The Deep Palace is the underwater palace of the royal family and several other important SeaWings.  It was constructed around the royal hatchery and is supposedly much more magnificent than the Summer Palace. Not as much is known about it compared to the Summer Palace since almost all of The Lost Heir takes place in the Summer Palace.

This palace is deep under the surface of the sea. As only SeaWings can breathe underwater, no other tribe can enter it. It is said to be in a canyon in the ocean floor made out of coral, with seaweed growing at the bottom like beautiful gardens. Groups of SeaWings can almost always be found clustered around speaking in Aquatic. It seems to have a relaxed and safe atmosphere since no enemies can ever reach it.

Queen Coral is here year round, with the exception of when there is business requiring her at the Summer Palace, such as a visit from Blister. This is where the Royal Hatchery is, along with the enchanted statue of Orca, until Coral destroyed it after Tsunami discovered that it had been animus touched to kill off the heirs to the throne. The main shelter seems to be passageways and rooms inside the palace walls. It also contains buildings where some special SeaWings live in. Now, all of the SeaWings reside in the Deep Palace, as the Summer Palace was destroyed by the SkyWings and MudWings.

SeaWing Royal Hatchery Edit

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Tsunami visits the Royal Hatchery

The SeaWing royal hatchery is located in the Deep Palace and is the hatchery for the royal family. The hatchery is shaped like an egg, and there is no eating allowed inside. The hatchery also used to have a statue of Orca, the dead SeaWing princess who was also an animus, inside the hatchery, but it was destroyed when Tsunami discovered it had been killing of Queen Coral's female eggs so she could never have a future heir.

Bubble Jet Garden Edit

The bubble jet garden sits next to the Deep Palace. It is an area full of underwater geysers, and a favorite place to go for many SeaWing dragonets, especially Auklet, since the geysers dispense bubbles and are a lot of fun to play with.

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