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The Deep Palace is the underwater palace of the royal SeaWing family and several other important SeaWings. It was constructed around the Royal Hatchery and is supposedly much more magnificent than the Summer Palace.

Coral is there year-round, with the exception of when there is business requiring her at the Summer Palace, such as a visit from Blister. This is where the Royal Hatchery is, along with the enchanted statue of Orca, until Coral destroyed it after Tsunami discovered that it had been animus touched to kill off the heirs to the throne. Now, all of the SeaWings reside in the Deep Palace, as the Summer Palace was destroyed by the SkyWings and MudWings.


It is said to be in a canyon on the ocean floor made out of coral, with seaweed growing at the bottom like beautiful gardens.[1] The main shelter seems to be passageways and rooms inside the palace walls.[citation needed] Its atmosphere is cool and dark,[2] and it is surrounded by underwater canyons.[3]

Notable Features

Unnamed classroom

An underwater classroom appearing in Darkstalker, this space was used for teaching geography. It contained at least one window and a pink coral ledge circling the interior of the room.[3] The space was largely occupied by a large terrain model of the Kingdom of the Sea.[4]

Fathom and Pearl's bungalow

Fathom and Pearl's bungalow contained a sleeping couch[5] and a series of mirrors that allowed a dragon to view themselves from all angles.[6] On one far wall, all of Pearl's jewels were displayed on a tall tree of dark brown mahogany with many branches.[7] The bungalow led into a garden bordered by curtains of white jasmine pearls.[8]

Royal Hatchery

Tsunami visits the Royal Hatchery

The SeaWing royal hatchery is located in the Deep Palace and is the hatchery for the royal family. The hatchery is shaped like an egg,[9] and there is no eating allowed inside to prevent attracting sharks.[citation needed] The hatchery used to have a statue of Orca, a SeaWing princess who was also an animus, inside the hatchery.[citation needed] It was destroyed when Tsunami discovered it had been killing off Coral's female eggs so she could never have an heir. The hatchery is said to keep the eggs in ideal conditions until they hatch. Additionally, female and male eggs are separated on different sides of the hatchery.[citation needed]

Bubble Jet Garden

The bubble jet garden sits beyond one of the gardens by the palace.[10] There are a few vents in the ocean floor that send jets of bubbles upwards, which dragonets like Auklet enjoy playing with.[10]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir

Coral goes to the Royal Hatchery along with Tsunami, Anemone, and Moray, in fear of her eggs being smashed. She sees the broken egg shells and then disembowels Tortoise. Later, when Auklet's egg starts to hatch, Tsunami takes it back to the Royal Hatchery and discovers that the Orca Statue had been killing off the eggs.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

When Turtle was searching for Anemone, he came across his mother and his sister, Auklet, in the Bubble Jet Garden next to the Deep Palace.



Fathom was summoned within the palace to Queen Pearl, who tasked him with educating Darkstalker about animus magic.


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