, saying goodbye to Fathom and flew away to Agate Mountain.

Fathom thought about what Clearsight had said. That Darkstalker might have done something to Indigo. Fathom refused the fact that Indigo was dead. He started to read the scroll. Fathom felt guilt deep within him, though he knew Darkstalker had done some horrible things too. Fathom read the entire scroll, but nothing had anything to do with a dragon disappearing. He noticed that Darkstalker had started to put spaces in his scroll, and realized that he was using his night vision to read, and brought a candle over. Fathom was shocked to find out Darkstalker had used invisible ink. He saw his immortality spell, the spell on Clearsight's earrings, and, to Fathom's horror, an enchantment on the goblet that Indigo had smashed, an enchantment to make Fathom stop loving Indigo and decide to use his magic. He felt guilty for being mad at her, as she had saved him. Then, Fathom spotted something so startling he nearly burned the paper with the candle.

It was an enchantment that would trap Indigo in the carving Fathom had made. Fathom hurried to the carving, picking it up. He decided to use his magic again and commanded the carving to return Indigo to him. Then the carving went warm, and when Fathom put it on the ground, it grew and shifted into Indigo. Fathom confessed that he loved her and that he never wanted to be without her again. He said he made an enchantment to stop Darkstalker and an enchantment to bring Indigo back. They both flew away, side by side.

Darkstalker met Clearsight at Agate Mountain. He noticed that she did not bring his scroll with her, and he wondered why she stole it if she did not use it. Clearsight noted that Agate Mountain would not be the tallest mountain much longer, as there would be an earthquake and a whole side of the mountain would fall. Darkstalker accused her of using that as a metaphor - the most powerful dragon falling and another to take his place.

Darkstalker insisted that they were so close to their happy future, stating all his enemies are dead. They start a conversation from there, talking about the futures and timelines. Darkstalker became increasingly angry.

Clearsight, however, slipped the moonstone bracelet off her arm and onto his, putting Darkstalker to sleep. She dragged Darkstalker far back into the cave, crying. Clearsight rolled Darkstalker against the back wall and checked the bracelet to make sure it was securely fastened around his arm. Then she filled in the cave with boulders from the hills. When that was done, she found another mountain where she could watch and wait for the earthquake to come. She even considered staying with him and lying down in the path of the avalanche to die.

Clearsight remembered a long-ago dream that came from a scroll she used to read, stories about a lost continent and secret tribes of dragons that lived there. She saw a future where she was an explorer, going out and finding new worlds and places no NightWing had ever been or imagined. She knew that the future was in her talons, and she could do anything she wanted to do.


The epilogue took place five years after Darkstalker was stopped in Indigo's point of view. Fathom and Indigo had three dragonets: Clearpool, Ripple, and Cowrie. They watched as their dragonets play and scream alongside Blob. Eventually, they asked to hear stories, one of which involved bad guys. Though she felt weird about it, Indigo firmly replied that some dragons were definitely bad and had to be stopped. Fathom, however, said he does not think any dragon is all bad. Indigo told her dragonets that she knew a bad guy once, referring to Darkstalker.

Her dragonets asked her for details, but Indigo replies maybe when they were older. Indigo told Fathom he did the right thing, saying he saved Pyrrhia from Darkstalker forever and it was safe to be happy.


Two thousand years later...

Centuries later, as the dragon planet spun through space, a comet passed by, close enough to shine like a fourth moon in Pyrrhia's sky.

Close enough to change the tides and shake the continents.

As earthquakes rumbled through the ground, long-buried rocks shifted that had been in place for thousands of years. Deep underground, in the darkness, copper wires snapped.

And a dragon awoke...


  • There was a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition with a foldout map of Pyrrhia in Darkstalker's time.[1]
  • Tui considers Darkstalker to be her "darkest" book, while her editor disagrees.[event 1]


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International Releases

  • Italian: I Regni del Fuoco. La Leggenda di Darkstalker (October 2018)
  • Russian: Драконья Сага. Легенды. Мракокрад (April 2021)


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